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Hide details for Aaron Abel LizarragaAaron Abel Lizarraga
04/22/201410:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-01658-07--BPVDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Ackerman/AlvarezAckerman/Alvarez
04/22/201409:00 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:-00
Hide details for Adrian Alvarez-CervantesAdrian Alvarez-Cervantes
04/25/201411:00 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-cr-00669-01-JGZ-JRArraignmt
Hide details for Adrian Roberto Verdugo-LunaAdrian Roberto Verdugo-Luna
04/21/201410:45 AMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:14-cr-00091-01-SRBSentencing
Hide details for Adriana Palencia-RodriguezAdriana Palencia-Rodriguez
04/21/201402:00 PMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:13-cr-01179-01-SRBSentencing
Hide details for Alan Alejandro GonsalezAlan Alejandro Gonsalez
04/21/201403:00 PMHonorable Neil V Wake2:13-cr-01123-06-NVWStatus Conference
Hide details for Alan Alexander Bastidas BarronAlan Alexander Bastidas Barron
04/23/201402:30 PMHonorable Bridget S Bade2:14-mj-07218-01-BSBChange of Plea Hearing and Possible Sentencing
Hide details for Alan Jeffrey FarberAlan Jeffrey Farber
04/23/201402:00 PMHonorable David G Campbell2:13-cr-00221-01-DGCStatus Conference
Hide details for Alberto Figueroa-OrtizAlberto Figueroa-Ortiz
04/25/201411:00 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-cr-00667-02-JGZ-LABArraignmt
Hide details for Alejandro Rivera-GonzalezAlejandro Rivera-Gonzalez
04/25/201409:10 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:14-cr-00057-01-RCC-BGMSentencing
Hide details for Alex Bence Murillo-LobatoAlex Bence Murillo-Lobato
04/22/201410:00 AMHonorable Michelle H Burns2:14-mj-06053-01-DKD
Change Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Alfonso Pena-BonAlfonso Pena-Bon
04/21/201409:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-01605-01--BGMDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Alfredo  Gomez-MartinezAlfredo Gomez-Martinez
04/23/201401:30 PMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-10478-01--BPVDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Alfredo Toledo-PabloAlfredo Toledo-Pablo
04/21/201402:30 PMHonorable David K Duncan2:14-mj-06110-01-DKDChange Of Plea Hearing and Sentencing
Hide details for Alfredo Toro-BautistaAlfredo Toro-Bautista
04/22/201409:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-01622-01--CRPDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Alheli Alcala-CamarenaAlheli Alcala-Camarena
04/23/201401:30 PMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:13-cr-01987-01-JGZ-JRChange Of Plea Hearing/Sentencing
Hide details for Alicia Ruiz-GalvanAlicia Ruiz-Galvan
04/22/201411:00 AMHonorable James F Metcalf2:14-mj-01387-01-JFMChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Alonso Aguirre CanedoAlonso Aguirre Canedo
04/22/201402:30 PMHonorable David K Duncan2:14-cr-00315-01-SRBChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Alonzo Guadalupe Aguilera-PinaAlonzo Guadalupe Aguilera-Pina
04/22/201402:00 PMHonorable Steven P Logan2:14-mj-07234-01-BSB
Change of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Aloysius WilsonAloysius Wilson
04/22/201410:15 AMHonorable Paul G Rosenblatt3:11-cr-08064-01-PGRAdmit/Deny Hearing
Hide details for Amerco v. National Union Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburgh, PAAmerco v. National Union Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburgh, PA
04/22/201410:30 AMHonorable Paul G Rosenblatt2:13-cv-02588-PGRMotion Hearing
Hide details for Amos John, Jr.Amos John, Jr.
04/22/201410:00 AMHonorable Paul G Rosenblatt3:09-cr-08047-01-PGRAdmit/Deny Hearing
Hide details for Andres Perea-CanoAndres Perea-Cano
04/23/201403:00 PMHonorable Bridget S Bade2:14-cr-00381-01-SRBChange of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Andres Rivera-JimenezAndres Rivera-Jimenez
04/23/201401:30 PMHonorable Raner C Collins4:10-cr-02900-01-RCC-JRFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Andres Rodriguez-GomezAndres Rodriguez-Gomez
04/25/201411:00 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:13-cr-01780-01-JGZ-JRSentencing
Hide details for Angel Eduardo OlivasAngel Eduardo Olivas
04/22/201401:30 PMHonorable David K Duncan2:14-mj-07225-01-BSBChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Angel Gabriel OrnelasAngel Gabriel Ornelas
04/21/201403:00 PMHonorable G Murray Snow2:13-cr-01268-01-GMSSentencing
Hide details for Angel Gabriel RuizAngel Gabriel Ruiz
04/23/201401:30 PMHonorable Lawrence O Anderson2:10-cr-00961-03-NVWStatus Hearing re: Detention and Preliminary Revocation Hearing
Hide details for Angel Gustavo Rojo-LopezAngel Gustavo Rojo-Lopez
04/21/201403:00 PMHonorable G Murray Snow2:13-cr-01597-01-GMSSentencing
Hide details for Annette C AbrilAnnette C Abril
04/23/201402:30 PMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:13-cr-02029-01-CKJ-BPVEvidentiary Hearing
Hide details for Antonio Angulo-GamezAntonio Angulo-Gamez
04/25/201411:00 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-cr-00670-02-CKJ-CRPArraignmt
Hide details for Antonio GonzalezAntonio Gonzalez
04/25/201411:00 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-cr-00643-01-CKJ-EJMArraignmt
Hide details for Antonio Rivera-CarrilloAntonio Rivera-Carrillo
04/25/201411:00 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-cr-00667-01-JGZ-LABArraignmt
Hide details for Aquilino Garcia-CodenezAquilino Garcia-Codenez
04/21/201404:00 PMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:14-cr-00351-03-SRBStatus Conference
Hide details for Arianna Hurtado GuadarramaArianna Hurtado Guadarrama
04/21/201411:00 AMHonorable David K Duncan2:14-mj-06052-01-DKDChange Of Plea Hearing and Possible Sentencing
Hide details for Arlie PerrymanArlie Perryman
04/21/201410:45 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:14-cr-00342-01-JGZ-CRPChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Armando Rodriguez-TavizonArmando Rodriguez-Tavizon
04/23/201410:00 AMHonorable Lawrence O Anderson2:14-cr-00537-01-SRBArraignment
04/25/201411:00 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco
Hide details for Arturo Gonzalez-LopezArturo Gonzalez-Lopez
04/23/201402:00 PMHonorable Eric J Markovich4:14-mj-08542-02-N/A-EJMStatus Conference
04/25/201408:30 AMHonorable Eric J Markovich4:14-mj-08542-02-N/A-EJM Material Witness/Video Deposition
Hide details for Arturo Luna-MendozaArturo Luna-Mendoza
04/22/201409:30 AMHonorable Bridget S Bade2:14-mj-07198-01-BSBChange of Plea Hearing and Possible Sentencing
Hide details for Atencio et al v. Arpaio et alAtencio et al v. Arpaio et al
04/22/201411:15 AMHonorable Paul G Rosenblatt2:12-cv-02376-PGRDiscovery Dispute Hearing
04/21/201410:00 AMHonorable Susan R Bolton
Hide details for Audias Sanchez-ColinAudias Sanchez-Colin
04/23/201410:00 AMHonorable Lawrence O Anderson2:14-cr-00548-01-GMSArraignment
Hide details for Audrey Shannon JamesAudrey Shannon James
04/25/201403:30 PMHonorable Neil V Wake3:13-cr-08238-01-NVWOral Argument
Hide details for Baillie v. Medaire Incorporated et alBaillie v. Medaire Incorporated et al
04/23/201404:00 PMHonorable David G Campbell2:14-cv-00420-DGCScheduling Conference
Hide details for Baker v. Midland Funding LLC et alBaker v. Midland Funding LLC et al
04/23/201403:30 PMHonorable David G Campbell3:13-cv-08169-DGCScheduling Conference
04/21/201401:00 PMHonorable Mark E Aspey Bankruptcy Trustee Meetings
Hide details for Benjamin MartinBenjamin Martin
04/23/201410:00 AMHonorable Mark E Aspey3:-00Initial Appearance
Hide details for Bernadette Audra RomeroBernadette Audra Romero
04/21/201409:00 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:11-cr-01149-01-JGZ-JRAdmit/Deny Hearing Re: S/R Vio
Hide details for Blanca KingBlanca King
04/23/201402:00 PMHonorable Eric J Markovich4:14-mj-00022-01-N/A-EJMStatus Conference
Hide details for Blum et al v. Duran et alBlum et al v. Duran et al
04/25/201402:30 PMHonorable G Murray Snow2:13-cv-00966-GMSScheduling Conference
Hide details for Brandon Eloy SaavedraBrandon Eloy Saavedra
04/21/201402:30 PMHonorable Bridget S Bade2:13-cr-01267-01-NVWChange of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Brandon Matthew GuilminoBrandon Matthew Guilmino
04/23/201401:30 PMHonorable Raner C Collins4:13-cr-01700-01-RCC-BPVSentencing
Hide details for Branko ProdanovicBranko Prodanovic
04/21/201404:00 PMHonorable David G Campbell2:13-cr-01164-10-DGCSentencing
Hide details for Brayan Osvalod Mancinas-RosasBrayan Osvalod Mancinas-Rosas
04/23/201401:00 PMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-01636-02--DTFDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Brian Williams NezBrian Williams Nez
04/21/201403:00 PMHonorable Neil V Wake3:13-cr-08218-01-NVWStatus Conference
Hide details for Brigido Luna ZapienBrigido Luna Zapien
04/21/201409:45 AMHonorable David C Bury4:12-cr-00583-04-DCB-CRPSentencing
Hide details for Burdetto Bernardo Garcia-AcunaBurdetto Bernardo Garcia-Acuna
04/21/201409:00 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:14-cr-00027-01-JGZ-JRSentencing
Hide details for Calvin James CarnesCalvin James Carnes
04/23/201410:15 AMHonorable Steven P Logan3:11-cr-50034-01-ROSAdmit/Deny Hearing
Hide details for Cameron CepiCameron Cepi
04/22/201410:00 AMHonorable Mark E Aspey3:-00Initial Appearance
Hide details for Cameron Dwight CepiCameron Dwight Cepi
04/24/201410:00 AMHonorable Mark E Aspey3:14-mj-04116-01-MEAPreliminary/Detention Hearing
Hide details for Candido Guzman-MaganaCandido Guzman-Magana
04/21/201410:00 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle2:11-cr-01546-01-CKJ-CRPAdmit/Deny Hearing
Hide details for Carlos Alberto Moreno-NunezCarlos Alberto Moreno-Nunez
04/21/201409:30 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:14-cr-00531-01-RCC-BPVChange Of Plea Hearing & Sentencing
Hide details for Carlos Armando Calixtro-BustamanteCarlos Armando Calixtro-Bustamante
04/23/201409:30 AMHonorable Frank R Zapata4:09-cr-02343-02-FRZ-GEERe-Sentencing
Hide details for Carlos Puente-JuarezCarlos Puente-Juarez
04/22/201410:30 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:14-mj-00004-01-N/A-CRPChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Cassandra Salido-BarceloCassandra Salido-Barcelo
