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Hide details for Aaron C EleandoAaron C Eleando
05/02/201610:00 AMHonorable D Thomas Ferraro4:09-cr-00795-01-RCC-DTFAdmit/Deny - SR Viol
Hide details for Aaron Darroll AntoneAaron Darroll Antone
04/29/201611:00 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:16-cr-00688-01-CKJ-JRArraignmt
Hide details for Abraham BustamanteAbraham Bustamante
05/04/201601:30 PMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:16-cr-00478-14-JGZ-LABMotion Hearing
Hide details for Abundio Espinoza-VizcarraAbundio Espinoza-Vizcarra
04/29/201611:00 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:16-cr-00723-01-CKJ-EJMArraignmt
Hide details for Alberto Ramirez-HuertaAlberto Ramirez-Huerta
04/29/201611:00 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:15-cr-01797-01-JGZ-CRPSentencing
Hide details for Alejandro AguirreAlejandro Aguirre
04/29/201611:00 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:16-cr-00747-01-CKJ-BPVArraignmt
Hide details for Alejandro GomezAlejandro Gomez
04/29/201611:00 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:16-cr-00745-01-RM-BPVArraignmt
Hide details for Alejandro Heriberto Hernandez-MontoyaAlejandro Heriberto Hernandez-Montoya
05/04/201609:20 AMHonorable James A Soto4:16-cr-00070-01-JAS-DTFSentencing
Hide details for Alejandro Hernandez-FigueroaAlejandro Hernandez-Figueroa
04/29/201611:00 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:16-cr-00756-01-JGZ-EJMArraignmt
Hide details for Alejandro Rebolledo-RamirezAlejandro Rebolledo-Ramirez
05/03/201610:30 AMHonorable Eric J Markovich4:16-cr-00345-01-JGZ-EJMChange of Plea Hearing
05/03/201610:30 AMHonorable Eric J Markovich4:16-cr-50053-01-JGZ-EJMAdmit/Deny Hearing - S/R Vio
Hide details for Alejandro Tello-GarciaAlejandro Tello-Garcia
05/04/201611:20 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:15-cr-01940-01-JGZ-CRPSentencing
Hide details for Alexander Vega-RamirezAlexander Vega-Ramirez
05/05/201610:20 AMHonorable James A Soto4:15-cr-02311-01-JAS-DTFSentencing
Hide details for Alexis Antonio Gonzalez-BreveAlexis Antonio Gonzalez-Breve
05/04/201610:30 AMHonorable Rosemary Márquez4:15-cr-02075-01-RM-BGMSentencing
Hide details for Alfredo Guerrero-HuertaAlfredo Guerrero-Huerta
05/03/201611:20 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:15-cr-02046-02-JGZ-CRPSentencing
Hide details for Alo et al v. Anthem Senior Living LLC et alAlo et al v. Anthem Senior Living LLC et al
04/29/201609:30 AMHonorable Bridget S Bade2:15-cv-02207-JWSSettlement Conference
Hide details for Alvaro Rubio BeltranAlvaro Rubio Beltran
05/04/201601:30 PMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:16-cr-00478-16-JGZ-LABMotion Hearing
Hide details for Amber Evelin CardenasAmber Evelin Cardenas
04/29/201609:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:16-mj-01661-01Preliminary Hearing or Plea to Ct 2
Hide details for Andrei Rene GarciaAndrei Rene Garcia
05/04/201601:30 PMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:16-cr-00478-17-JGZ-LABMotion Hearing
Hide details for Andres Leon-RedondoAndres Leon-Redondo
05/04/201609:30 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:15-cr-01663-01-CKJ-BGMStatus Conference
Hide details for Andres Rodriguez-LunaAndres Rodriguez-Luna
04/29/201611:00 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:16-cr-00611-01-RM-JRArraignmt
Hide details for Anthony CardenasAnthony Cardenas
05/03/201602:40 PMHonorable James A Soto4:15-cr-02065-01-JAS-BPVSentencing
Hide details for Anthony Cosen, Jr.Anthony Cosen, Jr.
