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Hide details for 101 Pipe & Casing Incorporated v. Kingman Farms LLC et al101 Pipe & Casing Incorporated v. Kingman Farms LLC et al
02/08/201602:30 PMHonorable John J Tuchi3:15-cv-08279-JJTScheduling Conference
Hide details for A'bram Kyle O'bannonA'bram Kyle O'bannon
02/08/201611:15 AMHonorable John J Tuchi2:14-cr-01530-01-JJTSentencing
Hide details for Aaron Roman Vazquez-MazonAaron Roman Vazquez-Mazon
02/11/201609:00 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:15-cr-01893-01-JGZ-BGMSentencing
Hide details for Abdul Malik Abdul KareemAbdul Malik Abdul Kareem
02/08/201610:00 AMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:15-cr-00707-01-SRBFinal Pretrial Conference
Hide details for Abel Murillon-BarreraAbel Murillon-Barrera
02/05/201610:00 AMHonorable James F Metcalf2:15-mj-01959-01-JFMChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Adan De Jesus-TursiosAdan De Jesus-Tursios
02/08/201609:30 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-mj-04226-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Adrian Ubaldo Renteria CastroAdrian Ubaldo Renteria Castro
02/12/201611:30 AMHonorable Eileen S Willett2:15-mj-09512-01-ESWMisdemeanor Plea Hearing and Sentencing
02/05/201609:00 AMHonorable James F Metcalf
Hide details for Agustin Jaime Martinez-RodriguezAgustin Jaime Martinez-Rodriguez
02/05/201610:40 AMHonorable Rosemary Márquez4:15-cr-01362-01-RM-JRSentencing
Hide details for Agustin Nunez-ReymundoAgustin Nunez-Reymundo
02/08/201609:30 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-mj-04225-03Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Alan James JuanAlan James Juan
02/08/201602:00 PMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:15-cr-01753-01-JGZ-JRChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Alberto Alejandro Villalobos-ChenoAlberto Alejandro Villalobos-Cheno
02/08/201610:30 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-mj-01465-01--DTFDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Alberto YanesAlberto Yanes
02/09/201611:00 AMHonorable James F Metcalf2:16-mj-60067-01-JFMStatus Conference
Hide details for Alcar Alvarez-DiazAlcar Alvarez-Diaz
02/08/201610:20 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:13-cr-01094-01-JGZ-DTFFinal Disposition Hearing
02/08/201610:20 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:15-cr-01015-01-JGZ-DTFSentencing
Hide details for Alejandro Guzman-CervantesAlejandro Guzman-Cervantes
02/11/201609:30 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-mj-01461-02Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Alejandro Montalban-LeyvaAlejandro Montalban-Leyva
02/09/201609:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:16-mj-07082-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Alexander PapakyriakouAlexander Papakyriakou
02/09/201611:00 AMHonorable John Z Boyle2:15-cr-00530-01-SRBChange of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Alexis Yovani Espinoza-BerumenAlexis Yovani Espinoza-Berumen
02/05/201609:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:16-mj-07078-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Alfonso Miguel Zafra-GonzalezAlfonso Miguel Zafra-Gonzalez
02/12/201610:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:15-cr-00463-01-JAS-BPVStatus Conference re Mental Competency/Restoration
Hide details for Alfredo HuertaAlfredo Huerta
02/05/201609:10 AMHonorable James A Soto2:14-cr-00658-01-JAS-LABFinal Disposition Hearing
02/05/201609:10 AMHonorable James A Soto4:15-cr-00285-01-JAS-LABSentencing
Hide details for Alfredo LopezAlfredo Lopez
02/05/201611:00 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-cr-00144-01-RCC-BGMArraignmt
Hide details for Allstate Utility Construction LLC v. Tri-Technic Incorporated et al.Allstate Utility Construction LLC v. Tri-Technic Incorporated et al.
02/08/201601:30 PMHonorable Eileen S Willett2:14-cv-02402-NVWSettlement Conference
Hide details for Amariah GrishamAmariah Grisham
02/09/201610:00 AMHonorable Deborah M FineCR07-0423-SMM-00Detention/Prelminary Revocation Hearings
Hide details for Amos AustinAmos Austin
02/10/201610:00 AMHonorable Deborah M Fine4695871-872 a-00nd 4696787/A107Initial Appearance
Hide details for Anthony Jamal JohnsonAnthony Jamal Johnson
02/08/201611:00 AMHonorable Roslyn O Silver2:07-cr-00307-01-ROSFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Anthony Ray ShirleyAnthony Ray Shirley
02/09/201609:40 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:13-cr-00622-01-RCC-JRStatus Conference
Hide details for Antonio Martin LaraAntonio Martin Lara
02/12/201611:00 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:16-mj-07084-01Preliminary Hearing
02/12/201611:00 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:16-mj-07084-01Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Antonio Vega-MolinaAntonio Vega-Molina
02/09/201609:00 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:16-cr-00040-01-JAS-JRChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Antonio Wilians Godinez-TorresAntonio Wilians Godinez-Torres
02/09/201609:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:16-mj-04255-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Apolinar Garduno-MacedoApolinar Garduno-Macedo
02/05/201609:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:16-mj-07081-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Apolinar Severo Mendiola-PenaApolinar Severo Mendiola-Pena
02/10/201610:30 AMHonorable David K Duncan2:15-mj-09522-01-ESWChange Of Plea Hearing
02/09/201604:00 PMHonorable Roslyn O Silver
Hide details for Arlene AguilarArlene Aguilar
02/09/201602:00 PMHonorable David K Duncan2:15-cr-01286-01-JJTChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Arlow Antone KayArlow Antone Kay
02/05/201610:00 AMHonorable Deborah M FineCR16-8013-DJH-00Initial Appearance
Hide details for Armando Cuen-BlancoArmando Cuen-Blanco
02/05/201609:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:16-mj-07086-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Armando ZavalaArmando Zavala
02/10/201602:00 PMHonorable James A Teilborg2:14-cr-01532-01-JATSentencing
Hide details for Arnoldo Sergio Martinez-SanchezArnoldo Sergio Martinez-Sanchez
02/05/201603:30 PMHonorable Eric J Markovich4:15-cr-00512-01-CKJ-EJMChange of Plea Hearing
02/05/201611:00 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle
02/12/201611:00 AMHonorable D Thomas Ferraro
Hide details for Arturo Esquivel-ParedesArturo Esquivel-Paredes
02/08/201609:20 AMHonorable James A Soto4:15-cr-01692-01-JAS-JRSentencing
Hide details for Asael Adonay De Leon-DiazAsael Adonay De Leon-Diaz
02/05/201609:00 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:15-cr-02174-01-JGZ-JRChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for ASARCO LLC v. United Steel, Paper and Forestry, Rubber, Manufacturing, Energy, Allied Industrial and Service WASARCO LLC v. United Steel, Paper and Forestry, Rubber, Manufacturing, Energy, Allied Industrial and Service Workers International Union, AFL-CIO, CLC
02/05/201602:00 PMHonorable Stephen M McNamee2:15-cv-00117-SMMMotion Hearing
02/08/201610:00 AMHonorable Susan R Bolton
Hide details for Baltazar Baez-ChavezBaltazar Baez-Chavez
02/05/201609:15 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:16-cr-00065-01-RM-JRChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Barrett Financial Group LLC et al v. Bank of England et alBarrett Financial Group LLC et al v. Bank of England et al
02/08/201601:30 PMHonorable John J Tuchi2:15-cv-02292-JJTScheduling Conference
Hide details for Batezell et al v. Terranova et alBatezell et al v. Terranova et al
02/12/201601:00 PMHonorable Deborah M Fine2:15-cv-02274-JWSSettlement Conference
Hide details for Belerintino YazzieBelerintino Yazzie
02/05/201611:00 AMHonorable Eileen S Willett3:12-cr-08038-01-PGRFlagstaff VTC-Initial Appearance on Supervised Release Violation
Hide details for Benigno Humberto Pech-CalderonBenigno Humberto Pech-Calderon
02/08/201609:30 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-mj-04227-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Benito Martinez-BibianoBenito Martinez-Bibiano
02/08/201609:30 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-mj-04225-02Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Benito Reyes-SantanaBenito Reyes-Santana
02/05/201611:00 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-cr-00142-01-JGZ-JRArraignmt
Hide details for Berlerintino YazzieBerlerintino Yazzie
02/05/201611:00 AMHonorable Deborah M FineCR12-08038-PG-00RInitial Appearance
Hide details for Billy Joel RomeroBilly Joel Romero
02/05/201611:00 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-cr-00039-01-JGZ-LABArraignmt
Hide details for Bond v. Phoenix, City ofBond v. Phoenix, City of
02/12/201610:15 AMHonorable G Murray Snow2:15-cv-01470-GMSScheduling Conference
Hide details for Brian Antonio HernandezBrian Antonio Hernandez
02/08/201610:30 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-mj-01464-01--LABDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Brian Gregory BartelBrian Gregory Bartel
02/09/201604:00 PMHonorable David G Campbell2:15-cr-00569-01-DGCStatus Hearing
Hide details for Brianna SamaniegoBrianna Samaniego
02/08/201609:30 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-mj-04221-01Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Bruce Michael DodsonBruce Michael Dodson
02/08/201602:30 PMHonorable Susan R Bolton3:15-cr-08022-01-SRBSentencing
Hide details for Bryan Perez-SantosBryan Perez-Santos
02/08/201609:30 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-mj-04217-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Bryan Urias-GaribaldiBryan Urias-Garibaldi
02/12/201608:50 AMHonorable James A Soto4:15-cr-01975-01-JAS-DTFSentencing
Hide details for Burdette v. Arizona Department of Child SafetyBurdette v. Arizona Department of Child Safety
02/08/201604:30 PMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:15-cv-02529-BSBOrder to Show Cause Hearing
Hide details for Candace Rae VenturaCandace Rae Ventura
02/09/201611:00 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:15-cr-01198-01-JGZ-BGMMotion Hearing
Hide details for Capplanco Seven Incorporated v. KFC of America Incorporated et alCapplanco Seven Incorporated v. KFC of America Incorporated et al
02/08/201601:30 PMHonorable John Z Boyle2:15-cv-01727-DLRSettlement Conference
Hide details for Carlos Felipe Restrepo-SanchezCarlos Felipe Restrepo-Sanchez
02/11/201601:30 PMHonorable Deborah M Fine3:15-po-04358-01-DMFChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Carlos Hernandez-CamposCarlos Hernandez-Campos
02/11/201609:30 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-mj-01461-03Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Carlos Javier Zepeda-PinaCarlos Javier Zepeda-Pina
02/08/201610:00 AMHonorable James A Soto4:15-cr-01446-01-JAS-BPVSentencing
Hide details for Carlos Rivera-MoralesCarlos Rivera-Morales
02/11/201609:15 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:15-cr-01397-01-CKJ-JRSentencing
Hide details for Cayetano Ramirez-LopezCayetano Ramirez-Lopez
02/05/201611:00 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-cr-00134-01-JGZ-BPVArraignmt
Hide details for Cesar Flores-CelayaCesar Flores-Celaya
02/09/201609:15 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:14-cr-01430-01-JAS-JRAdmit/Deny Hearing Re: S/R Vio
02/09/201609:15 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:15-cr-01935-01-JAS-JRChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Cesar Jose Osorio-BerrellezaCesar Jose Osorio-Berrelleza
02/11/201611:00 AMHonorable John Z Boyle2:16-mj-08012-01-JZBMisdemeanor Plea and Sentencing Hearing
Hide details for Christhian Sanchez-LugoChristhian Sanchez-Lugo
02/08/201609:30 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-mj-04216-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Christian Benjamin Clavero-RiosChristian Benjamin Clavero-Rios
02/10/201609:00 AMHonorable Frank R Zapata4:14-cr-01415-01-FRZ-EJMFinal Disposition Hearing
02/10/201609:00 AMHonorable Frank R Zapata4:15-cr-01474-01-FRZ-EJMSentencing
Hide details for Christian Eduardo SotoChristian Eduardo Soto
02/05/201609:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:16-mj-07080-01Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Christopher Dee NezChristopher Dee Nez
02/09/201602:45 PMHonorable David K Duncan3:10-cr-08217-01-JATAdmit/Deny Hearing
Hide details for Christopher Lee JamesChristopher Lee James
02/09/201602:30 PMHonorable David K Duncan3:14-cr-08006-01-DKDAdmit/Deny Hearing