04/23/201411:15 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:14-mj-05786-01-N/A-JR
14-WI- 65-JGZ
Status Conference/Change of Plea
Hide details for Celso Garcia-GarciaCelso Garcia-Garcia
04/23/201401:45 PMHonorable David C Bury4:12-cr-00997-01-DCB-BGMStatus Conference
Hide details for Celso Gomez-JuarezCelso Gomez-Juarez
04/22/201409:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-01623-02--BPVDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Charles Joseph TillmanCharles Joseph Tillman
04/25/201411:00 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-cr-00662-02-RCC-EJMArraignmt
Hide details for Charleston v. Swat Towing LLC et alCharleston v. Swat Towing LLC et al
04/22/201409:30 AMHonorable John A Buttrick2:13-cv-02079-GMSSettlement Conference
Hide details for Charlton Zimmerman DukepooCharlton Zimmerman Dukepoo
04/22/201410:00 AMHonorable Mark E Aspey3:13-po-04313-01-MEAPreliminary/Detention Hearing
04/22/201410:00 AMHonorable Mark E Aspey3:13-po-04313-01-MEADetention Hearing/Admit/Deny
04/24/201410:00 AMHonorable Mark E Aspey3:13-po-04313-01-MEADetention Hearing/Admit/Deny
Hide details for Chavez Solano AugustineChavez Solano Augustine
04/25/201411:00 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-cr-00672-01-RCC-BPVArraignmt
Hide details for Cheryl HawkinsCheryl Hawkins
04/21/201401:30 PMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:13-cr-01652-01-JGZ-LABChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Christian Adela Torres-CanalesChristian Adela Torres-Canales
04/22/201401:30 PMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:13-cr-00105-02-CKJ-BPVStatus Conference re Case Management
Hide details for Clark Timothy PolandClark Timothy Poland
04/23/201409:30 AMHonorable Paul G Rosenblatt2:11-cr-00958-01-PGRStatus Hearing
Hide details for Colleen Angelina MiguelColleen Angelina Miguel
04/22/201409:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-01624-01--EJMPreliminary Hearing Or Plea Ot Ct 2
Hide details for Collier et al v. Gurstel Chargo PACollier et al v. Gurstel Chargo PA
04/23/201409:00 AMHonorable James A Teilborg2:12-cv-02161-JATMotion Hearing
Hide details for Continental Casualty Company et al v. Jeffrey C. Stone Incorporated et alContinental Casualty Company et al v. Jeffrey C. Stone Incorporated et al
04/22/201409:00 AMHonorable Steven P Logan2:13-cv-00933-ROSSettlement Conference
Hide details for Cory Benny RoblesCory Benny Robles
04/21/201409:00 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:14-cr-00263-01-CKJ-BPVSentencing
04/21/201408:00 AMHonorable Lawrence O Anderson
04/22/201408:00 AMHonorable Lawrence O Anderson
04/23/201408:00 AMHonorable Lawrence O Anderson
04/25/201408:00 AMHonorable Lawrence O Anderson
Hide details for CRIMINAL DUTY - Change of Plea/SentencingsCRIMINAL DUTY - Change of Plea/Sentencings
04/21/201409:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman
04/22/201409:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman
04/23/201401:00 PMHonorable Leslie A Bowman
04/25/201409:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman
Hide details for CRIMINAL DUTY - FeloniesCRIMINAL DUTY - Felonies
04/21/201410:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman
04/22/201410:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman
04/23/201401:30 PMHonorable Leslie A Bowman
04/25/201410:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman
Hide details for Cristian Jesus Medina-AnduagaCristian Jesus Medina-Anduaga
04/21/201402:30 PMHonorable David K Duncan2:14-mj-06103-01-DKDChange Of Plea Hearing and Sentencing
Hide details for Cristina Bernal-DelgadoCristina Bernal-Delgado
04/23/201403:00 PMHonorable David K Duncan2:13-cr-01690-01-GMSChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Cruz Ignacio ZarateCruz Ignacio Zarate
04/23/201410:30 AMHonorable Steven P Logan2:14-mj-06042-01-DKD
Change of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Daniel  Moreno-RuizDaniel Moreno-Ruiz
04/21/201409:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-10449-01--LABDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Daniel Alberto Leyva-TrejoDaniel Alberto Leyva-Trejo
04/21/201409:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-01607-02--DTFDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Daniel Andres Montoya-MartinezDaniel Andres Montoya-Martinez
04/23/201402:45 PMHonorable D Thomas Ferraro4:14-mj-21905-01-NA-DTFStatus Conference
Hide details for Daniel Coronado-MartinezDaniel Coronado-Martinez
04/21/201409:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-01608-01--BGMDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Daniel Porcayo MartinezDaniel Porcayo Martinez
04/21/201411:45 AMHonorable Neil V Wake2:14-cr-00094-01-NVWSentencing
Hide details for Daniel Ramirez-CarmonaDaniel Ramirez-Carmona
04/21/201410:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-cr-00576-05-CKJ-BPVChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Daniel Ray RamirezDaniel Ray Ramirez
04/23/201408:45 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:14-cr-00037-02-CKJ-JRChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Daniel Sosa-LopezDaniel Sosa-Lopez
04/25/201411:00 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-cr-00646-01-JGZ-LABArraignmt
Hide details for Danilo Morquecho-LizamaDanilo Morquecho-Lizama
04/21/201409:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-10450-01--DTFDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Darius Adrain BlackwellDarius Adrain Blackwell
04/21/201403:00 PMHonorable Neil V Wake2:13-cr-01462-01-NVWStatus Conference
Hide details for Darius Ray JohnsDarius Ray Johns
04/21/201403:30 PMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:13-cr-01567-01-SRBSentencing
Hide details for Darren QuesadaDarren Quesada
04/23/201402:00 PMHonorable Neil V Wake3:11-cr-08088-01-NVWChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Darren SiuyjaDarren Siuyja
04/22/201410:00 AMHonorable Mark E Aspey3:-00Initial Appearance
Hide details for Darren SiyujaDarren Siyuja
04/23/201410:00 AMHonorable Mark E Aspey3:14-mj-4117-00Removal/Identify Hearing
Hide details for David Daniel Oldenburg, Sr.David Daniel Oldenburg, Sr.
04/21/201409:30 AMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:13-cr-01421-01-SRBSentencing
Hide details for David De La Mora-AlvarezDavid De La Mora-Alvarez
04/25/201411:00 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-cr-00658-01-RCC-BGMArraignmt
Hide details for David Francisco Beltran-CarreraDavid Francisco Beltran-Carrera
04/22/201409:20 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:13-cr-02104-01-RCC-LABSentencing
Hide details for David PadillaDavid Padilla
04/23/201410:30 AMHonorable Lawrence O Anderson2:14-cr-00498-01-JATArraignment
Hide details for Deborah Boice HooverDeborah Boice Hoover
04/23/201404:00 PMHonorable Lawrence O Anderson2:14-cr-00554-03-SRBDetention Hearing
Hide details for Delmar Lopes-SanchezDelmar Lopes-Sanchez
04/21/201411:00 AMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:13-cr-01756-01-SRBSentencing
04/21/201411:00 AMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:13-cr-50219-01-SRBFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Derick John McgrathDerick John Mcgrath
04/21/201403:30 PMHonorable David G Campbell3:13-cr-08191-01-DGCStatus Conference
Hide details for Desiree L HernandezDesiree L Hernandez
04/22/201402:30 PMHonorable Roslyn O Silver2:11-cr-00634-01-ROSSentencing
Hide details for Devin Sylvester LopezDevin Sylvester Lopez
04/21/201404:30 PMHonorable David G Campbell3:13-cr-08175-01-DGCSentencing
Hide details for Diana Yazmin Garcia-MoralesDiana Yazmin Garcia-Morales
04/23/201410:00 AMHonorable Lawrence O Anderson2:14-cr-00548-02-GMSArraignment
Hide details for Diane Lee OrtizDiane Lee Ortiz
04/22/201411:00 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:13-cr-01739-02-RCC-JRStatus Conference
Hide details for Diego Fausto Bravo RojasDiego Fausto Bravo Rojas
04/23/201402:15 PMHonorable Eric J Markovich4:14-mj-08510-01-N/A-LABChange of Plea/Sentencing
Hide details for Dionicio Cazares-MunozDionicio Cazares-Munoz
04/21/201409:30 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:13-cr-00353-01-JGZ-BGMJury Trial Day One
04/22/201409:30 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:13-cr-00353-01-JGZ-BGMJury Trial Day Two
Hide details for Dolores Murillo-MoralesDolores Murillo-Morales
04/25/201409:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-01646-01--DTFDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Don DavisDon Davis
04/22/201409:30 AMHonorable Paul G Rosenblatt2:01-cr-00687-01-PGRFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Drametria Humsii HavatoneDrametria Humsii Havatone
04/22/201410:00 AMHonorable Mark E Aspey3:12-mj-04039-01-MEADetention/Status Hearing
Hide details for Eber Daneri Mateo-LunaEber Daneri Mateo-Luna
04/23/201401:15 PMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:14-cr-00524-03-JGZ-CRPChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Eden Esquivel-IbarraEden Esquivel-Ibarra
04/21/201403:00 PMHonorable Neil V Wake2:13-cr-01123-03-NVWStatus Conference
Hide details for Edgar Siguri-SanchezEdgar Siguri-Sanchez
04/23/201403:15 PMHonorable D Thomas Ferraro4:14-cr-00294-01-JGZ-CRPChange of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Eduardo  Valdez-SantanaEduardo Valdez-Santana
04/22/201410:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-10467-01--DTFDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Eduardo Alejandro Cuen-SotoEduardo Alejandro Cuen-Soto
04/22/201402:00 PMHonorable Steven P Logan2:14-mj-05076-01-SPL
Change of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Efrain  Juan-SebastianEfrain Juan-Sebastian
04/23/201401:30 PMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-10472-01--DTFDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Efrain Gonzalez-HernandezEfrain Gonzalez-Hernandez
04/22/201409:30 AMHonorable Michelle H Burns2:14-mj-00164-01-MHBMisdemeanor Change of Plea Hearing and Sentencing
Hide details for Efren Garcia-Penalosa Efren Garcia-Penalosa
04/25/201403:00 PMHonorable Bridget S Bade2:13-cr-01111-01-GMSChange of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Elda K Sepulveda-FigueroaElda K Sepulveda-Figueroa