05/02/201611:00 AMHonorable Neil V Wake2:15-cr-00829-02-NVWSentencing
Hide details for Antonio De Luna-MercadoAntonio De Luna-Mercado
05/03/201609:45 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:15-cr-01802-01-CKJ-BPVSentencing
Hide details for Aramark Sports and Entertainment Services LLC v. Carey et alAramark Sports and Entertainment Services LLC v. Carey et al
05/02/201610:00 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:16-cv-00182-JGZStatus Conference
Hide details for Ariana Elizabeth HaroAriana Elizabeth Haro
04/29/201611:00 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:16-cr-00750-02-JAS-DTFArraignmt
Hide details for Arlando Charles AllenArlando Charles Allen
04/29/201601:15 PMHonorable Michelle H Burns2:12-cr-00682-02-NVWContinuation of Detention Hearing
Hide details for Arlene AguilarArlene Aguilar
05/02/201610:45 AMHonorable John J Tuchi2:15-cr-01286-01-JJTSentencing
Hide details for Arnold Thomas Hogan IiiArnold Thomas Hogan Iii
05/04/201609:10 AMHonorable Frank R Zapata4:09-cr-02619-02-FRZ-JRFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Arnoldo De Jesus Monroy-GonzalezArnoldo De Jesus Monroy-Gonzalez
05/03/201611:40 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:15-cr-00172-01-JGZ-DTFSentencing
04/29/201611:00 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau
05/06/201611:00 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco
Hide details for Atem v. City of Phoenix Police Department et alAtem v. City of Phoenix Police Department et al
05/02/201604:30 PMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:16-cv-00353-JZBOrder to Show Cause Hearing
05/02/201610:00 AMHonorable Susan R Bolton
05/04/201608:55 AMHonorable Frank R Zapata Sponsor: Jessica Ross
Hide details for Audilberto Rosales-SanchezAudilberto Rosales-Sanchez
04/29/201601:50 PMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:16-mj-04358-01-N/A-BGMChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Avila v. LifeLock Incorporated et alAvila v. LifeLock Incorporated et al
05/02/201610:00 AMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:15-cv-01398-SRBMotion Hearing
Hide details for Avimael Ignacio-CandelarioAvimael Ignacio-Candelario
05/02/201602:45 PMHonorable G Murray Snow2:16-cr-00208-01-GMSSentencing
Hide details for Bayron Clemente Estrada-CanalesBayron Clemente Estrada-Canales
05/02/201609:30 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:16-mj-10440-01-N/A-DTFDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Benjamin HaudleyBenjamin Haudley
05/02/201609:30 AMHonorable Deborah M Fine3:16-cr-08067-02-JJTDetention Hearing
Hide details for Benson JimmyBenson Jimmy
05/04/201610:00 AMHonorable James A Teilborg3:09-cr-08082-01-JATFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Bernadine Bernice RomeroBernadine Bernice Romero
05/04/201610:00 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:14-cr-00755-01-CKJ-BGMSentencing
Hide details for Billy Eugene MeltonBilly Eugene Melton
05/04/201610:15 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:16-mj-03004-01--EJMDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Blaylock v. Chinese Central GovernmentBlaylock v. Chinese Central Government
05/02/201604:30 PMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:16-cv-00649-MHBOrder to Show Cause Hearing
Hide details for Blayne Douglas Wayne De-LongBlayne Douglas Wayne De-Long
05/02/201609:20 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:16-cr-00124-01-JGZ-BPVStatus Conference
Hide details for Brent Marquize LeeBrent Marquize Lee
05/02/201611:00 AMHonorable Roslyn O Silver2:12-cr-50023-01-ROSFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Briana E Moreno-AguilarBriana E Moreno-Aguilar
05/04/201601:30 PMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:16-cr-00478-07-JGZ-LABMotion Hearing
Hide details for Bryan SuminimoBryan Suminimo
05/05/201601:00 PMHonorable Deborah M Fine3:16-mj-04094-01-DMFInitial Appearance
Hide details for Calixto Ismael Pineda-DominguezCalixto Ismael Pineda-Dominguez
