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Hide details for District Court JudgesDistrict Court Judges
Hide details for Bolton, Susan R.Bolton, Susan R.
Bolton, Susan R. (Senior Judge)               602-322-7570               Phoenix
Courtroom Deputy Clerk (SRB)               602-322-7232               Phoenix
Lemke, Elizabeth (Court Reporter)               602-322-7247               Phoenix
Hide details for Bury, David C.Bury, David C.
Bury, David C. (Senior Judge)               520-205-4560               Tucson
Courtroom Deputy Clerk (DCB)               520-205-4221               Tucson
Hide details for Campbell, David G.Campbell, David G.
Campbell, David G.               602-322-7645               Phoenix
Courtroom Deputy Clerk (DGC)               602-322-7225               Phoenix
Lyons, Patricia (Court Reporter)               602-322-7257               Phoenix
Hide details for Collins, Raner C.Collins, Raner C.
Collins, Raner C. (Chief Judge)               520-205-4540               Tucson
Courtroom Deputy Clerk (RCC)               520-205-4244               Tucson
McQuillen, Erica (Court Reporter)               520-205-4267               Tucson
Hide details for Humetewa, Diane J.Humetewa, Diane J.
Humetewa, Diane J.               602-322-7600               Phoenix
Courtroom Deputy Clerk (DJH)               602-322-7212               Phoenix
Schroeder-Willis, Linda S. (Court Reporter)               602-322-7249               Phoenix
Hide details for Jorgenson, Cindy K.Jorgenson, Cindy K.
Jorgenson, Cindy K.               520-205-4550               Tucson
Cheryl Cummings (Court Reporter)               520-205-4290               Tucson
Courtroom Deputy Clerk (CKJ)               520-205-4237               Tucson
Hide details for Logan, Steven P.Logan, Steven P.
Courtroom Deputy Clerk (SPL)               602-322-7235               Phoenix
Logan, Steven P.               602-322-7550               Phoenix
Potter, Candy (Court Reporter)               602-322-7246               Phoenix
Hide details for Márquez, RosemaryMárquez, Rosemary
Márquez, Rosemary               520-205-4620               Tucson
Wallace, Chris (Court Reporter)               520-205-4268               Tucson
Courtroom Deputy Clerk (RM)               520-205-4231               Tucson
Hide details for Martone, Frederick J.Martone, Frederick J.
Martone, Frederick J. (Senior Judge)               602-322-7590               Phoenix
Courtroom Deputy Clerk (FJM)               602-322-7244               Phoenix
Hide details for McNamee, Stephen M.McNamee, Stephen M.
McNamee, Stephen M. (Senior Judge)               602-322-7555               Phoenix
Courtroom Deputy Clerk (SMM)               602-322-7244               Phoenix
Hide details for Rayes, Douglas L.Rayes, Douglas L.
Rayes, Douglas L.               602-322-7530               Phoenix
Courtroom Deputy Clerk (DLR)               602-322-7227               Phoenix
German, David C. (Court Reporter)               602-322-7251               Phoenix
Hide details for Rosenblatt, Paul G.Rosenblatt, Paul G.
Rosenblatt, Paul G. (Senior Judge)               602-322-7510               Phoenix
Courtroom Deputy Clerk (PGR)               602-322-7244               Phoenix
Hide details for Silver, Roslyn O.Silver, Roslyn O.
Silver, Roslyn O. (Senior Judge)               602-322-7520               Phoenix
Courtroom Deputy Clerk (ROS)               602-322-7231               Phoenix
Hide details for Snow, G. MurraySnow, G. Murray
Snow, G. Murray               602-322-7650               Phoenix
Courtroom Deputy Clerk (GMS)               602-322-7233               Phoenix
Moll, Gary (Court Reporter)               602-322-7263               Phoenix
Hide details for Soto, James A.Soto, James A.
Soto, James A.               520-205-4510               Tucson
Courtroom Deputy Clerk (JAS)               520-205-4682               Tucson
Sherman, Cindy (Court Reporter)               520-205-4286               Tucson
Hide details for Teilborg, James A.Teilborg, James A.
Teilborg, James A. (Senior Judge)               602-322-7560               Phoenix
Courtroom Deputy Clerk (JAT)               602-322-7231               Phoenix
Hide details for Tuchi, John J.Tuchi, John J.