04/22/201403:00 PMHonorable Lawrence O Anderson2:11-cr-50158-01-GMSInitial Appearance for Supervised Release Violation
Hide details for Eliseo Cardenas MendozaEliseo Cardenas Mendoza
04/23/201409:00 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:14-cr-00274-01-CKJ-JRStatus Conference
04/23/201409:00 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:14-cr-50027-01-CKJ-JRAdmit/Deny Hearing Re: S/R Vio
Hide details for Elisia Celon DougiElisia Celon Dougi
04/22/201408:30 AMHonorable Lawrence O Anderson3:14-cr-8024--01NVWRelease from the USMS lock-up to Crossroads
Hide details for Elizabeth Samayoa-BojorquezElizabeth Samayoa-Bojorquez
04/21/201411:00 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:14-mj-10429-01-N/A-JRChange Of Plea And Sentencing Hearing
Hide details for Elmer Omar Cruz-BerrellezaElmer Omar Cruz-Berrelleza
04/22/201408:45 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:14-cr-00072-02-JGZ-DTFSentencing
Hide details for Elvia Yuliana Camacho-DavalosElvia Yuliana Camacho-Davalos
04/25/201409:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-01644-01--BGMDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Elyse Marie SuttonElyse Marie Sutton
04/21/201409:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-01606-02--BPVPreliminary Hearing Or Plea To Ct 2
Hide details for Emanuel Flores-MartinezEmanuel Flores-Martinez
04/25/201410:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-10479-01-N/A-EJMDetention/Peliminary Hearing
Hide details for Enrique  Torres-ArriagaEnrique Torres-Arriaga
04/21/201409:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-10451-01--BPVDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Erasmo Paz-MartinezErasmo Paz-Martinez
04/23/201409:00 AMHonorable Steven P Logan2:14-cr-00354-02-SRBChange of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Eric Hammer v. Mark HedstromEric Hammer v. Mark Hedstrom
04/25/201411:00 AMHonorable Neil V Wake3:13-cv-08157-NVWScheduling Conference
Hide details for Erick Uriel Rios-MunizErick Uriel Rios-Muniz
04/21/201410:50 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:12-cr-02435-01-CKJ-BGMAdmit/Deny Hearing
Hide details for Erickson Amir Cunningham De LeonErickson Amir Cunningham De Leon
04/23/201401:30 PMHonorable Lawrence O Anderson2:14-mj-05186-01-SPLStatus Hearing re: Detention, Preliminary Hearing, and Video Depositions
Hide details for Erlan Cruz-AcostaErlan Cruz-Acosta
04/25/201411:00 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-cr-00647-01-CKJ-BGMArraignmt
Hide details for Ernesto Dolores Aragon-AlvarezErnesto Dolores Aragon-Alvarez
04/21/201409:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-01594-01--BPVDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Ernesto FelixErnesto Felix
04/21/201409:15 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:11-cr-03280-02-JGZ-LABContinuation of Sentencing
04/23/201402:15 PMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:11-cr-03280-02-JGZ-LABContinuation of Sentencing
Hide details for Esteban Gonzalez-RodriguezEsteban Gonzalez-Rodriguez
04/23/201401:30 PMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:12-cr-00433-01-CKJ-BPVAdmit/Deny Hearing
Hide details for Evarardo Lugo MoralesEvarardo Lugo Morales
04/23/201409:30 AMHonorable Michelle H Burns2:14-mj-00141-01-MHB
Misdemeanor Change of Plea Hearing and Sentencing
Hide details for Ezequiel Petriz-JimenezEzequiel Petriz-Jimenez
04/21/201409:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-01610-01--BPVDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Fabian Guerrero-LoboFabian Guerrero-Lobo
04/23/201402:00 PMHonorable Eric J Markovich4:14-mj-08542-01-N/A-EJMStatus Conference
04/25/201408:30 AMHonorable Eric J Markovich4:14-mj-08542-01-N/A-EJMMaterial Witness/Video Deposition
Hide details for Federal Trade Commission v. American Business Builders LLC, et alFederal Trade Commission v. American Business Builders LLC, et al
04/25/201403:45 PMHonorable G Murray Snow2:12-cv-02368-GMSTelephone Conference
Hide details for Felony Initial AppearancesFelony Initial Appearances
04/21/201401:30 PMHonorable James F Metcalf IA/AC/DH
04/22/201401:30 PMHonorable James F Metcalf IA/AC/DH
04/23/201401:30 PMHonorable James F Metcalf IA/AC/DH
04/25/201401:30 PMHonorable James F Metcalf IA/AC/DH
Hide details for Ference Shane SpaitsFerence Shane Spaits
04/22/201410:00 AMHonorable Mark E Aspey3:14-cr-08023-01-NVWStatus Conference
Hide details for Fernando Beltran MorenoFernando Beltran Moreno
04/22/201411:30 AMHonorable David K Duncan2:14-cr-00421-01-DGCChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Fernando Moya-NunezFernando Moya-Nunez
04/23/201401:30 PMHonorable Lawrence O Anderson2:14-mj-05176-01-SPLStatus Hearing re: Preliminary Hearing and Video Depositions
Hide details for Fidencio Lorenzo-ValeraFidencio Lorenzo-Valera
04/22/201409:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-01620-01--BGMDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Five Points Hotel Partnership et al v. Pinsonneault et alFive Points Hotel Partnership et al v. Pinsonneault et al
04/23/201408:30 AMHonorable James A Teilborg2:11-cv-00548-JATMotion Hearing
Hide details for Francisco Alejandro Palomino-UrquidezFrancisco Alejandro Palomino-Urquidez
04/22/201409:00 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:13-cr-02252-01-CKJ-LABSentencing
Hide details for Francisco Garcia-GastelumFrancisco Garcia-Gastelum
04/23/201403:00 PMHonorable D Thomas Ferraro4:14-cr-00507-01-RCC-DTFChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Francisco Javier Bernabe-BasilioFrancisco Javier Bernabe-Basilio
04/23/201401:00 PMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-01632-01--BGMDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Francisco Javier Espinoza-HernandezFrancisco Javier Espinoza-Hernandez
04/22/201410:10 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald2:13-cr-01438-01-JGZ-BGM
Admit/Deny & Change of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Francisco Ruben Valdivia-GutierrezFrancisco Ruben Valdivia-Gutierrez
04/21/201411:30 AMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:10-cr-01494-01-SRBFinal Disposition Hearing
04/21/201411:30 AMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:13-cr-01455-01-SRBSentencing
Hide details for Frank Cruz KaphanFrank Cruz Kaphan
04/22/201410:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:13-cr-01497-01-CKJ-BGMChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Franklin Tristan CraigFranklin Tristan Craig
04/21/201403:30 PMHonorable David G Campbell3:12-cr-08229-01-DGCStatus Conference
Hide details for Fransciso Javier Acosta-HernandezFransciso Javier Acosta-Hernandez
04/23/201401:30 PMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-01589-01-DTFDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Genaro Aguilar-RuizGenaro Aguilar-Ruiz
04/23/201403:15 PMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-cr-00520-03-JGZ-LABChange of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Gerald Wayne LowryGerald Wayne Lowry
04/22/201410:00 AMHonorable Mark E Aspey3:13-po-04138-01-MEAStatus Conference
Hide details for Gerardo  Peralta-OrtizGerardo Peralta-Ortiz
04/22/201410:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-10466-01--EGMDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Gerardo Rojas-AtaydeGerardo Rojas-Atayde
04/21/201403:00 PMHonorable Neil V Wake2:13-cr-01599-01-NVWStatus Conference
Hide details for Gilbert Felix BegayeGilbert Felix Begaye
04/21/201411:00 AMHonorable Steven P Logan2:14-cr-00101-01-SRBChange of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Giovani MoralesGiovani Morales
04/22/201408:45 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:14-cr-00072-03-JGZ-DTFSentencing
Hide details for Gonzalo Valdez-HernandezGonzalo Valdez-Hernandez
04/21/201401:15 PMHonorable David G Campbell2:14-cr-00077-01-DGCSentencing
Hide details for Grady BlackwellGrady Blackwell
04/21/201403:00 PMHonorable Neil V Wake2:13-cr-01462-02-NVWStatus Conference
04/22/201403:30 PMHonorable Lawrence O Anderson
04/23/201402:30 PMHonorable Lawrence O Anderson
Hide details for Gregorio Guadalupe Lopez-SalazarGregorio Guadalupe Lopez-Salazar
04/25/201409:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-01645-02--BPVDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Guadalupe Jibel Villalba-PerezGuadalupe Jibel Villalba-Perez
04/23/201402:30 PMHonorable D Thomas Ferraro4:14-CR-00506-01-CKJ-DTFChange of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Guillermo Alejandro Beltran-VegaGuillermo Alejandro Beltran-Vega
04/22/201411:00 AMHonorable James F Metcalf2:14-mj-01347-01-JFMChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Guillermo Pacheco-RamosGuillermo Pacheco-Ramos
04/25/201409:00 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:13-cr-00738-01-RCC-DTFSentencing
Hide details for Gustavo Hermosillo-MaduenoGustavo Hermosillo-Madueno
04/23/201401:30 PMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:14-cr-00525-01-CKJ-CRPChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Hanks v. American Family Mutual Insurance Company et alHanks v. American Family Mutual Insurance Company et al
04/22/201404:00 PMHonorable David G Campbell2:12-cv-00880-DGCPretrial Conference - Final
Hide details for Hartje et al v. Western Agricultural Insurance Company et alHartje et al v. Western Agricultural Insurance Company et al
04/21/201401:15 PMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:14-cv-00125-SRBScheduling Conference
Hide details for Hector  Lara-GarzonHector Lara-Garzon
04/21/201409:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-10452-01--BGMDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Hector Meraz-TorresHector Meraz-Torres
04/23/201410:00 AMHonorable Lawrence O Anderson2:14-cr-00539-01-SRBArraignment
Hide details for Herbert Franklin Vanegas-OrtizHerbert Franklin Vanegas-Ortiz
04/22/201409:00 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:11-cr-03664-01-RCC-HCEStatus Conference
Hide details for Hernando  Echeverry-QuinteroHernando Echeverry-Quintero
04/25/201409:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-10462-01--CRPDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Hernold Terrazas, Jr.Hernold Terrazas, Jr.