02/09/201602:30 PMHonorable David K Duncan3:14-cr-08008-01-DKDAdmit/Deny Hearing
Hide details for Christopher William BlanchChristopher William Blanch
02/09/201602:20 PMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-cr-01190-01-RCC-BGMChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Claudio Gerardo Alcantar-PadillaClaudio Gerardo Alcantar-Padilla
02/05/201611:00 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-cr-00135-01-JGZ-LABArraignmt
Hide details for Clifford Tom YazzieClifford Tom Yazzie
02/10/201609:30 AMHonorable Diane J Humetewa3:15-cr-08057-01-DJHSentencing
Hide details for Clinton Duane BondsClinton Duane Bonds
02/08/201610:00 AMHonorable David C Bury4:12-cr-01105-01-DCB-DTFFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Cody Lee SherfieldCody Lee Sherfield
02/10/201610:30 AMHonorable Eileen S Willett2:15-cr-01229-01-GMSChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Craft v. Banner HealthCraft v. Banner Health
02/08/201604:15 PMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:15-cv-00987-SRBTelephonic Discovery Dispute Hearing
Hide details for Crandell v. Experian Information Solutions Incorporated et alCrandell v. Experian Information Solutions Incorporated et al
02/12/201609:45 AMHonorable G Murray Snow2:15-cv-02354-GMSScheduling Conference
02/05/201608:00 AMHonorable Eileen S Willett
02/08/201608:00 AMHonorable Bridget S Bade
02/09/201608:00 AMHonorable Bridget S Bade
02/10/201608:00 AMHonorable Bridget S Bade
02/11/201608:00 AMHonorable Bridget S Bade
02/12/201608:00 AMHonorable Bridget S Bade
Hide details for CRIMINAL DUTY - Change of Plea/SentencingsCRIMINAL DUTY - Change of Plea/Sentencings
02/05/201609:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco
02/08/201609:30 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle
02/09/201609:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald
02/09/201609:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4
02/10/201609:30 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle
02/11/201609:30 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle
02/12/201609:30 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle
Hide details for CRIMINAL DUTY - FeloniesCRIMINAL DUTY - Felonies
02/05/201610:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco
02/08/201610:30 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle
02/09/201610:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald
02/10/201610:30 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle
02/11/201610:30 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle
02/12/201610:30 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle
Hide details for Crisoforo Guadalupe Romero-De La RochaCrisoforo Guadalupe Romero-De La Rocha
02/08/201609:30 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-mj-04228-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Cristian HerreraCristian Herrera
02/11/201609:00 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:15-cr-01324-01-CKJ-LABSentencing
Hide details for Cristian Josue Martinez-BacaCristian Josue Martinez-Baca
02/05/201610:15 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:15-cr-02303-01-JGZ-CRPChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Cristobal Jaquez-ImperialCristobal Jaquez-Imperial
02/08/201601:15 PMHonorable David G Campbell2:15-cr-01399-01-DGCSentencing
02/08/201601:15 PMHonorable David G Campbell4:12-cr-02221-01-DGCFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Cristofer Adayr Torres-AlonzoCristofer Adayr Torres-Alonzo
02/08/201609:30 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-mj-04228-04Detention/Preliminary Hearing
02/10/201610:00 AMHonorable James F Metcalf
Hide details for Danicza Rodriguez-HurtadoDanicza Rodriguez-Hurtado
02/05/201611:00 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-cr-00147-01-JGZ-BGMArraignmt
Hide details for Daniel Alejandro Torres-AcostaDaniel Alejandro Torres-Acosta
02/11/201609:30 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-mj-01461-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Daniel Angulo-YucupicioDaniel Angulo-Yucupicio
02/08/201611:30 AMHonorable James F Metcalf2:16-mj-01007-01-JFMIA re: Amended Complaint
Hide details for Daniel Ramon Hernandez-MondacaDaniel Ramon Hernandez-Mondaca
02/08/201602:00 PMHonorable Neil V Wake2:15-cr-01316-01-NVWSentencing
Hide details for Daniel Salas-HernandezDaniel Salas-Hernandez
02/05/201611:00 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-cr-00139-01-JAS-EJMArraignmt
Hide details for Daniel Soto-ValenzuelaDaniel Soto-Valenzuela
02/08/201610:30 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-mj-01467-01--BPVDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Daniela Moncerratt Solorzano-FloresDaniela Moncerratt Solorzano-Flores
02/05/201610:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:15-cr-01622-01-CKJ-EJMArraignment/Detention Hearing
Hide details for Dario Medina-PenalozaDario Medina-Penaloza
02/08/201609:00 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:15-cr-01992-01-CKJ-BPVChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Darla PimberDarla Pimber
02/08/201601:50 PMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-cr-02325-01-RCC-BGMMotion Hearing
Hide details for Darlene Mae JohnDarlene Mae John
02/09/201611:00 AMHonorable Eileen S Willett2:15-cr-01020-01-DGCChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Darreth Rae JohnsonDarreth Rae Johnson
02/12/201609:30 AMHonorable Eileen S Willett2:15-mj-09505-01-ESWMisdemeanor Plea Hearing and Sentencing
Hide details for David Danny JoeDavid Danny Joe
02/10/201611:00 AMHonorable Michelle H Burns2:14-cr-50050-01-SRBAdmit/Deny Hearing
Hide details for David Rego MartinezDavid Rego Martinez
02/09/201610:30 AMHonorable Eileen S Willett2:14-cr-00228-01-DLRChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for David RobesonDavid Robeson
02/08/201610:00 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:12-cr-00967-01-RCC-BPVFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for David Robledo, Jr.David Robledo, Jr.
02/09/201602:00 PMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:14-cr-01777-01-RCC-BPVInitial Appearance
Hide details for David Rodriguez-VillegasDavid Rodriguez-Villegas
02/05/201610:00 AMHonorable James F Metcalf2:16-mj-01000-01-JFMChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Dean Clark WoolDean Clark Wool
02/11/201609:30 AMHonorable John Z Boyle3:15-cr-08143-01-DLRChange of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Decker/F.M.CarrilloDecker/F.M.Carrillo
02/09/201602:40 PMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald DH/ARRAIGNMENT
Hide details for Dellis Willie Riggs, Jr.Dellis Willie Riggs, Jr.
02/08/201609:45 AMHonorable Paul G Rosenblatt3:10-cr-08190-01-PGRFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Demetrio Ayala-MezaDemetrio Ayala-Meza
02/10/201610:30 AMHonorable Michelle H Burns2:13-cr-1402--00SRBAdmit/Deny Hearing
Hide details for Deway Clifton YazzieDeway Clifton Yazzie
02/11/201601:30 PMHonorable Deborah M Fine3:16-po-04031-01-DMFStatus Conference
Hide details for Diana Ivonne GonzalezDiana Ivonne Gonzalez
02/05/201611:00 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-cr-00090-01-JGZ-LABArraignmt
Hide details for Dina Consuelo BlairDina Consuelo Blair
02/12/201608:30 AMHonorable James A Soto4:15-cr-00640-01-JAS-CRPSentencing
Hide details for Donald MacarthurDonald Macarthur
02/12/201609:40 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:14-cr-02005-01-RCC-DTFStatus Conference
Hide details for Donnie Ray JoseDonnie Ray Jose
02/05/201610:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:15-CR-01387-01-JAS-BGMArraignment/Detention Hearing
Hide details for Donovan Aaron ThomasDonovan Aaron Thomas
02/12/201609:10 AMHonorable James A Soto4:09-cr-02289-01-JAS-EJMFinal Disposition Hearing
02/12/201609:10 AMHonorable James A Soto4:15-cr-00891-01-JAS-EJMSentencing
Hide details for Edgar Morales-MontoyaEdgar Morales-Montoya
02/11/201610:30 AMHonorable David K Duncan2:15-cr-01593-01-JJTChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Eduardo ArenasEduardo Arenas
02/09/201609:45 AMHonorable D Thomas Ferraro4:14-cr-02059-02-RCC-DTFAdmit/Deny - SR Viol
Hide details for Eduardo EncinasEduardo Encinas
02/05/201610:00 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:15-cr-01953-01-CKJ-JRSentencing
Hide details for Eduardo SosaEduardo Sosa
02/09/201601:30 PMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-cr-00313-01-RM-BGMChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Edward Aloysius RzewnickiEdward Aloysius Rzewnicki
02/11/201609:20 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:14-cr-01155-01-RCC-BGMSentencing
Hide details for Efrain Martinez-RuizEfrain Martinez-Ruiz
02/09/201609:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:16-mj-04251-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Elaine EspinozaElaine Espinoza
02/09/201609:20 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:15-cr-01422-01-RCC-BGMSentencing
Hide details for Elgamal v. Johnson et alElgamal v. Johnson et al
02/09/201602:30 PMHonorable Douglas L Rayes2:13-cv-00867-DLRTelephonic Trial Scheduling Conference
Hide details for Elio Ochoa LockasElio Ochoa Lockas
02/11/201609:30 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:15-cr-00276-01-RCC-DTFSentencing
Hide details for Ellertson et al v. Mesa, City of et alEllertson et al v. Mesa, City of et al
02/12/201609:15 AMHonorable G Murray Snow2:15-cv-00765-GMSScheduling Conference
Hide details for Eloy Hernandez-RosalesEloy Hernandez-Rosales
02/05/201611:00 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-cr-00137-01-JGZ-BGMArraignmt
Hide details for Elvia Dora Barrios-MorenoElvia Dora Barrios-Moreno
02/05/201610:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:16-mj-04236-01--EJMDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Emerson Lee BaheEmerson Lee Bahe
02/08/201611:00 AMHonorable Paul G Rosenblatt3:11-cr-08075-01-PGRFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Emilio Chato HaddoEmilio Chato Haddo
02/08/201609:30 AMHonorable Deborah M Fine3:16-cr-08012-01-PGRDetention Hearing
Hide details for Emmanuel Dewayne PetersEmmanuel Dewayne Peters
02/08/201610:30 AMHonorable John J Tuchi2:15-cr-00152-01-JJTSentencing
Hide details for Emmanuel Stewart BurnetteEmmanuel Stewart Burnette
02/05/201610:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:16-mj-04209-01--DTFDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Enrique Rosendo Saucedo-PachecoEnrique Rosendo Saucedo-Pacheco
02/08/201602:00 PMHonorable David G Campbell2:15-cr-01057-01-DGCSentencing
Hide details for Erasmo Hernandez-OchoaErasmo Hernandez-Ochoa
02/09/201609:00 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:15-cr-01659-01-RCC-LABSentencing
02/12/201609:10 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:15-cr-01659-01-RCC-LABSentencing
Hide details for Eric WorleyEric Worley
02/05/201610:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:15-cr-01747-01-JGZ-JRArraignment/Detention Hearing
Hide details for Ericson v. Browder et alEricson v. Browder et al
02/12/201610:00 AMHonorable G Murray Snow2:15-cv-00628-GMSScheduling Conference
Hide details for Erik FosterErik Foster
02/10/201610:00 AMHonorable David K Duncan2:15-cr-00924-03-GMSChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Fain v. Arvayo et alFain v. Arvayo et al
02/12/201602:00 PMHonorable Stephen M McNamee2:15-cv-01888-SMMScheduling Conference
Hide details for Felipe De Jesus Lopez-MenaFelipe De Jesus Lopez-Mena
02/08/201609:30 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-mj-04219-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Felipe Neri Cuevas-RobledosFelipe Neri Cuevas-Robledos
02/12/201610:40 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:15-cr-00294-01-JGZ-EJMSentencing
02/12/201610:40 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:15-cr-50109-01-JGZ-EJMFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Felix Baylon-HernandezFelix Baylon-Hernandez
02/10/201601:30 PMHonorable James F Metcalf2:16-mj-01063-01-JFMPreliminary Hearing
Hide details for Felony Initial AppearancesFelony Initial Appearances
02/05/201611:30 AMHonorable James F Metcalf IA/AC/DH
02/08/201611:30 AMHonorable James F Metcalf IA/AC/DH
02/09/201611:30 AMHonorable James F Metcalf IA/AC/DH
02/10/201611:30 AMHonorable James F Metcalf IA/AC/DH
02/11/201611:30 AMHonorable James F Metcalf IA/AC/DH
02/12/201603:00 PMHonorable James F Metcalf IA/AC/DH
Hide details for Fernando Leon, Jr.Fernando Leon, Jr.