Tuchi, John J.               602-322-7660               Phoenix
Courtroom Deputy Clerk (JJT)               602-322-7243               Phoenix
Cropper, Elaine (Court Reporter)               602-322-7245               Phoenix
Hide details for Wake, Neil V.Wake, Neil V.
Wake, Neil V. (Senior Judge)               602-322-7640               Phoenix
Courtroom Deputy Clerk (NVW)               602-322-7230               Phoenix
Adams, Laurie (Court Reporter)               602-322-7256               Phoenix
Hide details for Zapata, Frank R.Zapata, Frank R.
Zapata, Frank R. (Senior Judge)               520-205-4530               Tucson
Courtroom Deputy Clerk (FRZ)               520-205-4221               Tucson
Hide details for Zipps, Jennifer G.Zipps, Jennifer G.
Zipps, Jennifer G.               520-205-4610               Tucson
Courtroom Deputy Clerk (JGZ)               520-205-4233               Tucson
LaDuke, Aaron (Court Reporter)               520-205-4264               Tucson
Hide details for Magistrate JudgesMagistrate Judges
Hide details for Bade, Bridget S.Bade, Bridget S.
Bade, Bridget S.               602-322-7680               Phoenix
Magistrate Courtroom Clerk (BSB)               602-322-7223               Phoenix
Hide details for Bowman, Leslie A.Bowman, Leslie A.
Bowman, Leslie A.               520-205-4500               Tucson
Magistrate Courtroom Clerk (LAB)               520-205-4243               Tucson
Hide details for Boyle, John Z.Boyle, John Z.
Boyle, John Z..               602-322-7670               Phoenix
Magistrate Courtroom Clerk (JZB)               602-322-7238               Phoenix
Hide details for Burns, Michelle H.Burns, Michelle H.
Burns, Michelle H.               602-322-7610               Phoenix
Magistrate Courtroom Clerk (MHB)               602-322-7204               Phoenix
Hide details for Duncan, David K.Duncan, David K.
Duncan, David K.               602-322-7630               Phoenix
Magistrate Courtroom Clerk (DKD)               602-322-7236               Phoenix
Hide details for Ferraro, D. ThomasFerraro, D. Thomas
Ferraro, D. Thomas               520-205-4590               Tucson
Magistrate Courtroom Clerk (DTF)               520-205-4206               Tucson
Hide details for Fine, Deborah M.Fine, Deborah M.
Fine, Deborah M.               928-774-2566               Flagstaff
Magistrate Courtroom Clerk (DMF)               928-774-2567               Flagstaff
Hide details for Kimmins, Lynnette C.Kimmins, Lynnette C.
Kimmins, Lynnette C.               520-205-4300               Tucson
Magistrate Courtroom Clerk (LCK)               520-205-4320               Tucson
Hide details for Macdonald, Bruce G.Macdonald, Bruce G.
Macdonald, Bruce G.               520-205-4520               Tucson
Magistrate Courtroom Clerk (BGM)               520-205-4236               Tucson
Hide details for Markovich, Eric J.Markovich, Eric J.
Magistrate Courtroom Clerk (EJM)               520-205-4270               Tucson
Markovich, Eric J.               520-205-4600               Tucson
Hide details for Metcalf, James F.Metcalf, James F.
Metcalf, James F.               928-329-4766               Yuma
Magistrate Courtroom Clerk (JFM)               928-261-4041               Yuma
Magistrate Courtroom Clerk (JFM)               928-261-4042               Yuma
Hide details for Pyle, Charles R.Pyle, Charles R.
Pyle, Charles R.               520-205-4650               Tucson
Hide details for Rateau, JacquelineRateau, Jacqueline
Rateau, Jacqueline               520-205-4640               Tucson
Magistrate Courtroom Clerk (JR)               520-205-4312               Tucson
Hide details for Velasco, Bernardo P.Velasco, Bernardo P.
Velasco, Bernardo P.               520-205-4630               Tucson
Magistrate Courtroom Clerk (BPV)               520-205-4313               Tucson
Hide details for Willett, Eileen S.Willett, Eileen S.
Magistrate Courtroom Clerk (ESW)               602-322-7228               Phoenix
Willett, Eileen S.               602-322-7620               Phoenix

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