04/21/201411:00 AMHonorable G Murray Snow2:08-cr-00656-01-GMSFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Hilario Solorzano-AhumadaHilario Solorzano-Ahumada
04/23/201402:00 PMHonorable Michelle H Burns2:13-cr-01216-01-NVWChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Hugo Garcia-MartinezHugo Garcia-Martinez
04/21/201409:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-01602-01--JRDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Hugo Mendez-FuentesHugo Mendez-Fuentes
04/21/201409:40 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:14-cr-00261-01-RCC-BGMSentencing
Hide details for Hugo Rodriguez-GuerreroHugo Rodriguez-Guerrero
04/21/201403:00 PMHonorable G Murray Snow2:14-cr-00078-01-GMSSentencing
Hide details for Ignacio Fernandez-MolinaIgnacio Fernandez-Molina
04/22/201409:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-01619-01--LABDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Ilber Adyn Rodriguez-CordovaIlber Adyn Rodriguez-Cordova
04/22/201411:00 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:14-cr-00606-01-RCC-CRPArraignment/Change Of Plea Hearing
04/21/201402:00 PMHonorable Leslie A Bowman
04/21/201403:00 PMHonorable Lawrence O Anderson
04/22/201402:00 PMHonorable Leslie A Bowman
04/22/201403:00 PMHonorable Lawrence O Anderson
04/23/201402:00 PMHonorable Leslie A Bowman
04/23/201403:00 PMHonorable Lawrence O Anderson
04/25/201402:00 PMHonorable Leslie A Bowman
04/25/201403:00 PMHonorable Lawrence O Anderson
Hide details for Ioana IordacheIoana Iordache
04/21/201401:30 PMHonorable Lawrence O Anderson2:14-mj-01455-01-JFMStatus Hearing re: Detention Hearing and Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Irael Paz-MartinezIrael Paz-Martinez
04/22/201402:30 PMHonorable Steven P Logan2:14-cr-00354-01-SRBChange of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Irineo Rojas-GuzmanIrineo Rojas-Guzman
04/23/201402:40 PMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-cr-00686-00-CKJ-DTFMisdemeanor Change of Plea and Sentencing
Hide details for Irma Gloria CoronadoIrma Gloria Coronado
04/21/201410:10 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:10-cr-50185-01-JGZ-BGMAdmit/Deny Hearing
Hide details for Isaac Perez-HernandezIsaac Perez-Hernandez
04/25/201409:40 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:14-cr-00001-01-RCC-BGMSentencing
Hide details for Ismael Lopez-RubioIsmael Lopez-Rubio
04/21/201410:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-01647-01--LABDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Ismael Rios MorenoIsmael Rios Moreno
04/21/201402:30 PMHonorable Neil V Wake2:14-cr-00068-01-NVWSentencing
04/21/201402:30 PMHonorable Neil V Wake2:14-cr-50051-01-NVWAdmit-Deny Hearing
Hide details for Israel Fernando GutierrezIsrael Fernando Gutierrez
04/21/201404:00 PMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:14-cr-00399-01-SRBStatus Conference
Hide details for Ivan  Leon AndradeIvan Leon Andrade
04/23/201401:30 PMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-10473-01--LABDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Ivan Gonzalez-Zuniga Ivan Gonzalez-Zuniga
04/23/201402:00 PMHonorable Eric J Markovich4:14-mj-00022-04-N/A-EJMStatus Conference
Re: Doc. #25; Order on Motion for Hearing
Hide details for Ivan Pena-BonIvan Pena-Bon
04/21/201409:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-01605-02--BGMDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Ivette Kassandra SantiniIvette Kassandra Santini
04/23/201411:15 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:14-mj-05786-02-N/A-JR
Status Conference/Change of Plea
Hide details for Jaime Belmonte-RealivasquezJaime Belmonte-Realivasquez
04/22/201409:30 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:14-cr-00493-01-JGZ-JRChange Of Plea Hearing
04/22/201409:30 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:14-cr-50036-01-JGZ-JRAdmit/Deny Hearing Re: S/R Vio
Hide details for Jaime Soto-PlancarteJaime Soto-Plancarte
04/21/201401:45 PMHonorable Lawrence O Anderson2:14-mj-61882-01-JFMStatus Hearing re: Initial Appearance on Amended Complaint
Hide details for James David EvansJames David Evans
04/23/201410:15 AMHonorable Bridget S Bade2:13-cr-01138-01-DGCChange of Plea Hearing
Hide details for James Thomas YaruJames Thomas Yaru
04/22/201410:00 AMHonorable Mark E Aspey3:14-mj-04084-01-MEAInitial Appearance
Hide details for Jason Anthony RomeroJason Anthony Romero
04/23/201401:30 PMHonorable Raner C Collins4:13-cr-01659-01-RCC-BGMSentencing
Hide details for Javier RuizJavier Ruiz
04/23/201401:30 PMHonorable Raner C Collins4:13-cr-02219-01-RCC-LABSentencing
Hide details for Javier Santiago-GalindoJavier Santiago-Galindo
04/22/201409:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-01621-01--JRDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Jay Kevin PerryJay Kevin Perry
04/21/201411:30 AMHonorable Paul G Rosenblatt2:11-cr-02291-01-PGRStatus Conference
Hide details for Jephte De Alejandro-ArizaJephte De Alejandro-Ariza
04/23/201401:00 PMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-01634-01--CRPDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Jesse Dominic MoralesJesse Dominic Morales
04/22/201411:15 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:13-cr-00998-06-RCC-JRChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Jesus  Mariano-ValderramaJesus Mariano-Valderrama
04/23/201401:30 PMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-10475-01--EJMDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Jesus Alfonso-SalazarJesus Alfonso-Salazar
04/22/201403:15 PMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:14-mj-08525-01-N/A-BGM
Change Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Jesus Heriberto Balcazar-GarciaJesus Heriberto Balcazar-Garcia
04/22/201409:30 AMHonorable Eric J Markovich4:14-mj-10422-01-N/A-EJMChange of Plea/Sentencing
Hide details for Jesus Ignacio Contreras-NunezJesus Ignacio Contreras-Nunez
04/22/201410:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-01658-05--BPVDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Jesus Manuel Torres-CastilloJesus Manuel Torres-Castillo
04/21/201409:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-01597-01--LABDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Jesus Martin Garcia-MartanJesus Martin Garcia-Martan
04/25/201411:00 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-cr-00673-01-JGZ-JRArraignmt
Hide details for Jesus Ortiz-PinedaJesus Ortiz-Pineda
04/21/201409:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-01596-01--CRPDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Jesus Vargas-ValadesJesus Vargas-Valades
04/21/201409:45 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:11-cr-03368-01-RCC-CRPAdmit/Deny Hearing
Hide details for Jimmy Samson PyleJimmy Samson Pyle
04/21/201410:00 AMHonorable Mark E Aspey3:13-mj-04373-01-MEAPreliminary/Detention/Status Hearing
04/21/201410:00 AMHonorable Mark E Aspey3:13-mj-04391-01-MEAPreliminary/Status/Detention Hearing
Hide details for Jiro Lopez-RamirezJiro Lopez-Ramirez
04/23/201401:30 PMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-02997-01--DTFDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Joaquin De Jesus Duran-LobatoJoaquin De Jesus Duran-Lobato
04/22/201409:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-01623-01--BPVDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for John Brandon HooverJohn Brandon Hoover
04/23/201404:00 PMHonorable Lawrence O Anderson2:14-cr-00554-02-SRBDetention Hearing
Hide details for John Robert Caudell, Jr.John Robert Caudell, Jr.