02/10/201609:30 AMHonorable Rosemary Márquez4:15-cr-01415-01-RM-BGMSentencing
Hide details for Fernando Patrik SanchezFernando Patrik Sanchez
02/11/201610:30 AMHonorable D Thomas Ferraro4:15-mj-08946-01-DTFChange of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Fiesta Bobby ClarkFiesta Bobby Clark
02/10/201609:50 AMHonorable James A Soto4:15-cr-00813-01-JAS-LABSentencing
Hide details for Francisca Cristina RomeroFrancisca Cristina Romero
02/05/201610:30 AMHonorable James A Soto4:16-mj-07077-01-N/A-LABAppeal Hearing
Hide details for Francisco Javier Arvayo-PriceFrancisco Javier Arvayo-Price
02/08/201608:30 AMHonorable James A Soto4:15-cr-01695-01-JAS-BPVSentencing
02/11/201609:50 AMHonorable James A Soto4:15-cr-01695-01-JAS-BPVSentencing
Hide details for Francisco Javier Miranda-AlvarezFrancisco Javier Miranda-Alvarez
02/05/201611:00 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-cr-00148-02-RM-LABArraignmt
Hide details for Francisco Javier Ortega-BujandaFrancisco Javier Ortega-Bujanda
02/10/201608:50 AMHonorable James A Soto4:15-cr-01336-01-JAS-LABSentencing
Hide details for Franki Noel  Ortiz-BernardezFranki Noel Ortiz-Bernardez
02/08/201609:30 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-mj-10113-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Fredi Jovani Amador-FloresFredi Jovani Amador-Flores
02/08/201609:30 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-mj-04231-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Freiner Armenta-AhumadaFreiner Armenta-Ahumada
02/10/201609:30 AMHonorable James A Soto4:15-cr-01626-01-JAS-DTFSentencing
Hide details for Gabriel Arturo Reyes-JaimeGabriel Arturo Reyes-Jaime
02/12/201609:00 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:15-cr-01210-01-RCC-EJMSentencing
Hide details for Gabriel Ivan Beltran-PerazaGabriel Ivan Beltran-Peraza
02/05/201611:00 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-cr-00130-01-JGZ-BPVArraignmt
Hide details for Gamaliel Palacios-DemetrioGamaliel Palacios-Demetrio
02/09/201609:30 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:15-cr-01828-01-RCC-JRChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Gerardo Antonio Corona-RomeroGerardo Antonio Corona-Romero
02/08/201610:30 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-mj-01466-01--BGMDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Gerardo Lopez-VegaGerardo Lopez-Vega
02/09/201611:30 AMHonorable John Z Boyle2:15-cr-01443-01-SRBChange of Plea Hearing
Hide details for German Benitez-RendonGerman Benitez-Rendon
02/10/201610:40 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-cr-02127-01-RM-BGMChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for GlobalTranz Enterprises Incorporated v. Nordahl et alGlobalTranz Enterprises Incorporated v. Nordahl et al
02/10/201609:00 AMHonorable Douglas L Rayes2:15-cv-01808-DLRRule 16 Scheduling Conference
02/09/201603:30 PMHonorable Bridget S Bade
Hide details for Gregorio Adrian Batista-RasconGregorio Adrian Batista-Rascon
02/05/201602:00 PMHonorable Michelle H Burns2:16-mj-00026-01-MHBMidemeanor Plea and Sentencing
Hide details for Guadalupe Miranda-GermanGuadalupe Miranda-German
02/05/201602:30 PMHonorable Michelle H Burns2:14-cr-00902-14-DLRChange of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Gustavo Herrera-SerranoGustavo Herrera-Serrano
02/08/201610:20 AMHonorable James A Soto4:11-cr-02562-03-JAS-JRFinal Disposition Hearing
02/08/201610:20 AMHonorable James A Soto4:15-cr-01458-01-JAS-JRSentencing
Hide details for Gustavo Lopez-MartinezGustavo Lopez-Martinez
02/08/201609:30 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-mj-04232-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Hector Alonso  Cano-MendozaHector Alonso Cano-Mendoza
02/09/201609:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:16-mj-10118-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Hector Antonio Garibay-ZamudioHector Antonio Garibay-Zamudio
02/05/201609:15 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:15-cr-02315-01-CKJ-JRChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Hector Daniel Campos-TorresHector Daniel Campos-Torres
02/05/201610:00 AMHonorable James F Metcalf2:15-mj-01951-01-JFMChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Hermanson v. Credit Protection Association LPHermanson v. Credit Protection Association LP
02/11/201610:00 AMHonorable Roslyn O Silver2:15-cv-02049-ROSRule 16 Scheduling Conference
Hide details for Horacio Espinoza-CorralesHoracio Espinoza-Corrales
02/08/201602:15 PMHonorable David G Campbell2:15-cr-01474-01-DGCSentencing
Hide details for Humberto Efrain Chavarria, Jr.Humberto Efrain Chavarria, Jr.