04/21/201410:00 AMHonorable David C Bury4:10-cr-01681-02-DCB-JRFinal Disposition
Hide details for Jonathan Geovani Galindo-MorenoJonathan Geovani Galindo-Moreno
04/25/201410:20 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:13-cr-01781-01-JGZ-CRPStatus Conference/Sentencing
Hide details for Jordan Harold TorresJordan Harold Torres
04/21/201410:00 AMHonorable Mark E Aspey3:14-mj-04094-01-MEAStatus Conference
Hide details for Jorge Cisneros-RamirezJorge Cisneros-Ramirez
04/22/201409:00 AMHonorable Michelle H Burns2:14-cr-00351-01-SRBChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Jorge Higuera-HaroJorge Higuera-Haro
04/25/201411:20 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:13-cr-02157-01-JGZ-BPVSentencing
Hide details for Jorge Lopez-PenaJorge Lopez-Pena
04/21/201408:45 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:13-cr-02099-01-JGZ-JRSentencing
Hide details for Jorge Roberto Luque-LuqueJorge Roberto Luque-Luque
04/21/201409:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-01600-01--CRPDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Jose  Rosales-MaldonadoJose Rosales-Maldonado
04/22/201409:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-10457-01--BGMDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Jose Alfredo Perez-GarciaJose Alfredo Perez-Garcia
04/22/201411:00 AMHonorable David K Duncan2:09-cr-00817-01-DGCAdmit/Deny Hearing
Hide details for Jose Angel Osuna-RioJose Angel Osuna-Rio
04/25/201411:00 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-cr-00665-01-RCC-JRArraignmt
Hide details for Jose Antonio LopezJose Antonio Lopez
04/21/201403:00 PMHonorable Neil V Wake2:13-cr-01123-05-NVWStatus Conference
Hide details for Jose Antonio Lopez-GamezJose Antonio Lopez-Gamez
04/23/201410:00 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:11-cr-03674-01-CKJ-JRAdmit/Deny Hearing Re: S/R Vio
04/23/201410:00 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:14-cr-00309-01-CKJ-JRChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Jose Baltazar Lopez-FernandezJose Baltazar Lopez-Fernandez
04/22/201410:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-01655-01--CRPDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Jose Botello-TorresJose Botello-Torres
04/25/201411:00 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-cr-00656-01-RCC-EJMArraignmt
Hide details for Jose Carlos Dominguez-AngelesJose Carlos Dominguez-Angeles
04/25/201411:00 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-cr-00644-01-CKJ-DTFArraignmt
Hide details for Jose Carlos DurazoJose Carlos Durazo
04/21/201401:30 PMHonorable Raner C Collins4:13-cr-00714-01-RCC-JRMotion Hearing
Hide details for Jose Colin-GomezJose Colin-Gomez
04/23/201410:00 AMHonorable Lawrence O Anderson2:14-cr-00548-03-GMSArraignment
Hide details for Jose Dorame-YanezJose Dorame-Yanez
04/25/201409:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-01645-04--BPVDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Jose Edmundo Moreno-LugoJose Edmundo Moreno-Lugo
04/25/201411:00 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-cr-00663-01-RCC-EJMArraignmt
Hide details for Jose Eduardo Garcia-RochaJose Eduardo Garcia-Rocha
04/25/201411:00 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-cr-00675-01-JGZ-BGMArraignmt
Hide details for Jose Fernando EspinozaJose Fernando Espinoza
04/21/201410:00 AMHonorable Neil V Wake2:13-cr-01300-01-NVWSentencing
Hide details for Jose Francisco Navarro-GarciaJose Francisco Navarro-Garcia
04/23/201401:00 PMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-01637-01--CRPDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Jose Francisco Ochoa-GarciaJose Francisco Ochoa-Garcia
04/22/201410:00 AMHonorable James F Metcalf2:14-mj-01310-01-JFMChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Jose Guadalupe Barrera-MartinezJose Guadalupe Barrera-Martinez
04/23/201401:30 PMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-10476-01--JRDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Jose Hernandez-HernandezJose Hernandez-Hernandez
04/22/201401:30 PMHonorable Michelle H Burns2:14-mj-03095-01-LOA
Change of Plea Hearing and Initial Appearance and Admit/Deny Hearing
Hide details for Jose Israel Figueroa-BautistaJose Israel Figueroa-Bautista
04/21/201409:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-01603-01--DTFDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Jose Israel Lopez-LopezJose Israel Lopez-Lopez
04/21/201404:00 PMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:14-cr-00079-01-SRBStatus Conference
Hide details for Jose Juan Sanchez-MartinezJose Juan Sanchez-Martinez
04/25/201409:30 AMHonorable James F Metcalf2:14-mj-01274-01-JFMChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Jose Luis ArriagaJose Luis Arriaga
04/22/201409:50 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:14-cr-00504-01-RCC-BGMChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Jose Luis Arriaga-SoteloJose Luis Arriaga-Sotelo
04/22/201409:50 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald2:13-cr-00926-01-RCC-BGMAdmit/Deny Hearing
Hide details for Jose Luis Gomez-GuzmanJose Luis Gomez-Guzman
04/21/201409:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-01598-01--EJMDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Jose Luis Jimenez-HernandezJose Luis Jimenez-Hernandez
04/21/201401:15 PMHonorable David G Campbell2:13-cr-01598-01-DGCSentencing
Hide details for Jose Luis Ochoa-GomezJose Luis Ochoa-Gomez
04/25/201409:30 AMHonorable James F Metcalf2:14-mj-01282-01-JFMChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Jose Manuel Munoz-HernandezJose Manuel Munoz-Hernandez
04/25/201411:00 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-cr-00652-01-RCC-BGMArraignmt
Hide details for Jose Manuel Navarro-GarciaJose Manuel Navarro-Garcia
04/25/201409:30 AMHonorable James F Metcalf2:14-mj-01296-01-JFMChange Of Plea Hearing with Admit/Deny hearing
Hide details for Jose Medina-HernandezJose Medina-Hernandez
04/22/201403:15 PMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:14-mj-08525-02-N/A-BGM
Change Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Jose Medina-ManjarrezJose Medina-Manjarrez
04/21/201411:30 AMHonorable David K Duncan2:14-cr-00378-01-JATChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Jose Morales-FuerteJose Morales-Fuerte
04/23/201409:30 AMHonorable Bridget S Bade2:14-cr-00319-01-DGCChange of Plea Hearing and Possible Sentencing
Hide details for Jose Pablo-RojasJose Pablo-Rojas
04/22/201411:30 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:14-mj-00023-01-N/A-JRChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Jose Parra-PayanJose Parra-Payan
04/23/201402:30 PMHonorable Michelle H Burns2:14-cr-00351-04-SRBChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Jose Ruben Gradillas, Jr.Jose Ruben Gradillas, Jr.
04/22/201411:00 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:14-mj-00009-01--BGMPH, Change of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Jose Sarazua-RomeroJose Sarazua-Romero
04/22/201411:00 AMHonorable James F Metcalf2:14-mj-01348-01-JFMChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Juan  Beltran-BeltranJuan Beltran-Beltran
04/21/201410:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-10463-01--EJMDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Juan Alonso Ruiz-NunezJuan Alonso Ruiz-Nunez
04/25/201411:00 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-cr-00673-02-JGZ-JRArraignmt
Hide details for Juan Amador LopezJuan Amador Lopez
04/25/201411:00 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-cr-00649-01-JGZ-JRArraignmt
Hide details for Juan Antonio Perez-HernandezJuan Antonio Perez-Hernandez
04/23/201401:00 PMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-01642-01--BGMDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Juan Carlos Cardona-DuranJuan Carlos Cardona-Duran
04/23/201401:15 PMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:14-cr-00524-01-JGZ-CRPChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Juan Carlos ReyesJuan Carlos Reyes
04/21/201402:30 PMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:13-cr-01708-01-SRBSentencing
Hide details for Juan Carlos Ruiz-PerezJuan Carlos Ruiz-Perez
04/21/201409:30 AMHonorable Neil V Wake2:13-cr-01765-01-NVWSentencing
Hide details for Juan Carlos Sepulveda-EquihuaJuan Carlos Sepulveda-Equihua
04/23/201402:30 PMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:13-cr-02145-01-CKJ-BGMSentencing
Hide details for Juan Castaneda-AcostaJuan Castaneda-Acosta
04/22/201409:00 AMHonorable David K Duncan2:14-mj-05077-01-SPLChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Juan Enrique Lopez-GaxiolaJuan Enrique Lopez-Gaxiola
04/23/201401:00 PMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-01631-01--LABDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Juan Jose Aceves-ChavezJuan Jose Aceves-Chavez
04/25/201411:00 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-cr-00657-01-JGZ-LABArraignmt
Hide details for Juan Mancinas-RosasJuan Mancinas-Rosas
04/23/201401:00 PMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-01636-01--DTFDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Juan Ramon Ramos-GomezJuan Ramon Ramos-Gomez
04/21/201411:00 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:09-cr-00503-01-JGZ-LABAdmit/Deny Hearing
04/21/201411:00 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:13-cr-02187-01-JGZ-LABChange of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Juan Santos-AvilaJuan Santos-Avila
04/21/201401:30 PMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:14-cr-00191-01-JGZ-CRPStatus Conference
Hide details for Julio Cesar Dominguez-RuizJulio Cesar Dominguez-Ruiz
04/22/201410:30 AMHonorable Eric J Markovich4:14-mj-00018-01-N/A-BPVPreliminary/Change Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Julio Cesar Zamudio-PenaJulio Cesar Zamudio-Pena
04/22/201410:00 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau2:13-cr-00893-01-CKJ-JRAdmit/Deny Hearing Re: S/R Vio
Hide details for Justin DolanJustin Dolan
04/22/201410:30 AMHonorable Lawrence O Anderson2:14-mj-00170-01-MHBDetention Hearing
Hide details for Justin Marcus WilliamsJustin Marcus Williams
04/21/201411:00 AMHonorable Neil V Wake3:13-cr-08164-01-NVWSentencing
Hide details for Juvenile Male (D. Alvarez; A. Aguilar)Juvenile Male (D. Alvarez; A. Aguilar)
04/25/201410:40 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:13-cr-00380-01-JGZ-CRP *SEALED*Dispositional Hrg (Juvenile)
04/25/201410:40 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:14-cr-00351-01-JGZ-CRP *SEALED*Dispositional Hrg (Juvenile)
Hide details for Kaiser Linden ChavezKaiser Linden Chavez
04/21/201411:00 AMHonorable Lawrence O Anderson3:13-cr-08062-01-DGCStatus Hearing re: Mental Competency and Arraignment Hearings
Hide details for Karina Lizette ValenzuelaKarina Lizette Valenzuela
04/22/201401:30 PMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:13-cr-00105-03-CKJ-BPVStatus Conference re Case Management
Hide details for Karla Patricia Tamayo GarciaKarla Patricia Tamayo Garcia
04/23/201409:30 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:14-cr-00513-01-RCC-JRChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Kathy Thomas SerranoKathy Thomas Serrano
04/25/201411:00 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-cr-00628-01-CKJ-LABArraignmt
Hide details for Kellen Robert LovellKellen Robert Lovell
04/22/201404:00 PMHonorable Lawrence O Anderson2:14-cr-00572-01-DGCArraignment