02/10/201610:00 AMHonorable Deborah M Fine3:15-po-04291-01-DMFStatus Conference
Hide details for Humberto Rodolfo ParraHumberto Rodolfo Parra
02/08/201609:30 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-mj-04230-01Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Ian Joseph RitzerIan Joseph Ritzer
02/05/201611:00 AMHonorable Rosemary Márquez4:14-cr-01918-01-RM-BPVStatus Conference
Hide details for Ian Juan CiprianoIan Juan Cipriano
02/09/201601:45 PMHonorable David K Duncan2:10-cr-01716-01-ROSAdmit/Deny Hearing
Hide details for Ibrahim Alberto Cazares-TorresIbrahim Alberto Cazares-Torres
02/05/201611:00 AMHonorable Michelle H Burns2:16-mj-07020-01-BSB
Change of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Ignacio  Orduno-RuelasIgnacio Orduno-Ruelas
02/08/201609:30 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-mj-10112-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
02/05/201602:00 PMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco
02/05/201603:00 PMHonorable Eileen S Willett
02/08/201602:00 PMHonorable Charles R Pyle
02/08/201603:00 PMHonorable Bridget S Bade
02/09/201602:00 PMHonorable Charles R Pyle
02/09/201603:00 PMHonorable Bridget S Bade
02/10/201602:00 PMHonorable Charles R Pyle
02/10/201603:00 PMHonorable Bridget S Bade
02/11/201602:00 PMHonorable Charles R Pyle
02/11/201603:00 PMHonorable Bridget S Bade
02/12/201602:00 PMHonorable Charles R Pyle
02/12/201603:00 PMHonorable Bridget S Bade
Hide details for Iona JohnsonIona Johnson
02/11/201610:15 AMHonorable D Thomas Ferraro4:11-cr-04275-01-DCB-DTFAdmit/Deny - SR Viol
Hide details for Iris Rose SalazarIris Rose Salazar
02/05/201610:30 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:10-cr-03020-01-CKJ-DTFDisposition Hrg - S/R
Hide details for Ismael Gonzalez-RamirezIsmael Gonzalez-Ramirez
02/10/201609:20 AMHonorable Frank R Zapata4:15-cr-01176-01-FRZ-BGMSentencing
Hide details for Israel Huitzil-EscalanteIsrael Huitzil-Escalante
02/05/201610:40 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:15-cr-01610-01-JGZ-DTFSentencing
02/05/201610:40 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:15-cr-50173-01-JGZ-DTFFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Ivan Eduardo Regalado-MedinaIvan Eduardo Regalado-Medina
02/10/201610:00 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:15-cr-01329-01-CKJ-EJMSentencing
Hide details for Jacqueline Furillo-AntusJacqueline Furillo-Antus
02/10/201610:00 AMHonorable Deborah M Fine4696106-108/A-00107Initial Appearance
Hide details for Jahel  Avalos-HuertaJahel Avalos-Huerta
02/08/201609:30 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-mj-10111-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for James Brandon MaloneyJames Brandon Maloney
02/11/201609:20 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:15-cr-00269-01-RCC-BPVSentencing
Hide details for James Robert Donald Stewart IiiJames Robert Donald Stewart Iii
02/08/201602:15 PMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:11-cr-00517-01-SRBFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Jason Andrew LewterJason Andrew Lewter
02/08/201610:45 AMHonorable Paul G Rosenblatt2:00-cr-00473-01-PGRFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Javier Alberto VerduzcoJavier Alberto Verduzco
02/08/201610:00 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:15-cr-00587-01-CKJ-BPVSentencing
Hide details for Javier Morales-RodriguezJavier Morales-Rodriguez
02/10/201602:00 PMHonorable Michelle H Burns2:16-cr-00102-01-NVWChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Javier Moyers-FelixJavier Moyers-Felix
02/09/201610:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:16-mj-20696-01-BPVIA/COP/Sentencing
Hide details for Jeffrey BennerJeffrey Benner
02/10/201610:45 AMHonorable John Z Boyle3:11-cr-08161-01-DGCAdmit/Deny Hearing
Hide details for Jercelo Evan Slim JimJercelo Evan Slim Jim
02/08/201610:30 AMHonorable Paul G Rosenblatt3:10-cr-08156-01-PGRFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Jeremy Lamar MorganJeremy Lamar Morgan
02/08/201610:00 AMHonorable D Thomas Ferraro4:16-cr-00112-01-CKJ-DTFAdmit/Deny - PT Viol
Hide details for Jerrick BegayJerrick Begay
02/05/201609:30 AMHonorable Eileen S Willett2:14-cr-01548-00-SPL
Flagstaff VTC-Initial Appearance on Supervised Release Violations
02/05/201609:30 AMHonorable Deborah M FineCR10-8163-NVW-00Initial Appearance
02/05/201609:30 AMHonorable Deborah M FineCR14-1548-SPL-00Initial Appearance
Hide details for Jerry Marvette BriceJerry Marvette Brice
02/12/201609:30 AMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:12-cr-00340-01-SRBRe-Sentencing
Hide details for Jessica Cebrian RodriguezJessica Cebrian Rodriguez
02/12/201609:20 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:15-cr-01578-01-RCC-JRSentencing
Hide details for Jessica Michelle CulwellJessica Michelle Culwell
02/11/201610:00 AMHonorable Deborah M Fine3:16-mj-04030-02-DMFPreliminary Hearing
Hide details for Jesus Alfonso Pasos-ParraJesus Alfonso Pasos-Parra
02/08/201609:30 AMHonorable Paul G Rosenblatt2:11-cr-02083-01-PGRFinal Disposition Hearing
02/08/201609:30 AMHonorable Paul G Rosenblatt4:15-cr-00655-01-PGRSentencing
Hide details for Jesus Baldonado-OlivasJesus Baldonado-Olivas
02/05/201611:15 AMHonorable Eric J Markovich4:15-cr-02186-01-RCC-EJMChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Jesus Eduardo Valenzuela-PalomaresJesus Eduardo Valenzuela-Palomares
02/08/201609:30 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-mj-04232-02Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Jesus Enrique Hernandez-HigueraJesus Enrique Hernandez-Higuera
02/10/201609:30 AMHonorable Eileen S Willett2:14-cr-00603-01-SMMAdmit/Deny Hearing
02/10/201609:30 AMHonorable Eileen S Willett2:15-cr-01204-01-SMMChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Jesus Guadalupe Montoya-UriasJesus Guadalupe Montoya-Urias
02/10/201611:00 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:15-cr-02112-02-JGZ-CRPSentencing
Hide details for Jesus H Morales-ArmentaJesus H Morales-Armenta
02/08/201610:45 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:15-cr-00938-01-RCC-JRPretrial Status Conference
Hide details for Jesus Imaldo Arias-LopezJesus Imaldo Arias-Lopez
02/10/201611:00 AMHonorable Diane J Humetewa2:15-cr-01568-01-DJHChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Jesus Javier Comoduran-ValdezJesus Javier Comoduran-Valdez
02/08/201609:30 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-mj-04224-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Jesus Javier Gastelum-ArmentaJesus Javier Gastelum-Armenta
02/05/201611:00 AMHonorable Michelle H Burns2:15-mj-06588-01-DKD
Change of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Jesus Luis Chavez-DuranJesus Luis Chavez-Duran
02/08/201611:30 AMHonorable Neil V Wake2:12-cr-01705-03-NVWSentencing
Hide details for Jesus Manuel Delgado-SagasteJesus Manuel Delgado-Sagaste
02/08/201609:40 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:15-cr-01371-01-RCC-BPVSentencing
Hide details for Jesus Manuel Diaz-AyalaJesus Manuel Diaz-Ayala
02/08/201609:30 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-mj-04224-02Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Jesus Manuel VelazquezJesus Manuel Velazquez
02/10/201609:30 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-mj-04258-01Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Jesus Natanael Salazar-BarrerasJesus Natanael Salazar-Barreras
02/05/201609:30 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:15-cr-02319-01-CKJ-CRPChange of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Jesus Noel Villalobos-MunozJesus Noel Villalobos-Munoz
02/09/201609:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:16-mj-04249-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Jesus Ramon Martinez-AvendadoJesus Ramon Martinez-Avendado
02/09/201609:20 AMHonorable Rosemary Márquez4:15-cr-01575-01-RM-LABSentencing
Hide details for Jesus Salazar-BarrerasJesus Salazar-Barreras
02/05/201609:30 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle2:13-cr-00587-03-CKJ-CRPAdmit/Deny Hearing
Hide details for Jesus Tovar-SolorioJesus Tovar-Solorio
02/05/201609:20 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:15-cr-01843-00-JAS-BGMChange of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Jimmy RuizJimmy Ruiz
02/11/201608:30 AMHonorable James A Soto4:15-cr-01952-01-JAS-DTFSentencing
Hide details for Joaquin MorenoJoaquin Moreno
02/08/201611:00 AMHonorable Rosemary Márquez4:14-cr-01187-02-RM-LABSentencing
Hide details for Jocelyn Marie AntoneJocelyn Marie Antone
02/12/201611:00 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:11-cr-02115-01-JGZ-CRPFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Joel EstradaJoel Estrada
02/11/201610:00 AMHonorable Deborah M Fine3:15-po-04361-01-DMFStatus Conference
02/11/201610:00 AMHonorable Deborah M Fine3:15-po-04361-01-DMFStatus Conference
Hide details for Joel Garcia-GarciaJoel Garcia-Garcia
02/05/201610:00 AMHonorable James F Metcalf2:16-mj-01012-01-JFMChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for John HenryJohn Henry
02/11/201611:30 AMHonorable John Z Boyle2:15-cr-01215-02-JJTChange of Plea Hearing
Hide details for John Keith HooverJohn Keith Hoover
02/12/201610:00 AMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:14-cr-00554-01-SRBRestitution Hearing
Hide details for Johnathan QuavehemaJohnathan Quavehema
02/08/201609:30 AMHonorable Deborah M Fine3:16-cr-08003-01-DJHDetention Hearing
Hide details for Jonas Fred BenallyJonas Fred Benally
02/09/201601:30 PMHonorable Deborah M Fine3:15-po-04396-01-DMFStatus Conference
Hide details for Jorge Antonio Diaz-AnayaJorge Antonio Diaz-Anaya
02/11/201609:30 AMHonorable James A Soto4:15-cr-01521-01-JAS-EJMSentencing
Hide details for Jorge Daniel Navarro-CelayaJorge Daniel Navarro-Celaya
02/10/201609:30 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-mj-04260-01Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Jorge Luis Magana-SanchezJorge Luis Magana-Sanchez
02/05/201609:50 AMHonorable James A Soto2:13-cr-00858-01-JAS-BGMFinal Disposition Hearing
02/05/201609:50 AMHonorable James A Soto4:15-cr-00614-01-JAS-BGMSentencing
Hide details for Jorge Luis Santos-HidalgoJorge Luis Santos-Hidalgo
02/09/201601:30 PMHonorable David K Duncan2:11-cr-00782-01-SRBAdmit/Deny Hearing
02/09/201601:30 PMHonorable David K Duncan2:16-wi-00080-00-SRBInitial Appearance, Appointment of Counsel, Arraignment, Detention and Change Of Plea Hearings
Hide details for Jorge Ramos-ChaidezJorge Ramos-Chaidez
02/11/201610:00 AMHonorable Eileen S Willett2:14-cr-01520-05-NVWChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Jose Adalid Lopez-DiazJose Adalid Lopez-Diaz
02/10/201609:45 AMHonorable D Thomas Ferraro4:16-mj-02871-01-N/A-DTFStatus Conf re MWs or COP
Hide details for Jose AguillaJose Aguilla
02/08/201611:00 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:14-cr-01420-05-JGZ-BPVSentencing
Hide details for Jose Alberto Gutierrez-NolascoJose Alberto Gutierrez-Nolasco
02/08/201610:10 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:16-mj-07062-02-BGMDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Jose Alfredo Lopez-SandovalJose Alfredo Lopez-Sandoval
02/05/201609:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:16-mj-07079-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Jose Angel Aguilar-RiosJose Angel Aguilar-Rios
02/11/201609:30 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-mj-01457-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Jose Asuncion Fernandez-NieblaJose Asuncion Fernandez-Niebla
02/08/201609:30 AMHonorable Eric J Markovich4:15-cr-01959-01-CKJ-EJMChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Jose Braulio Espinoza-MartinezJose Braulio Espinoza-Martinez
02/09/201610:40 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:16-mj-07046-01-N/A-BPVStatus Conference re Mat Wit Depos
Hide details for Jose Cruz Gonzalez-RivasJose Cruz Gonzalez-Rivas
02/05/201603:00 PMHonorable Eric J Markovich4:15-cr-00602-01-JGZ-EJMChange of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Jose Enrique Casiano-AyalaJose Enrique Casiano-Ayala
02/05/201611:00 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-cr-00143-01-RCC-JRArraignmt
Hide details for Jose Eusebio Martinez-EscobarJose Eusebio Martinez-Escobar
02/11/201610:45 AMHonorable D Thomas Ferraro4:15-cr-01621-02-JGZ-DTFChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Jose Felix Bustos-ArizmendiJose Felix Bustos-Arizmendi
02/05/201608:50 AMHonorable James A Soto4:15-cr-02268-01-JAS-BGMStatus Conference
02/05/201602:00 PMHonorable James A Soto4:15-cr-02268-01-JAS-BGMStatus Conference
Hide details for Jose Flores-OcanaJose Flores-Ocana
02/08/201610:10 AMHonorable Rosemary Márquez2:12-cr-01941-01-RM-JRFinal Disposition
02/08/201610:10 AMHonorable Rosemary Márquez4:15-cr-01010-01-RM-JRSentencing
Hide details for Jose Flores-PradoJose Flores-Prado
02/08/201609:30 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-mj-04224-03Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Jose Francisco Rubio-RodriguezJose Francisco Rubio-Rodriguez
02/05/201610:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:16-mj-04262-01--LABDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Jose Garcia-AlavezJose Garcia-Alavez
02/11/201609:30 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-mj-01458-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Jose Guadelupe HernandezJose Guadelupe Hernandez
02/08/201602:00 PMHonorable G Murray Snow2:14-cr-50019-01-GMSFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Jose Heran GaleasJose Heran Galeas
02/08/201610:00 AMHonorable John J Tuchi2:15-cr-01452-01-JJTSentencing
Hide details for Jose Hernandez-CorralesJose Hernandez-Corrales
02/11/201602:00 PMHonorable John Z Boyle2:16-mj-08001-01-JZB
Change of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Jose Hernandez-OchoaJose Hernandez-Ochoa
02/12/201609:10 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:15-cr-01944-01-RCC-JRSentencing
02/12/201609:10 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:15-cr-50204-01-RCC-JRFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Jose Ignacio Trevino EspinozaJose Ignacio Trevino Espinoza
02/08/201610:30 AMHonorable G Murray Snow2:15-cr-01463-01-GMSSentencing
Hide details for Jose Isai Valle-ZunigaJose Isai Valle-Zuniga
02/08/201601:15 PMHonorable David G Campbell2:15-cr-01478-01-DGCSentencing
Hide details for Jose Leonel Najar-SanchezJose Leonel Najar-Sanchez
02/11/201609:30 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-mj-01460-02Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Jose Luis  Ontiveros-EstradaJose Luis Ontiveros-Estrada
02/08/201610:30 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-mj-01467-02--BPVDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Jose Luis Cuevas-DelgadoJose Luis Cuevas-Delgado
02/09/201609:30 AMHonorable John J Tuchi2:15-cr-01530-01-JJTMotion Hearing
Hide details for Jose Luis Martinez-ChaconJose Luis Martinez-Chacon
02/08/201610:00 AMHonorable Neil V Wake2:15-cr-01424-01-NVWSentencing
Hide details for Jose Manuel Martinez-AguayoJose Manuel Martinez-Aguayo
02/05/201609:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-03277-01-N/A-BGMMotion to Dismiss/Evidentiary Hearing
Hide details for Jose Maria Gomez-ReyesJose Maria Gomez-Reyes
02/08/201609:30 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-mj-04234-01Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Jose Remedios-TepoztecoJose Remedios-Tepozteco
02/11/201609:10 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:15-cr-01260-01-RCC-CRPSentencing
Hide details for Jose Rene RiveraJose Rene Rivera
02/08/201611:00 AMHonorable Rosemary Márquez4:14-cr-01187-01-RM-LABSentencing
Hide details for Jose Roman Saucedo-OrtegaJose Roman Saucedo-Ortega
02/10/201610:30 AMHonorable John Z Boyle2:11-cr-02340-01-SRBAdmit/Deny Hearing
Hide details for Jose Roque-YescaJose Roque-Yesca
02/10/201609:20 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:15-cr-02157-01-RCC-BGMSentencing
Hide details for Jose Sagaste-AraujoJose Sagaste-Araujo
02/08/201609:30 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-mj-04226-03Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Jose Sejudo-EncinasJose Sejudo-Encinas
02/05/201609:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:16-mj-07083-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Jose Toxqui-MihualtecatlJose Toxqui-Mihualtecatl
02/10/201610:20 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:15-cr-01889-01-JGZ-BPVSentencing
Hide details for Joseph Allen HollenbackJoseph Allen Hollenback
02/05/201610:30 AMHonorable Michelle H Burns2:15-cr-01591-01-DLRChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Joshua T AntoneJoshua T Antone
02/08/201609:30 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:10-cr-01777-01-RCC-JRAdmit/Deny Hearing Re: S/R Vio
Hide details for Josie CabralJosie Cabral
02/10/201609:10 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:15-cr-01501-01-RCC-EJMSentencing
Hide details for Juan Antonio Osuna-AbitiaJuan Antonio Osuna-Abitia
02/10/201610:00 AMHonorable Diane J Humetewa2:15-cr-01449-01-DJHChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Juan Carlos Acosta-MartinezJuan Carlos Acosta-Martinez
02/09/201609:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:16-mj-04250-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Juan Carlos Burgos-MarquezJuan Carlos Burgos-Marquez
02/11/201610:30 AMHonorable John Z Boyle2:16-mj-08022-01-JZBMisdemeanor Plea and Sentencing Hearings
Hide details for Juan Carlos CordovaJuan Carlos Cordova
02/10/201610:00 AMHonorable Deborah M Fine3:15-po-04360-01-DMFChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Juan Carlos DoradoJuan Carlos Dorado
02/09/201610:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:16-mj-04264-01Detention/Removal Hearing
Hide details for Juan Carlos Fuentes-HidalgoJuan Carlos Fuentes-Hidalgo
02/10/201611:00 AMHonorable Eileen S Willett2:15-cr-01061-03-SRBChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Juan Carlos Garcia-RodriguezJuan Carlos Garcia-Rodriguez
02/05/201610:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:16-cr-00037-01-RM-LABChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Juan Carlos Garcia MaderaJuan Carlos Garcia Madera
02/08/201601:30 PMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:15-cr-01476-01-SRBSentencing
Hide details for Juan Carlos Grijalva-CastilloJuan Carlos Grijalva-Castillo
02/09/201610:20 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:15-cr-01781-01-JGZ-BPVSentencing
Hide details for Juan Carlos Padilla-AlvarezJuan Carlos Padilla-Alvarez
02/08/201609:30 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-mj-04225-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Juan Carlos Pena-ArredondoJuan Carlos Pena-Arredondo
02/08/201609:30 AMHonorable Douglas L Rayes2:15-cr-01460-01-DLRSentencing
Hide details for Juan Carlos Solares-CubaJuan Carlos Solares-Cuba
02/05/201609:15 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:15-cr-01856-01-CKJ-BGMSentencing
Hide details for Juan Carlos Torres-AyonJuan Carlos Torres-Ayon
02/05/201601:30 PMHonorable Eric J Markovich4:16-cr-00031-02-CKJ-EJMMotion Hearing - Withdraw as Attorney
Hide details for Juan Carlos Trujillo-MorandoJuan Carlos Trujillo-Morando
02/10/201610:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:10-cr-01638-01-FRZ-BPVAdmit/Deny Hearing
02/10/201610:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:10-cr-01638-01-FRZ-BPVAdmit/Deny Hearing
Hide details for Juan Castillo-GarciaJuan Castillo-Garcia
02/05/201611:00 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-cr-00146-01-CKJ-EJMArraignmt
Hide details for Juan Gabriel Baez-CollazoJuan Gabriel Baez-Collazo
02/08/201609:40 AMHonorable James A Soto4:15-cr-01711-01-JAS-CRPSentencing
Hide details for Juan Joe ValenzuelaJuan Joe Valenzuela
02/09/201611:20 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:14-cr-01517-01-JGZ-BGMSentencing
02/09/201611:20 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:15-cr-00904-01-JGZ-BGMSentencing
Hide details for Juan Jose Chavez-RonquelloJuan Jose Chavez-Ronquello
02/08/201602:00 PMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:15-cr-01363-01-SRBSentencing
Hide details for Juan Miguel Campillo-ChavezJuan Miguel Campillo-Chavez
02/08/201609:30 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-mj-04218-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Juan Rosas-PadillaJuan Rosas-Padilla
02/05/201611:40 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:12-cr-02146-01-JGZ-DTFFinal Disposition Hearing
02/05/201611:40 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:15-cr-01136-01-JGZ-DTFSentencing
Hide details for Judas Juan Pedro Ruiz-SaavedraJudas Juan Pedro Ruiz-Saavedra
02/08/201609:30 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-mj-04223-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Julbert Perez-CardosoJulbert Perez-Cardoso
02/10/201609:30 AMHonorable D Thomas Ferraro4:15-cr-50241-01-JGZ-DTFAdmit/Deny Hearing
Hide details for Julie Ann StadheimJulie Ann Stadheim
02/10/201609:20 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:15-cr-00880-01-RCC-JRSentencing
Hide details for Julio A Juarez VazquezJulio A Juarez Vazquez
02/10/201609:30 AMHonorable Michelle H Burns2:16-cr-00016-01-DLRChange of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Justin ThomasJustin Thomas
02/08/201610:30 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-CR-00057-01-RM-BGMArraignment/Detention Hearing
Hide details for Justine Evangeline Rios-BrattonJustine Evangeline Rios-Bratton
02/11/201609:30 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:14-cr-01697-11-CKJ-EJMSentencing
Hide details for Kaine Mykel PurleyKaine Mykel Purley
02/09/201609:30 AMHonorable Steven P Logan3:15-cr-08123-01-SPLMotion Hearing
02/09/201610:30 AMHonorable John J Tuchi3:15-cr-08225-01-JJTMotion Hearing
Hide details for Kassandra LopezKassandra Lopez
02/08/201601:30 PMHonorable Douglas L Rayes2:15-cr-00961-01-DLRSentencing
Hide details for Kaufman v. Fitness International LLC et alKaufman v. Fitness International LLC et al
02/05/201609:00 AMHonorable David K Duncan2:14-cv-02806-DKDShow Cause Hearing