Hide details for Ken Jermaine FowlerKen Jermaine Fowler
04/23/201410:30 AMHonorable G Murray Snow3:12-cr-08156-01-GMSStatus Conference
Hide details for Kenneth Wayne CarpenterKenneth Wayne Carpenter
04/25/201411:00 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-cr-00664-01-CKJ-JRArraignmt
Hide details for Krieg v. Schwartz et alKrieg v. Schwartz et al
04/21/201410:15 AMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:13-cv-00710-SRBTelephonic Discovery Dispute Hearing
Hide details for Lance Robert FriesLance Robert Fries
04/23/201412:30 PMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:13-cr-00146-01-JGZ-DTFSentencing
Hide details for Latoya Nivea MoreheadLatoya Nivea Morehead
04/22/201408:30 AMHonorable James A Teilborg2:12-cr-01577-01-JATJury Trial
04/23/201409:30 AMHonorable James A Teilborg2:12-cr-01577-01-JATJury Trial
Hide details for Lauro Jaranilla TobiasLauro Jaranilla Tobias
04/21/201409:15 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:13-cr-00619-01-CKJ-LABStatus Conference
Hide details for Lennie BenallyLennie Benally
04/23/201403:00 PMHonorable David G Campbell3:09-cr-08079-01-DGCFinal Disposition Hearing
04/23/201403:00 PMHonorable David G Campbell3:13-cr-08041-01-DGCSentencing
Hide details for Leonel-Fernando Ramos-MurilloLeonel-Fernando Ramos-Murillo
04/22/201410:30 AMHonorable Michelle H Burns2:14-cr-00323-03-NVWChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Lilia ArceLilia Arce
04/21/201404:00 PMHonorable G Murray Snow2:13-cr-00612-01-GMSSentencing
Hide details for Lucas Eric SmithLucas Eric Smith
04/21/201401:00 PMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:09-cr-00425-01-SRBFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Lucio Camacho-NaviaLucio Camacho-Navia
04/23/201410:00 AMHonorable Steven P Logan2:12-cr-01167-01-DGCAdmit/Deny Hearing
Hide details for Luis Adolfo CastorenaLuis Adolfo Castorena
04/21/201409:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-01609-01--EJMPreliminary Hearing Or Plea To Ct 2
Hide details for Luis Alberto Molina-VidalLuis Alberto Molina-Vidal
04/21/201410:00 AMHonorable G Murray Snow2:14-cr-00026-01-GMSSentencing
Hide details for Luis Antonio Lopez-VelazquezLuis Antonio Lopez-Velazquez
04/21/201402:00 PMHonorable David K Duncan2:12-cr-02101-05-SRBChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Luis Enrique VegaLuis Enrique Vega
04/23/201411:00 AMHonorable Michelle H Burns2:14-mj-07228-01-BSB
Change Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Luz Imena Madrid-AntolinLuz Imena Madrid-Antolin
04/25/201411:00 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-cr-00674-01-RCC-CRPArraignmt
Hide details for MacDougal v. McCartyMacDougal v. McCarty
04/21/201410:30 AMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:14-cv-00133-SRBScheduling Conference
Hide details for Manny AcunaManny Acuna
04/22/201410:15 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:13-cr-00998-01-RCC-JRChange Of Plea Hearing - SS Indict
Hide details for Manuel Alfonso Garcia-RamirezManuel Alfonso Garcia-Ramirez
04/22/201410:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-01658-01--BPVDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Manuel Alfredo Villegas-AlvarezManuel Alfredo Villegas-Alvarez
04/25/201409:20 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:13-cr-01525-01-RCC-BPVSentencing
Hide details for Manuel Amezcua-ChavezManuel Amezcua-Chavez
04/25/201411:00 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-cr-00559-01-RCC-JRArraignmt
Hide details for Manuel Arturo RubalcabaManuel Arturo Rubalcaba
04/22/201410:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-01658-03--BPVDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Manuel Rodriguez-MartinezManuel Rodriguez-Martinez
04/25/201411:00 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-cr-00661-01-CKJ-DTFArraignmt
Hide details for Manuel Velderain-GastelumManuel Velderain-Gastelum
04/25/201411:40 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:11-cr-03869-01-JGZ-DTFFinal Disposition Hearing
04/25/201411:40 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:13-cr-01863-01-JGZ-DTFSentencing
Hide details for Marcelino Rodriguez-VasquezMarcelino Rodriguez-Vasquez
04/23/201403:15 PMHonorable D Thomas Ferraro4:13-CR-01998-01-JGZ-DTFChange of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Marco Alonso Gonzalez-CastilloMarco Alonso Gonzalez-Castillo
04/23/201403:30 PMHonorable David K Duncan2:14-cr-00313-01-GMSChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Marco Artemio GarzaMarco Artemio Garza
04/21/201403:00 PMHonorable Neil V Wake2:13-cr-00399-01-NVWStatus Conference
Hide details for Marco Gonzalez-RamosMarco Gonzalez-Ramos
04/22/201409:10 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:13-cr-01972-01-RCC-BPVSentencing
Hide details for Marcus Lee LusterMarcus Lee Luster
04/23/201401:40 PMHonorable Raner C Collins4:12-cr-02521-01-RCC-DTFMotion Hearing and Sentencing
Hide details for Marcus Nicholas OrtizMarcus Nicholas Ortiz
04/22/201410:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-01659-01--JRDetention/Preliminary Hearing
04/23/201408:30 AMHonorable Lawrence O Anderson4:14-mj-01659-01-JRRelease from USMS Lockup
Hide details for Margaret Jean LinsMargaret Jean Lins
04/23/201401:30 PMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-02996-02--CRPDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Margarita Chavira-LunaMargarita Chavira-Luna
04/22/201410:15 AMHonorable Bridget S Bade2:14-mj-07217-01-BSBChange of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Margarito Ceniseros RosalesMargarito Ceniseros Rosales
04/21/201402:00 PMHonorable Neil V Wake2:14-cr-00085-01-NVWSentencing
Hide details for Maria TorresMaria Torres
04/25/201411:00 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-cr-00677-01-CKJ-DTFArraignmt
Hide details for Mario Alberto Sanchez-RomeroMario Alberto Sanchez-Romero
04/22/201409:00 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:13-cr-01689-01-JGZ-LABSentencing
Hide details for Mario Edwin RuizMario Edwin Ruiz
04/21/201403:00 PMHonorable G Murray Snow2:13-cr-01334-01-GMSSentencing
Hide details for Mario Sanchez-AlvaradoMario Sanchez-Alvarado
04/23/201401:45 PMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:14-cr-00117-01-JGZ-CRPChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Mark MastinMark Mastin
04/21/201401:30 PMHonorable Steven P Logan3:13-cr-08129-01-DGCChange of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Martha Huerta-NietoMartha Huerta-Nieto
04/23/201401:00 PMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-01633-01--BPVDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Martin Ivan Lopez-ReinaMartin Ivan Lopez-Reina
04/21/201410:15 AMHonorable Paul G Rosenblatt2:11-cr-00649-01-PGRFinal Disposition Hearing
04/21/201410:15 AMHonorable Paul G Rosenblatt2:14-cr-00181-01-PGRSentencing
Hide details for Martin Munoz-BecerraMartin Munoz-Becerra
04/21/201401:30 PMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:13-cr-01112-02-SRBSentencing
Hide details for Martin VazquezMartin Vazquez
04/22/201403:30 PMHonorable David K Duncan2:13-cr-01632-01-SRBChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Martin Yanez-ValenzuelaMartin Yanez-Valenzuela
04/25/201409:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-01645-03--BPVDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Mary Jane MartinMary Jane Martin
04/23/201409:00 AMHonorable Frank R Zapata4:10-cr-01574-01-FRZ-BPVFinal Disposition
Hide details for Maximo Arechiga-CamachoMaximo Arechiga-Camacho
04/25/201409:30 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:13-cr-01859-01-RCC-LABSentencing
Hide details for Melissa Monique TeranMelissa Monique Teran
04/23/201401:30 PMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-01660-02--EJMDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Metso Minerals Industries Incorporated v. OakesMetso Minerals Industries Incorporated v. Oakes
04/22/201404:30 PMHonorable David G Campbell2:14-cv-00013-DGCScheduling Conference
Hide details for Micael Osorio-OsorioMicael Osorio-Osorio
04/22/201410:00 AMHonorable James F Metcalf3:14-mj-01313-01-JFMChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Michael Anthony BoltMichael Anthony Bolt
04/21/201410:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:10-cr-02102-01-RCC-BGMAdmit/Deny Hearing
Hide details for Michael Corey DunhamMichael Corey Dunham
04/21/201404:00 PMHonorable Lawrence O Anderson2:12-cr-00836-01-GMSPretrial Release Revocation Hearing
Hide details for Michael HinkleMichael Hinkle
04/23/201401:30 PMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-00022-03--EJMPreliminary Hearing
Hide details for Michael Lee HinkleMichael Lee Hinkle
04/21/201402:00 PMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-00022-03-N/A-EJMInitial Appearance -WRIT
04/23/201402:00 PMHonorable Eric J Markovich4:14-mj-00022-03-N/A-EJMStatus Conference
Re: Doc. #25; Order on Motion for Hearing
Hide details for Michael Raul PacenoMichael Raul Paceno
04/23/201401:30 PMHonorable Lawrence O Anderson2:14-mj-05175-01-SPLStatus Hearing re: Detention, Preliminary Hearing, and Video Depositions
Hide details for Miguel Angel Arias-CendejasMiguel Angel Arias-Cendejas
04/21/201409:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-01611-01--CRPDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Miguel Angel Ibarra-NavarroMiguel Angel Ibarra-Navarro
04/23/201401:30 PMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-10477-01--CRPDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Miguel Angel Roldan-OrtegaMiguel Angel Roldan-Ortega
04/22/201409:45 AMHonorable Lawrence O Anderson2:09-cr-01286-01-SRBStatus Hearing re: Detention and Preliminary Revocation Hearings
Hide details for Miguel Angel Villa-ArangaMiguel Angel Villa-Aranga
04/25/201411:00 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-cr-00666-01-JGZ-BPVArraignmt
Hide details for Miguel Castrejon-TorresMiguel Castrejon-Torres
04/22/201409:00 AMHonorable David K Duncan2:14-mj-03119-01-LOAChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Miguel Cruz-CastellanoMiguel Cruz-Castellano
04/25/201411:00 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-cr-00671-01-JGZ-BGMArraignmt
Hide details for Miguel Ordaz-FerrerMiguel Ordaz-Ferrer
04/22/201411:00 AMHonorable James F Metcalf2:14-mj-01260-01-JFMChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Miguel Osvaldo Solis-ValenciaMiguel Osvaldo Solis-Valencia
04/21/201410:10 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:13-cr-01403-01-RCC-JRSentencing
Hide details for Mildred NelsonMildred Nelson
04/21/201409:50 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:13-cr-00428-01-CKJ-BGMAdmit/Deny Hearing
Hide details for Minerva WashingtonMinerva Washington
04/21/201410:30 AMHonorable Paul G Rosenblatt3:13-cr-08068-01-PGRSentencing
Hide details for Misdemeanor Initial AppearancesMisdemeanor Initial Appearances
04/21/201411:00 AMHonorable James F Metcalf AC/Plea/Sent
04/21/201401:45 PMHonorable James F Metcalf AC/Plea/Sent
04/22/201401:45 PMHonorable James F Metcalf AC/Plea/Sent
04/23/201401:45 PMHonorable James F Metcalf AC/Plea/Sent
04/25/201401:45 PMHonorable James F Metcalf AC/Plea/Sent
Hide details for Moises Hernandez FelixMoises Hernandez Felix
04/22/201410:00 AMHonorable Michelle H Burns2:14-mj-07211-01-BSB
Change Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Moises Levi Cabrera, Jr.Moises Levi Cabrera, Jr.