Hide details for Kenneth David SmithKenneth David Smith
02/10/201610:00 AMHonorable Michelle H Burns3:02-cr-00046-01-GMSAdmit/Deny Hearing
Hide details for Kyle Tom CheeKyle Tom Chee
02/08/201610:00 AMHonorable Paul G Rosenblatt3:15-cr-08027-01-PGRSentencing
Hide details for Larrison J. HurleyLarrison J. Hurley
02/08/201609:30 AMHonorable Deborah M FineCR15-8093-GMS-00Initial Appearance
Hide details for Larry Christopher DouglasLarry Christopher Douglas
02/09/201609:45 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:14-cr-01683-01-CKJ-CRPDisposition Hrg - S/R
Hide details for Lavina Dawn MiguelLavina Dawn Miguel
02/09/201601:30 PMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:11-cr-00168-01-DCB-BPVAdmit/Deny Hearing
Hide details for Lazaro Cruz-SanchezLazaro Cruz-Sanchez
02/10/201609:30 AMHonorable David K Duncan2:09-cr-01495-01-SRBAdmit/Deny Hearing
Hide details for Leobardo Reyes-CorralesLeobardo Reyes-Corrales
02/10/201609:30 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-mj-04259-02Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Leocadio Ortiz-LopezLeocadio Ortiz-Lopez
02/11/201609:00 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:16-mj-20494-00-JRIA/DH/PH
Hide details for Leon Andrew SmallLeon Andrew Small
02/09/201601:30 PMHonorable John Z Boyle3:09-cr-08048-01-JATAdmit/Deny Hearing
Hide details for Leonel Ramirez-GarciaLeonel Ramirez-Garcia
02/05/201609:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:16-mj-07085-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Leonel Reyes CabreraLeonel Reyes Cabrera
02/11/201610:30 AMHonorable John Z Boyle2:16-mj-08020-01-JZBMisdemeanor Plea and Sentencing Hearings
Hide details for Leticia Maria RamirezLeticia Maria Ramirez
02/10/201609:30 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:12-cr-02502-01-RCC-BPVFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Levi Gomez-SanchezLevi Gomez-Sanchez
02/08/201610:00 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:16-mj-07029-03-CRPDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Lili BlumenkronLili Blumenkron
02/08/201610:30 AMHonorable Rosemary Márquez4:15-cr-00902-01-RM-EJMSentencing
Hide details for Lipscomb v. The Haven et alLipscomb v. The Haven et al
02/05/201611:00 AMHonorable Susan R Bolton4:15-cv-00524-SRBScheduling Conference
Hide details for Lisa M SunderlinLisa M Sunderlin
02/05/201610:00 AMHonorable Bridget S Bade2:16-WI-00048-01-SRBInitial Appearance, Arraignment and Change of Plea Hearings
Hide details for Lizeth Yorba-OrozcoLizeth Yorba-Orozco
02/11/201610:30 AMHonorable Eileen S Willett2:15-cr-01560-01-DGCChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Lorena Lopez-LopezLorena Lopez-Lopez
02/10/201609:30 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-mj-04257-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Lucio Armando Franco-JimenezLucio Armando Franco-Jimenez
02/10/201601:30 PMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:14-cr-01837-01-RCC-BGMEvidentiary Hearing re Competency
Hide details for Luis Alfonso Ramon ChagalaLuis Alfonso Ramon Chagala
02/08/201609:30 AMHonorable Steven P Logan2:15-cr-01509-01-SPLSentencing
Hide details for Luis Armando Celaya-LopezLuis Armando Celaya-Lopez
02/09/201609:30 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:15-cr-01450-01-RCC-JRSentencing
Hide details for Luis Everado Hernandez-RomeroLuis Everado Hernandez-Romero
02/08/201610:00 AMHonorable G Murray Snow4:13-cr-00109-01-GMS-BSBFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Luis Everardo Hernandez-RomeroLuis Everardo Hernandez-Romero
02/08/201610:00 AMHonorable G Murray Snow2:15-cr-01456-01-GMSSentencing
Hide details for Luis Hector Samaniego-QuijadaLuis Hector Samaniego-Quijada
02/11/201609:00 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:15-cr-01911-01-RCC-JRSentencing
Hide details for Luis Ivan Cruz-RomeroLuis Ivan Cruz-Romero
02/08/201610:30 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-mj-01466-03--BGMDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Lynard HighLynard High
02/11/201609:30 AMHonorable Eric J Markovich4:16-cr-00212-01-JAS-EJMMotion Hearing re: Modify Cond. of Release
Hide details for Lyon v. Bank of America Corporation et alLyon v. Bank of America Corporation et al
02/08/201604:00 PMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:15-cv-01283-SRBScheduling Conference
Hide details for Magda Leticia MoralesMagda Leticia Morales
02/08/201610:15 AMHonorable David C Bury4:14-cr-02186-01-DCB-BPVSentencing
Hide details for Mandi O'DriscollMandi O'Driscoll
02/10/201610:00 AMHonorable Deborah M FineF370823-285, -00289 and 278/A81/A91Initial Appearance
Hide details for Manuel Alfonso Cazarez-LeyvaManuel Alfonso Cazarez-Leyva
02/10/201609:00 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:15-cr-02021-01-RCC-BGMSentencing
Hide details for Manuel Dejesus Barrera Santos-VasquezManuel Dejesus Barrera Santos-Vasquez
02/05/201609:30 AMHonorable James A Soto2:14-cr-00340-01-JAS-LABFinal Disposition Hearing
02/05/201609:30 AMHonorable James A Soto4:15-cr-01274-01-JAS-LABSentencing
Hide details for Manuel Gustavo Laborin-MagallanesManuel Gustavo Laborin-Magallanes
02/05/201611:00 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-cr-00148-01-RM-LABArraignmt
Hide details for Manuel Sanchez-Perez (allow 45 minutes)Manuel Sanchez-Perez (allow 45 minutes)
02/05/201610:30 AMHonorable Bridget S Bade2:15-cr-01046-01-DJHAdmit/Deny Hearing
02/05/201610:30 AMHonorable Bridget S Bade2:15-mj-06604-01-DKDChange of Plea Hearing
02/08/201611:30 AMHonorable Bridget S Bade2:15-cr-01046-01-DJHAdmit/Deny Hearing
02/08/201611:30 AMHonorable Bridget S Bade2:15-mj-06604-01-DKDChange of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Manuel Zuniga-MendozaManuel Zuniga-Mendoza
02/05/201609:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:16-mj-07028-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
02/12/201610:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:16-mj-07028-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Marbin Francisco Gutierrez-MarroquinMarbin Francisco Gutierrez-Marroquin
02/05/201611:00 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-cr-00138-01-RM-LABArraignmt
Hide details for Marco Antonio Mendoza-MoralesMarco Antonio Mendoza-Morales
02/08/201610:00 AMHonorable Steven P Logan2:15-cr-01292-01-SPLSentencing
Hide details for Marcos Diaz-FigueroaMarcos Diaz-Figueroa
02/08/201609:30 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-mj-04226-02Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Marcos Romero ContrerasMarcos Romero Contreras
02/08/201609:30 AMHonorable Neil V Wake2:15-cr-01421-01-NVWSentencing
Hide details for Marcus Lee LusterMarcus Lee Luster
02/08/201601:30 PMHonorable Raner C Collins4:12-cr-02521-01-RCC-DTFStatus Conference
Hide details for Maria Cruz Carrillo-RamosMaria Cruz Carrillo-Ramos
02/08/201609:15 AMHonorable Douglas L Rayes2:15-cr-01473-01-DLRSentencing
Hide details for Maria Del Rosio GonzalezMaria Del Rosio Gonzalez
02/09/201602:00 PMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-cr-01323-01-RM-BGMChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Maria Idali GallegoMaria Idali Gallego
02/09/201609:15 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:15-cr-01701-01-CKJ-BPVSentencing
Hide details for Mariano Soto-SalazarMariano Soto-Salazar
02/08/201609:30 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-mj-04229-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Mario Alberto Lopez MirandaMario Alberto Lopez Miranda
02/09/201604:00 PMHonorable Michelle H Burns2:16-mj-00031-01-MHB
Change of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Mario Rafael Maldonado-LeonMario Rafael Maldonado-Leon
02/09/201609:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:16-mj-04248-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Mark Benally, Jr.Mark Benally, Jr.
02/08/201602:30 PMHonorable David G Campbell3:15-cr-08168-01-DGCSentencing
Hide details for Marshall JoeMarshall Joe
02/10/201610:15 AMHonorable John Z Boyle3:09-cr-08122-01-GMSAdmit/Deny Hearing
Hide details for Martha Georgina Padilla-LopezMartha Georgina Padilla-Lopez
02/05/201610:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:16-mj-04261-01--BGMDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Martimiano E PlasencioMartimiano E Plasencio
02/11/201610:20 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:04-cr-00670-01-JGZ-BPVFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Martin Lucio-De LeonMartin Lucio-De Leon
02/11/201609:30 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-mj-01460-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Martinez Jason GishieMartinez Jason Gishie
02/08/201609:30 AMHonorable G Murray Snow2:15-cr-00741-01-GMSSentencing
Hide details for Mary Arica J BoystonMary Arica J Boyston
02/05/201611:00 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-cr-00149-01-JAS-CRPArraignmt
Hide details for Mauro Faustino Nevares-DuranMauro Faustino Nevares-Duran
02/11/201609:30 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-mj-01462-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for McGuire et al v. Farm Bureau Property & Casualty Insurance Company et alMcGuire et al v. Farm Bureau Property & Casualty Insurance Company et al
02/12/201609:30 AMHonorable G Murray Snow2:15-cv-02667-GMSScheduling Conference
Hide details for Melendres, et al. v. Arpaio, et alMelendres, et al. v. Arpaio, et al
02/08/201603:00 PMHonorable G Murray Snow2:07-cv-02513-GMSIn-Court Hearing
Hide details for Micah S BennettMicah S Bennett
02/10/201609:20 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:15-cr-00880-02-RCC-JRSentencing
Hide details for Michael Bowden-RomeroMichael Bowden-Romero
02/08/201609:30 AMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:15-cr-01013-01-SRBSentencing
Hide details for Michael Francis RobertsonMichael Francis Robertson
02/10/201609:15 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:09-cr-00330-01-CKJ-BPVDisposition Hrg - S/R
Hide details for Miguel Angel Herrera-BravoMiguel Angel Herrera-Bravo
02/05/201609:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:16-mj-10096-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Miguel Angel Herrera-GuzmanMiguel Angel Herrera-Guzman
02/08/201610:30 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:15-cr-01401-01-JGZ-JRPretrial Status Conference
Hide details for Miguel Angel Zamarron-ReyesMiguel Angel Zamarron-Reyes
02/05/201611:00 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-cr-00136-01-JAS-DTFArraignmt
Hide details for Miguel Hernandez-RodriguezMiguel Hernandez-Rodriguez
02/11/201609:30 AMHonorable Eileen S Willett2:16-cr-00073-01-DLRChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Miguel Martinez-RiosMiguel Martinez-Rios
02/09/201610:00 AMHonorable D Thomas Ferraro4:15-cr-50226-01-RCC-DTFAdmit/Deny - SR Viol
Hide details for Miguel Mendivil-GastelumMiguel Mendivil-Gastelum
02/08/201611:00 AMHonorable Steven P Logan2:15-cr-00606-02-SPLStatus Hearing
Hide details for Miguel Perez-MezaMiguel Perez-Meza
02/05/201603:00 PMHonorable Michelle H Burns2:15-cr-01603-01-GMSChange of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Miller v. TriWest Healthcare Alliance CorporationMiller v. TriWest Healthcare Alliance Corporation
02/05/201610:15 AMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:15-cv-02107-SRBScheduling Conference
Hide details for Misael Palacio-AudeloMisael Palacio-Audelo
02/10/201611:20 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:16-cr-00032-02-RM-BGMChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Misdemeanor Initial Appearances Misdemeanor Initial Appearances
02/05/201611:00 AMHonorable James F Metcalf AC/Plea/Sent
02/08/201611:00 AMHonorable James F Metcalf AC/Plea/Sent
02/09/201611:00 AMHonorable James F Metcalf AC/Plea/Sent
02/10/201611:00 AMHonorable James F Metcalf AC/Plea/Sent
02/11/201611:00 AMHonorable James F Metcalf AC/Plea/Sent
02/12/201603:30 PMHonorable James F Metcalf AC/Plea/Sent
Hide details for Mitchell ClawsonMitchell Clawson
02/11/201601:30 PMHonorable Steven P Logan2:15-cr-01374-01-SPLChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Mosley v. Downright Manager LLC et alMosley v. Downright Manager LLC et al
02/10/201609:00 AMHonorable David K Duncan2:15-cv-02275-DKDScheduling Conference
Hide details for Murray et al v. Blue Cottage Consulting Incorporated et alMurray et al v. Blue Cottage Consulting Incorporated et al
02/08/201603:00 PMHonorable Stephen M McNamee2:15-cv-02077-SMMMotion Hearing
Hide details for Nalani EspumaNalani Espuma
02/09/201609:40 AMHonorable Rosemary Márquez4:15-cr-00596-01-RM-CRPSentencing
Hide details for Nathaniel GormanNathaniel Gorman
02/05/201610:00 AMHonorable Deborah M Fine15-4123PO-DMF-00Initial Appearance
Hide details for Nathaniel Michael ManygoatsNathaniel Michael Manygoats
02/08/201603:30 PMHonorable Neil V Wake3:13-cr-08194-01-NVWSentencing
Hide details for Nestor Daniel Torres-RuizNestor Daniel Torres-Ruiz
02/12/201609:30 AMHonorable Raner C Collins2:14-cr-00905-01-RCC-LABFinal Disposition Hearing
02/12/201609:30 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:15-cr-01656-01-RCC-LABSentencing
Hide details for Nestor Salas-RebolloNestor Salas-Rebollo
02/08/201610:30 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-mj-01466-02--BGMDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Nielsen v. Moore et alNielsen v. Moore et al
02/10/201602:00 PMHonorable John Z Boyle2:15-cv-00681-JZBMotion Hearing re: Motion for Default Judgment, Doc. 17
02/09/201601:00 PMHonorable James F Metcalf
02/05/2016Honorable D Thomas Ferraro
02/12/201609:00 AMHonorable James F Metcalf
Hide details for Noe Raul Martinez-LaborinNoe Raul Martinez-Laborin
02/05/201610:30 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:15-cr-02134-01-CKJ-CRPChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Noe SagahonNoe Sagahon
02/11/201610:00 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:15-cr-01442-01-JGZ-BGMSentencing
Hide details for Noel Guido-SilvaNoel Guido-Silva
02/05/201611:00 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-cr-00140-01-CKJ-JRArraignmt
Hide details for Nohe Rojas-OsorioNohe Rojas-Osorio
02/11/201608:50 AMHonorable James A Soto4:15-cr-01254-01-JAS-LABSentencing
02/11/201608:50 AMHonorable James A Soto4:15-cr-50148-01-JAS-LABFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Noriel Ivan Medina-CardenasNoriel Ivan Medina-Cardenas
02/11/201609:30 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-mj-01461-04Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Norman v. USAA Federal Savings BankNorman v. USAA Federal Savings Bank
02/05/201610:00 AMHonorable Roslyn O Silver2:15-cv-02241-ROSScheduling Conference
Hide details for Obed Martinez-LopezObed Martinez-Lopez
02/11/201610:00 AMHonorable John Z Boyle2:15-cr-01188-01-DGCChange of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Omar David Gonzalez-QuezadaOmar David Gonzalez-Quezada
02/08/201601:30 PMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-cr-02114-01-RM-BGMChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Onry Noel Navarro-ZunigaOnry Noel Navarro-Zuniga
02/09/201603:15 PMHonorable D Thomas Ferraro4:16-cr-00008-01-CKJ-DTFChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Origami Owl LLC v. Mayo et alOrigami Owl LLC v. Mayo et al
02/10/201604:30 PMHonorable David G Campbell2:15-cv-00110-DGCStatus Conference
Hide details for Oscar Alonso Medina-ReynagaOscar Alonso Medina-Reynaga
02/09/201610:00 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson2:14-cr-01102-01-CKJ-JRDisposition Hrg - S/R
02/09/201610:00 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:15-cr-00714-01-CKJ-JRSentencing
Hide details for Oscar Amador-VelascoOscar Amador-Velasco
02/08/201609:45 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:15-cr-02108-01-CKJ-CRPSentencing
Hide details for Pamela Pauline Jones Pamela Pauline Jones
02/08/201611:00 AMHonorable Bridget S Bade3:14-cr-08228-01-ESWFlagstaff VTC-Initial Appearance on Supervised Release Violation
Hide details for Patricia Espino RosalesPatricia Espino Rosales
02/08/201611:00 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:14-cr-01420-03-JGZ-BPVSentencing
Hide details for Paul Frank ZaragozaPaul Frank Zaragoza
02/11/201610:00 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:06-cr-01913-02-FRZ-JRAdmit/Deny Hearing Re: S/R Vio
Hide details for Pedro Castro-LagardaPedro Castro-Lagarda
02/09/201609:30 AMHonorable Eileen S Willett2:15-mj-09503-01-ESWMisdemeanor Plea Hearing and Sentencing
Hide details for Pedro Martinez-MedinaPedro Martinez-Medina
02/08/201610:30 AMHonorable Steven P Logan2:15-cr-01551-01-SPLSentencing
Hide details for Pedro Miguel Malagon-MalagonPedro Miguel Malagon-Malagon
02/09/201609:00 AMHonorable Deborah M Fine3:16-mj-04027-01-DMFDetention Hearing
Hide details for Philip Kevin ClarkPhilip Kevin Clark
02/05/201610:00 AMHonorable Eileen S Willett2:15-cr-00379-00-SRBPretrial Release Revocation Hearing
02/12/201610:30 AMHonorable Eileen S Willett2:15-cr-00379-00-SRBPretrial Release Revocation Hearing
Hide details for Phillip Leroy GlanderPhillip Leroy Glander
02/08/201601:30 PMHonorable Stephen M McNamee3:15-cr-08160-01-SMMChange Of Plea Hearing
02/08/201601:30 PMHonorable Stephen M McNamee3:94-cr-00273-01-SMMAdmit/Deny Hearing
Hide details for Plotts v. Chester Cycles LLC et alPlotts v. Chester Cycles LLC et al
02/05/201603:00 PMHonorable G Murray Snow2:14-cv-00428-GMSOral Argument
Hide details for Price v. Arizona, State of et alPrice v. Arizona, State of et al
02/08/201604:30 PMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:15-cv-02602-DKDOrder to Show Cause Hearing
Hide details for Prince Anthony James KellyPrince Anthony James Kelly
02/05/201610:00 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:15-cr-01632-01-RM-JRMotion to Suppress Statements [35]
and Motion to Suppress Identification Evidence [36]
02/10/201609:00 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:15-cr-01632-01-RM-JRMotion to Suppress Statements [35]
and Motion to Suppress Identification Evidence [36]
Hide details for Principal Life Insurance Company v. ZakiPrincipal Life Insurance Company v. Zaki
02/10/201602:00 PMHonorable Stephen M McNamee2:15-cv-01337-SMMScheduling Conference
Hide details for Puente Arizona et al v. Arpaio et alPuente Arizona et al v. Arpaio et al
02/09/201601:00 PMHonorable David G Campbell2:14-cv-01356-DGCTelephonic Conference
Hide details for Rafael Carrera-FloresRafael Carrera-Flores
02/08/201611:00 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:15-cr-01514-00-JGZ-BPVChange of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Ramiro Perez-RamosRamiro Perez-Ramos
02/11/201610:00 AMHonorable David K Duncan2:16-mj-00006-01-MHBChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Ramon Guerrero Lopez CarrilloRamon Guerrero Lopez Carrillo
02/11/201602:00 PMHonorable John Z Boyle2:15-mj-08556-01-JZB
Change of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Ramon Narciso Garcia-HigueraRamon Narciso Garcia-Higuera
02/05/201609:10 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:15-cr-02329-00-JGZ-JRChange of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Ramon Salas-ContrerasRamon Salas-Contreras
02/05/201611:00 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-cr-00145-01-RM-BGMArraignmt
Hide details for Ramona Lizette Olivarria-EsquerRamona Lizette Olivarria-Esquer
02/10/201609:00 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:13-cr-02254-01-CKJ-BGMDisposition Hrg - S/R
02/10/201609:00 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:15-cr-01516-01-CKJ-BGMSentencing
Hide details for Raul Antonio Garcia-ValenciaRaul Antonio Garcia-Valencia
02/08/201609:30 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-mj-04224-04Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Raul FloresRaul Flores
02/08/201604:00 PMHonorable Douglas L Rayes2:15-cr-00578-02-DLRSentencing
Hide details for Ray ManygoatsRay Manygoats
02/08/201601:30 PMHonorable G Murray Snow3:15-cr-08126-02-GMSSentencing
Hide details for Reed Raymond LeeReed Raymond Lee
02/11/201610:00 AMHonorable Deborah M Fine3:16-cr-08015-01-DMFStatus Conference
Hide details for Refugio Rodriguez ZepedaRefugio Rodriguez Zepeda
02/11/201601:30 PMHonorable David K Duncan2:15-cr-01610-00-DGCUS Probation Office presentence interview
Hide details for Rene Enrique Portillo-HernandezRene Enrique Portillo-Hernandez
02/11/201609:30 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-mj-01456-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
02/05/201610:00 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman
Hide details for Ricardo Castro-AcostaRicardo Castro-Acosta
02/08/201603:00 PMHonorable David G Campbell2:15-cr-01226-01-DGCChange of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Ricardo Ramirez-SotoRicardo Ramirez-Soto
02/08/201610:45 AMHonorable Douglas L Rayes2:15-cr-01462-01-DLRSentencing
Hide details for Rigoberto Zelaya-RodasRigoberto Zelaya-Rodas
02/10/201609:50 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-cr-02116-01-RM-BGMChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Rito Fabian Duran-MendozaRito Fabian Duran-Mendoza
02/08/201609:10 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:12-cr-02350-01-RCC-BPVFinal Disposition Hearing
02/08/201609:10 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:15-cr-00607-01-RCC-BPVSentencing
Hide details for Robert Bradford GoffRobert Bradford Goff
02/11/201610:00 AMHonorable Deborah M Fine3:16-mj-04030-01-DMFPreliminary Hearing
Hide details for Robert Merle FrederickRobert Merle Frederick
02/11/201609:20 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:15-cr-00948-02-JGZ-DTFSentencing
Hide details for Roberto Espinoza-NajeraRoberto Espinoza-Najera
02/10/201608:30 AMHonorable James A Soto4:15-cr-01315-01-JAS-BGMSentencing
Hide details for Roberto Sanchez-VegaRoberto Sanchez-Vega
02/08/201610:30 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-mj-01463-01--EJMDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Roberto Unda-CueteroRoberto Unda-Cuetero
02/11/201611:00 AMHonorable David K Duncan2:15-mj-09527-01-ESWChange Of Plea Hearing
02/11/201611:00 AMHonorable David K Duncan2:16-cr-50016-01-SRBAdmit/Deny Hearing