04/23/201401:30 PMHonorable Raner C Collins4:13-cr-01886-01-RCC-DTFSentencing
Hide details for Monica Iveth Murrieta-SinohuiMonica Iveth Murrieta-Sinohui
04/23/201411:00 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:13-cr-01577-02-CKJ-JRChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Murray Charles RamonMurray Charles Ramon
04/25/201411:00 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-cr-00676-02-CKJ-LABArraignmt
Hide details for Naiwahneebays Bernadette Standing BearNaiwahneebays Bernadette Standing Bear
04/23/201410:00 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:13-cr-01834-02-CKJ-BGMSentencing
04/25/201410:00 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco
04/25/201401:30 PMHonorable Bridget S Bade
04/25/201401:30 PMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps
Hide details for Ned Quade, Jr.Ned Quade, Jr.
04/21/201404:00 PMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:13-cr-01299-01-SRBStatus Conference
Hide details for Nelrick Lee TsinigineNelrick Lee Tsinigine
04/21/201402:30 PMHonorable Steven P Logan3:12-cr-08236-01-DGCChange of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Nelson Murillo-SanchezNelson Murillo-Sanchez
04/25/201411:00 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-cr-00655-01-JGZ-CRPArraignmt
Hide details for Nikki Christine TalamanteNikki Christine Talamante
04/25/201409:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-01635-01--EJMPreliminary Hearing Or Plea To Ct 2
04/23/2014Honorable Bruce G Macdonald
04/24/2014Honorable Bruce G Macdonald
04/24/2014Honorable Eric J Markovich
04/25/2014Honorable Bruce G Macdonald
Hide details for Noe Alfonso Urrea-DiazNoe Alfonso Urrea-Diaz
04/23/201403:00 PMHonorable Raner C Collins4:13-cr-01921-02-RCC-CRPEvidentiary Hearing
Hide details for Noe Francisco Guevara-VillanuevaNoe Francisco Guevara-Villanueva
04/21/201409:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-01601-01--BPVDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Norberto MunozNorberto Munoz
04/21/201402:15 PMHonorable David G Campbell2:12-cr-00812-02-DGCFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Norma Edith Bernal-GuiterrezNorma Edith Bernal-Guiterrez
04/21/201409:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-01595-01--DTFDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Omar Acosta-BeltranOmar Acosta-Beltran
04/21/201404:00 PMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:14-cr-00154-01-SRBStatus Conference
Hide details for Omar Eduardo MartinezOmar Eduardo Martinez
04/22/201409:30 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:14-mj-08541-01-N/A-CRP
Status Conference (Possible Change of Plea Hearing)
04/25/201401:00 PMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:14-mj-08541-01-CRPMaterial Witness Video Depositions
Hide details for Oner Vargas-ContrerasOner Vargas-Contreras
04/22/201409:15 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:14-cr-00556-01-RCC-CRPChange of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Oriol Moreno-PalaminoOriol Moreno-Palamino
04/21/201409:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-01604-01--LABDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Orlando Rey MartinezOrlando Rey Martinez
04/23/201410:40 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:14-cr-00267-01-JGZ-JRSentencing
Hide details for Oscar Alonso Garcia-PerezOscar Alonso Garcia-Perez
04/23/201401:30 PMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-25534-01--JRDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Oscar Armando Corona-EstradaOscar Armando Corona-Estrada
04/25/201409:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-01645-01--BPVDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Oscar Daniel Armenta GomezOscar Daniel Armenta Gomez
04/21/201409:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-01599-01--JRDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Oscar Veliz-ParraOscar Veliz-Parra
04/22/201401:30 PMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:13-cr-02135-01-JGZ-BGMMotion Hearing
Hide details for Pablo Aguian-FloresPablo Aguian-Flores
04/21/201404:00 PMHonorable Neil V Wake2:11-cr-02151-01-NVWStatus Conference
Hide details for Pablo Noriega FrancoPablo Noriega Franco
04/21/201403:30 PMHonorable Neil V Wake2:14-cr-00083-01-NVWSentencing
Hide details for Palmer v. Metropolitan Life Insurance CompanyPalmer v. Metropolitan Life Insurance Company
04/22/201410:00 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:13-cv-00315-RCC-CRPStatus Conference
Hide details for Pascual Ontiveros ArellanoPascual Ontiveros Arellano
04/23/201402:15 PMHonorable Eric J Markovich4:14-mj-08509-01-N/A-LABChange of Plea/Sentencing
Hide details for Patrick MartinezPatrick Martinez
04/22/201410:30 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:13-cr-00998-03-RCC-JRChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Pedro  Torres-FrancoPedro Torres-Franco
04/22/201409:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-10453-01--CRPDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Pedro Acosta-NavarroPedro Acosta-Navarro
04/23/201401:30 PMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-02998-01--EJMDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Pedro Lopez-CampoPedro Lopez-Campo
04/25/201411:00 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-cr-00670-01-CKJ-CRPArraignmt
Hide details for Pedro Lopez-MataPedro Lopez-Mata
04/25/201411:00 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-cr-00667-03-JGZ-LABArraignmt
Hide details for Pedro Mendoza-PerezPedro Mendoza-Perez
04/22/201409:00 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:13-cr-01689-02-JGZ-LABSentencing
Hide details for Peter Ron AcunaPeter Ron Acuna
04/23/201410:30 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:14-cr-00037-01-CKJ-JRChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Porfirio  Millan-VasquezPorfirio Millan-Vasquez
04/21/201409:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-10448-01--JRDetention/Preliminary Hearing
04/25/201409:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-10448-01--JRDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Rafael Ferreira-HernandezRafael Ferreira-Hernandez
04/22/201410:15 AMHonorable Bridget S Bade2:14-mj-05080-01-SPLChange of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Rafael ToledoRafael Toledo
04/21/201403:00 PMHonorable Bridget S Bade2:14-cr-00033-01-NVWChange of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Ramon De Jesus Sauceda-MoralesRamon De Jesus Sauceda-Morales
04/21/201409:20 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:13-cr-02063-01-RCC-DTFSentencing
Hide details for Ramon Padres MenesesRamon Padres Meneses
04/21/201402:00 PMHonorable Steven P Logan2:13-cr-01291-01-SRBChange of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Ramon Paz-MartinezRamon Paz-Martinez
04/23/201409:30 AMHonorable Steven P Logan2:14-cr-00354-03-SRBChange of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Ramon Pimintel-MartinezRamon Pimintel-Martinez
04/25/201411:00 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-cr-00648-01-JGZ-LABArraignmt
Hide details for Ramon Rene Ramirez-MoroyoquiRamon Rene Ramirez-Moroyoqui
04/21/201409:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-01607-01--DTFDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Randall JonesRandall Jones
04/21/201410:00 AMHonorable Mark E Aspey14-04115MJ-00IA
Hide details for Randy WhitewaterRandy Whitewater
04/22/201411:00 AMHonorable Michelle H Burns2:14-cr-00166-01-GMSContinuation of Detention Hearing
Hide details for Raquel Martinez v. J. Mark Heldenbrand PC et alRaquel Martinez v. J. Mark Heldenbrand PC et al
04/21/201402:00 PMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:13-cv-00100-CKJStatus Conference
Hide details for Raul  Garcia-NavarroRaul Garcia-Navarro
04/23/201401:30 PMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-10474-01--BGMDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Ray W. BochinclonnyRay W. Bochinclonny
04/21/201410:00 AMHonorable Mark E AspeyCR14-8074-DGC-00IA
Hide details for Raymond CooperRaymond Cooper
04/21/201409:00 AMHonorable Eric J Markovich4:12-cr-02401-01-RCC-EJMAdmit/Deny Hearing
Hide details for Raymond Martin SandovalRaymond Martin Sandoval
04/21/201410:00 AMHonorable Stephen M McNamee3:99-cr-00510-01-RCBFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Rebekah RobertsonRebekah Robertson
04/23/201410:30 AMHonorable Lawrence O Anderson2:14-cr-00272-04-DGCInitial Appearance and Arraignment on the Superseding Indictment
Hide details for Reggie Nathan AntoneReggie Nathan Antone
04/23/201401:30 PMHonorable David C Bury4:01-cr-01628-01-DCB-CRPFinal Disposition
Hide details for Reyes Mosqueda-GonzalezReyes Mosqueda-Gonzalez
04/22/201403:30 PMHonorable David K Duncan2:13-cr-00861-01-SRBArraignment and Change of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Reymundo Dominguez-GarciaReymundo Dominguez-Garcia
04/21/201401:30 PMHonorable Neil V Wake2:14-cr-00093-01-NVWSentencing
Hide details for Reyna RiosReyna Rios
04/23/201402:00 PMHonorable Eric J Markovich4:14-mj-00022-02-N/A-EJMStatus Conference
Re: Doc. #25; Order on Motion for Hearing
Hide details for Reynaldo Velazques-MoraReynaldo Velazques-Mora
04/25/201409:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-01646-02--DTFDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Ricardo Galindo-De Los SantosRicardo Galindo-De Los Santos
04/25/201409:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-01643-01--JRDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Ricardo Rene FloresRicardo Rene Flores
04/21/201410:15 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:09-cr-50232-01-JGZ-CRPAdmit/Deny Hearing
Hide details for Richard Upshaw, JrRichard Upshaw, Jr
04/24/201410:00 AMHonorable Mark E Aspey3:14-po-04104-01-MEAStatus Conference
Hide details for Richard ValenzuelaRichard Valenzuela