Hide details for Rocio Trujillo-OsunaRocio Trujillo-Osuna
02/08/201609:30 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-mj-04222-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Rodney Troy SchiszikRodney Troy Schiszik
02/11/201610:00 AMHonorable Deborah M Fine3:15-po-04347-01-DMFStatus Conference
Hide details for Rodolfo Frisby-RuizRodolfo Frisby-Ruiz
02/10/201609:30 AMHonorable Frank R Zapata4:15-cr-01617-01-FRZ-JRSentencing
Hide details for Rodolfo Raygoza-TiznadoRodolfo Raygoza-Tiznado
02/05/201609:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:15-cr-02033-01-JAS-LABChange Of Plea Hearing
02/05/201609:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:15-cr-50219-01-JAS-LABAdmit/Deny Hearing S/R
Hide details for Ronaldo Garde-CienfuegosRonaldo Garde-Cienfuegos
02/08/201609:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-cr-01660-01-JAS-BGMChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Rony Alexander Aguilar-ZunigaRony Alexander Aguilar-Zuniga
02/08/201609:30 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-mj-04228-03Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Rosario Manuel Lopez-DominguezRosario Manuel Lopez-Dominguez
02/11/201609:10 AMHonorable James A Soto4:15-cr-01523-02-JAS-JRSentencing
Hide details for Salvador Lozano MaldonadoSalvador Lozano Maldonado
02/08/201609:45 AMHonorable John J Tuchi2:15-cr-50046-01-JJTFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Samuel Bays-ValdezSamuel Bays-Valdez
02/05/201611:00 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:11-cr-03597-01-RCC-LABAdmit/Deny Hearing S/R
Hide details for Samuel Perez-DiazSamuel Perez-Diaz
02/08/201609:30 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-mj-04233-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Sau Martinez ZunigaSau Martinez Zuniga
02/08/201611:00 AMHonorable Douglas L Rayes2:15-cr-01461-01-DLRSentencing
Hide details for Saul Ivan Gutierrez-JuarezSaul Ivan Gutierrez-Juarez
02/05/201602:00 PMHonorable Michelle H Burns2:16-mj-00023-01-MHBMisdemeanor Change of Plea and Sentencing Hearing
Hide details for Saul Portillo-MongeSaul Portillo-Monge
02/10/201609:30 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-mj-04259-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
02/05/201610:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco
Hide details for Sepulveda v. A-1 Planet Recycling Incorporated et alSepulveda v. A-1 Planet Recycling Incorporated et al
02/08/201609:30 AMHonorable John A Buttrick2:15-cv-01315-ROSSettlement Conference
Hide details for Sergio Ildefonso Rodriguez-RiveraSergio Ildefonso Rodriguez-Rivera
02/12/201609:15 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson2:14-cr-00767-01-CKJ-EJMDisposition Hrg - S/R
02/12/201609:15 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:15-cr-01732-01-CKJ-EJMSentencing
Hide details for Sergio Jesus Clemente-HernandezSergio Jesus Clemente-Hernandez
02/08/201610:30 AMHonorable Neil V Wake2:15-cr-01451-01-NVWSentencing
Hide details for Sergio Osvaldo Galeano-LarreynagaSergio Osvaldo Galeano-Larreynaga
02/10/201610:30 AMHonorable Diane J Humetewa2:15-cr-01206-01-DJHSentencing
02/10/201610:30 AMHonorable Diane J Humetewa2:15-cr-50158-01-DJHFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Sierra Lynn HavierSierra Lynn Havier
02/08/201609:30 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:15-cr-01950-01-JAS-JRChange of Plea Hearing; and
Admit/Deny Hearing Re: Pretrial Rls Vio
Hide details for Silbestre Lares-ZazuetaSilbestre Lares-Zazueta
02/09/201610:00 AMHonorable Eileen S Willett2:15-mj-01968-01-JFMChange Of Plea Hearing
02/05/201601:30 PMHonorable Charles R Pyle
02/08/201601:30 PMHonorable D Thomas Ferraro
02/09/201601:30 PMHonorable D Thomas Ferraro
02/10/201601:30 PMHonorable D Thomas Ferraro
02/11/201601:30 PMHonorable D Thomas Ferraro
02/12/201601:30 PMHonorable D Thomas Ferraro
Hide details for Starr Indemnity & Liability Company et al v. Rolls-Royce Corporation et alStarr Indemnity & Liability Company et al v. Rolls-Royce Corporation et al
02/08/201601:30 PMHonorable Rosemary Márquez4:14-cv-02594-RMMotion Hearing
Hide details for Starr Indemnity & Liability Company v. Steam Generation CorporationStarr Indemnity & Liability Company v. Steam Generation Corporation
02/08/201602:00 PMHonorable Stephen M McNamee2:12-cv-01194-SMMStatus Conference
Hide details for Stephani CutcliffeStephani Cutcliffe
02/10/201609:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-04626-01-N/A-BGMRE SENTENCING
Hide details for Stephanie AlmanzaStephanie Almanza
02/05/201611:00 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:13-cr-01871-01-JGZ-BPVFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Steven Gabriel NorthSteven Gabriel North
02/10/201609:10 AMHonorable James A Soto4:15-cr-00266-01-JAS-BPVSentencing
Hide details for Tania Guadalupe Sandoval-VasquezTania Guadalupe Sandoval-Vasquez
02/08/201610:20 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-cr-01576-01-JAS-BGMChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Tanya Raelene SbaboTanya Raelene Sbabo
02/09/201610:00 AMHonorable Deborah M Fine3:16-cr-08011-01-DMFStatus Conference
Hide details for Ted Allen KohrTed Allen Kohr
02/08/201601:30 PMHonorable Roslyn O Silver2:02-cr-01236-01-ROSFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Teresa Anai MartinezTeresa Anai Martinez
02/09/201603:00 PMHonorable D Thomas Ferraro4:14-cr-01458-01-RCC-DTFChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Theodore KootswatewaTheodore Kootswatewa
02/10/201601:30 PMHonorable Douglas L Rayes3:15-cr-08034-01-DLRDaubert Hearing
Hide details for Timothy Neil LuzTimothy Neil Luz
02/08/201611:00 AMHonorable G Murray Snow2:10-cr-00859-01-GMSFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Tresona Multimedia LLC v. Copycat Music Licensing LLC et alTresona Multimedia LLC v. Copycat Music Licensing LLC et al
02/10/201604:00 PMHonorable David G Campbell2:15-cv-01494-DGCMotion Hearing
Hide details for Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association Incorporated et al v. Mitsubishi International Corporation eTri-State Generation and Transmission Association Incorporated et al v. Mitsubishi International Corporation et al
02/12/201610:30 AMHonorable Neil V Wake3:14-cv-08115-NVWStatus Conference
Hide details for Ubaldo Garcia-SalinasUbaldo Garcia-Salinas
02/05/201611:00 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-cr-00131-01-JGZ-DTFArraignmt
Hide details for United States of America v. Colorado City, Town of et alUnited States of America v. Colorado City, Town of et al
02/08/201609:00 AMHonorable H Russel Holland3:12-cv-08123-HRHJury Trial-Day 12
02/09/201609:00 AMHonorable H Russel Holland3:12-cv-08123-HRHJury Trial-Day 13
02/10/201609:00 AMHonorable H Russel Holland3:12-cv-08123-HRHJury Trial-Day 14
02/11/201609:00 AMHonorable H Russel Holland3:12-cv-08123-HRHJury Trial-Day 15
Hide details for Valentin  Flores-LoaizaValentin Flores-Loaiza
02/10/201610:00 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:16-mj-10084-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Valentin  Perez-RochinValentin Perez-Rochin
02/08/201609:30 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-mj-10110-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Vawter v. Obama Administration et alVawter v. Obama Administration et al
02/08/201604:30 PMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:15-cv-02517-DKDOrder to Show Cause Hearing
Hide details for Venard v. Phoenix, City ofVenard v. Phoenix, City of
02/08/201603:45 PMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:15-cv-02396-SRBScheduling Conference
Hide details for Veronica Elizabeth TeranVeronica Elizabeth Teran
02/10/201609:10 AMHonorable Frank R Zapata4:04-cr-02336-01-FRZ-BGMSentencing
Hide details for Veronica Rosaria TrujilloVeronica Rosaria Trujillo
02/09/201609:30 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:13-cr-01644-01-CKJ-CRPDisposition Hrg - S/R
Hide details for Victor Mada-FimbresVictor Mada-Fimbres
02/05/201609:45 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-mj-01455-01-N/A-CRPStatus Conference re Mat Wit Depos
Hide details for Victor Manuel Gomez-CervantesVictor Manuel Gomez-Cervantes
02/09/201610:40 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:15-cr-01763-01-JGZ-BGMSentencing
02/09/201610:40 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:15-cr-50185-01-JGZ-BGMFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Victor Manuel LugoVictor Manuel Lugo
02/08/201609:30 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:15-cr-01032-01-CKJ-LABSentencing
Hide details for Victor Manuel Zuniga-TorresVictor Manuel Zuniga-Torres
02/08/201610:00 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:08-cr-01552-01-DCB-BGMAdmit/Deny Hearing
02/08/201610:00 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-cr-01600-01-DCB-BGMChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Victorio Kaye JaimezVictorio Kaye Jaimez
02/09/201601:30 PMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:09-cr-01549-01-RCC-BPVAdmit/Deny Hearing
Hide details for Vigbain Chaparro-HigueraVigbain Chaparro-Higuera
02/11/201609:30 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-mj-01459-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Walter Alejandro Aguilar-AguilarWalter Alejandro Aguilar-Aguilar
02/08/201609:30 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-mj-04228-02Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Wayne v. Sullivan Investments Incorporated et alWayne v. Sullivan Investments Incorporated et al
02/11/201604:30 PMHonorable David G Campbell2:15-cv-01473-DGCScheduling Conference
Hide details for Whitmore v. Remedy Temporary Services IncorporatedWhitmore v. Remedy Temporary Services Incorporated
02/05/201610:30 AMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:15-cv-02161-SRBScheduling Conference
Hide details for Wolfe v. State Farm Mutual Auto Insurance Company et alWolfe v. State Farm Mutual Auto Insurance Company et al
02/05/201610:00 AMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:15-cv-02150-SRBScheduling Conference
Hide details for Wynona MixonWynona Mixon
02/05/201609:00 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:14-cr-00631-01-JGZ-LABJury Trial Day Fourteen (deliberations)
02/09/201609:00 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:14-cr-00631-01-JGZ-LABJury Trial Day Fifeen (deliberations)
Hide details for Yolanda Aguilar-CortesYolanda Aguilar-Cortes
02/08/201609:30 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-mj-04220-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Yoni Antonio Linares-AguilarYoni Antonio Linares-Aguilar
02/05/201611:00 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:16-cr-00129-01-RM-CRPArraignmt
Hide details for Zowine v. Prussin et alZowine v. Prussin et al
02/05/201602:00 PMHonorable G Murray Snow2:14-cv-00892-GMSMotion Hearing
Hide details for Zulma Yadira Chalin-MateoZulma Yadira Chalin-Mateo
02/10/201610:30 AMHonorable David K Duncan2:16-mj-08005-01-JZBChange Of Plea Hearing

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