04/21/201403:30 PMHonorable David G Campbell2:14-cr-00011-01-DGCStatus Conference
Hide details for Robert Blakely FraserRobert Blakely Fraser
04/23/201401:45 PMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:09-cr-01812-01-CKJ-BPVAdmit/Deny Hearing
Hide details for Robert Paul George, IIIRobert Paul George, III
04/21/201401:30 PMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:12-cr-01282-01-CKJ-BPVAdmit/Deny Hearing
04/21/201401:30 PMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:12-cr-01290-01-CKJ-BPVAdmit/Deny Hearing
Hide details for Roberto  Lopez-PerezRoberto Lopez-Perez
04/23/201401:00 PMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-10458-01--JRDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Roberto Alfredo LaraRoberto Alfredo Lara
04/23/201401:45 PMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:10-cr-02783-01-DCB-BPVAdmit/Deny Hearing
Hide details for Roberto Carrillo-BastidaRoberto Carrillo-Bastida
04/23/201402:00 PMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:14-cr-00071-01-CKJ-CRPEvidentiary Hearing
Hide details for Roberto Gonzalez-LoeraRoberto Gonzalez-Loera
04/21/201403:00 PMHonorable Neil V Wake2:13-cr-01123-01-NVWStatus Conference
Hide details for Rodolfo Frausto-GarciaRodolfo Frausto-Garcia
04/22/201411:20 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:14-cr-00503-01-CKJ-BGMChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Rogelio Dejesus-PerezRogelio Dejesus-Perez
04/25/201411:00 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-cr-00645-01-CKJ-DTFArraignmt
Hide details for Roman ArbizoRoman Arbizo
04/21/201401:45 PMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:14-cr-00015-03-RCC-CRPStatus Conference
Hide details for Ronald John SinclairRonald John Sinclair
04/21/201403:00 PMHonorable Neil V Wake3:13-cr-08105-01-NVWStatus Conference
Hide details for Rosalinda LopezRosalinda Lopez
04/21/201403:00 PMHonorable Neil V Wake2:13-cr-01123-04-NVWStatus Conference
Hide details for Rosita Nicole RamonRosita Nicole Ramon
04/25/201411:00 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-cr-00676-01-CKJ-LABArraignmt
Hide details for Rossel Ivan Alfaro-SandovalRossel Ivan Alfaro-Sandoval
04/21/201410:00 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:13-cr-01603-01-CKJ-BGMMotion Hearing
Hide details for Ruben Coria-PinonRuben Coria-Pinon
04/21/201411:10 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:14-mj-00003-01-N/A-BGMChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Rufino Francisco AlonzoRufino Francisco Alonzo
04/21/201401:50 PMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:14-cr-00288-01-JGZ-BGMChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Rufus GonnieRufus Gonnie
04/21/201410:00 AMHonorable Mark E Aspey3:14-cr-8063-00Detention Hearing
Hide details for Rufus James GonnieRufus James Gonnie
04/24/201410:00 AMHonorable Mark E Aspey3:14-cr-08063-01-GMSDetention Hearing
Hide details for Rush-Shaw v. USF Reddaway IncorporatedRush-Shaw v. USF Reddaway Incorporated
04/22/201404:00 PMHonorable James A Teilborg2:12-cv-00941-JATMotion Hearing
Hide details for Safegate Airport Systems Incorporated et al v. RLG Docking Systems Incorporated et alSafegate Airport Systems Incorporated et al v. RLG Docking Systems Incorporated et al
04/25/201409:00 AMHonorable G Murray Snow2:13-cv-00567-GMSMarkman Hearing
Hide details for Samuel GutierrezSamuel Gutierrez
04/25/201410:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-01658-02--BPVRelease Hearing
Hide details for Samuel Ivan TorresSamuel Ivan Torres
04/21/201410:30 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:13-cr-01831-01-JGZ-CRPAdmit/Deny Hearing
Hide details for Sannoufi v. Krueger et alSannoufi v. Krueger et al
04/25/201403:30 PMHonorable G Murray Snow2:14-cv-00439-GMSScheduling Conference
Hide details for Santos Sanchez-FavelaSantos Sanchez-Favela
04/23/201401:45 PMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:14-cr-00454-01-RCC-CRPChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Saraya Amethyst CastilloSaraya Amethyst Castillo
04/23/201410:00 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:13-cr-01834-01-CKJ-BGMSentencing
Hide details for Schaefer v. P.F. Chang's China Bistro IncorporatedSchaefer v. P.F. Chang's China Bistro Incorporated
04/25/201402:15 PMHonorable G Murray Snow2:14-cv-00185-GMSScheduling Conference
Hide details for Sergio Bustillos-RasconSergio Bustillos-Rascon
04/23/201403:00 PMHonorable Bridget S Bade2:14-mj-07232-01-BSBChange of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Sergio Rojas-MartinezSergio Rojas-Martinez
04/22/201409:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-01623-03--BPVDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Shawn Vincent InskeepShawn Vincent Inskeep
04/21/201409:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:12-cr-01759-01-DCB-BGMAdmit/Deny Hearing
Hide details for SH: Plea/SentenceSH: Plea/Sentence
04/21/201410:00 AMHonorable James F Metcalf SH: Plea/Sentence
04/21/201401:00 PMHonorable James F Metcalf SH: Plea/Sentence
Hide details for Slep-Tone Entertainment Corporation v. Brennan et alSlep-Tone Entertainment Corporation v. Brennan et al
04/22/201410:00 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:12-cv-00174-RCCEvidentiary Hearing
Hide details for Smalley v. Contino et alSmalley v. Contino et al
04/22/201403:00 PMHonorable David G Campbell2:12-cv-02524-DGCDiscovery Conference
Hide details for Sonia HarveySonia Harvey
04/22/201401:30 PMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-02991-01--JRDetention Hearing
Hide details for Sonya RuizSonya Ruiz
04/21/201409:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-01606-01--BPVPreliminary Hearing Or Plea To Ct 2
04/21/201401:30 PMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau
04/22/201401:30 PMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau
04/23/201401:30 PMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau
04/25/201401:30 PMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco
Hide details for Stepheni Denise WakeStepheni Denise Wake
04/25/201409:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-01638-01--JRPreliminary Hearing Or Plea To Ct 2
Hide details for Steven Eugene SalazarSteven Eugene Salazar
04/22/201410:00 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:WI-14-00064-00-RCC-BPV; M-14-04388-BPVChange of Plea to Information
Hide details for Tadesse et al v. Tungland CorporationTadesse et al v. Tungland Corporation
04/25/201411:30 AMHonorable Neil V Wake2:13-cv-02440-NVWScheduling Conference
Hide details for Teddy Dwayne ScampTeddy Dwayne Scamp
04/23/201401:30 PMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-02996-01--CRPDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Terrance Mark EscalanteTerrance Mark Escalante
04/23/201410:20 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:14-cr-00132-01-JGZ-JRSentencing
Hide details for Theodore RiversTheodore Rivers
04/22/201409:45 AMHonorable Paul G Rosenblatt2:00-cr-00418-01-PGRFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Thomas Michael DennisThomas Michael Dennis
04/25/201411:00 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-cr-00679-01-RCC-EJMArraignmt
Hide details for Thompson v. Painted Desert Demonstration Project et alThompson v. Painted Desert Demonstration Project et al
04/23/201402:30 PMHonorable David G Campbell3:13-cv-08289-DGCScheduling Conference
Hide details for Tony NixonTony Nixon
04/25/201411:00 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-cr-00668-01-CKJ-LABArraignmt
Hide details for Tyrone Marquis KnoxTyrone Marquis Knox
04/25/201411:00 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-cr-00662-01-RCC-EJMArraignmt
Hide details for Valle del Sol, et al, v. Whiting, et al.Valle del Sol, et al, v. Whiting, et al.
04/21/201403:00 PMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:10-cv-01061-SRBTelephonic Discovery Dispute Hearing
Hide details for Vanessa NavaVanessa Nava
04/21/201411:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-cr-00577-01-JGZ-CRPStatus Conference
Hide details for Vicente Gomez-MartinezVicente Gomez-Martinez
04/23/201411:30 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:14-cr-00574-01-JGZ-JRChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Victor Federico Lopez GalindoVictor Federico Lopez Galindo
04/22/201410:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-01658-04--BPVDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Victor Manuel Aragon-CruzVictor Manuel Aragon-Cruz
04/21/201410:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-10464-01--BPVDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Victor Manuel Diaz-OzunaVictor Manuel Diaz-Ozuna
04/23/201403:00 PMHonorable Raner C Collins4:13-cr-01921-01-RCC-CRPEvidentiary Hearing
Hide details for Victor Octavio Valencia-MontoyaVictor Octavio Valencia-Montoya
04/23/201401:30 PMHonorable Raner C Collins4:14-cr-00078-01-RCC-BPVSentencing
Hide details for Victor Romero-LopezVictor Romero-Lopez
04/21/201401:15 PMHonorable David G Campbell2:13-cr-01648-01-DGCSentencing
Hide details for Vincent Blackelk WilderVincent Blackelk Wilder
04/21/201409:15 AMHonorable David C Bury4:12-cr-01348-02-DCB-JRSentencing
04/21/201409:15 AMHonorable David C Bury4:13-cr-01748-01-DCB-JRSentencing
Hide details for Walter Lavone Allen, Jr.Walter Lavone Allen, Jr.
04/21/201403:00 PMHonorable Neil V Wake2:13-cr-01462-03-NVWStatus Conference
Hide details for Willard DahkoshayWillard Dahkoshay
04/21/201408:30 AMHonorable Lawrence O Anderson3:13-cr-08011-01-NVWRelease
Hide details for William Lopez-ArguelloWilliam Lopez-Arguello
04/23/201402:00 PMHonorable D Thomas Ferraro4:14-CR-00289-01-CKJ-DTFChange of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Yony Adalid Mateo-LunaYony Adalid Mateo-Luna
04/23/201401:15 PMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:14-cr-00524-02-JGZ-CRPChange Of Plea Hearing

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