04/29/201610:00 AMHonorable James F Metcalf2:16-mj-01234-01-JFMPlea And Sentence
Hide details for Celena Miguel-SebastianCelena Miguel-Sebastian
05/02/201610:00 AMHonorable James F Metcalf2:16-mp-60377-01-JFMSH: IA/Plea/Sentence
Hide details for Cenobio Evaristo Santiago-SantiagoCenobio Evaristo Santiago-Santiago
04/29/201611:00 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:16-cr-00735-01-JGZ-JRArraignmt
Hide details for Cesar David ReaCesar David Rea
05/04/201610:30 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:15-cr-01531-01-CKJ-DTFSentencing
Hide details for Cesar Omar Ocano-MoralesCesar Omar Ocano-Morales
04/29/201611:00 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:16-cr-00751-01-JGZ-DTFArraignmt
Hide details for Charlene Marie HallgrenCharlene Marie Hallgren
05/06/201609:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:16-mj-03015-02-DTFDetention Hearing
Hide details for Cheatham v. ADT Corporation et alCheatham v. ADT Corporation et al
04/29/201611:00 AMHonorable David G Campbell2:15-cv-02137-DGCTelephonic Discovery Conference
Hide details for Chester Wayne WilsonChester Wayne Wilson
05/02/201609:00 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:15-cr-02231-01-CKJ-CRPGovernment's Request for Disclosure and Status Conference Requested by Defendant
Hide details for Christian LlamasChristian Llamas
05/06/201610:00 AMHonorable Diane J Humetewa2:14-cr-00865-14-DJHStatus Conference
Hide details for Christian Velasquez-CastroChristian Velasquez-Castro
05/02/201602:00 PMHonorable Diane J Humetewa2:16-cr-00187-01-DJHSentencing
Hide details for Christina Miller GonzalesChristina Miller Gonzales
04/29/201611:00 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:16-cr-00760-01-RCC-BGMArraignmt
Hide details for Christoffersen v. Malhi et alChristoffersen v. Malhi et al
05/02/201602:30 PMHonorable John J Tuchi3:16-cv-08055-JJTScheduling Conference
Hide details for Christopher Ryan MontijoChristopher Ryan Montijo
05/05/201610:30 AMHonorable Neil V Wake3:16-cr-08046-01-NVWOral Argument
Hide details for Claudia Zuniga-AguilarClaudia Zuniga-Aguilar
04/29/201611:00 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:16-cr-00755-01-RM-BPVArraignmt
Hide details for CLEAResult Consulting Incorporated v. McNNNAC Energy Services Incorporated et alCLEAResult Consulting Incorporated v. McNNNAC Energy Services Incorporated et al
05/06/201610:00 AMHonorable Roslyn O Silver2:15-cv-02313-ROSScheduling Conference
Hide details for Clement OrtizClement Ortiz
05/03/201609:30 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:15-cr-01286-01-CKJ-JRSentencing
Hide details for Clifford RichardsClifford Richards
05/06/201610:00 AMHonorable Diane J Humetewa2:14-cr-00865-10-DJHStatus Conference
Hide details for Colin Antoine LopezColin Antoine Lopez
05/02/201602:00 PMHonorable Eric J Markovich4:16-cr-00049-01-RCC-EJMChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Community Association Underwriters of America Incorporated v. Universal Metal Industries Incorporated et alCommunity Association Underwriters of America Incorporated v. Universal Metal Industries Incorporated et al
05/05/201602:30 PMHonorable Neil V Wake2:16-cv-00176-NVWScheduling Conference
04/29/201608:00 AMHonorable Michelle H Burns
05/02/201608:00 AMHonorable John Z Boyle
05/03/201608:00 AMHonorable John Z Boyle
05/04/201608:00 AMHonorable John Z Boyle
05/05/201608:00 AMHonorable John Z Boyle
05/06/201608:00 AMHonorable John Z Boyle
Hide details for CRIMINAL DUTY - Change of Plea/SentencingsCRIMINAL DUTY - Change of Plea/Sentencings
04/29/201609:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman
05/02/201609:30 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau
05/03/201609:30 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau
05/04/201609:30 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau
05/05/201609:30 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau
05/06/201609:30 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau
Hide details for CRIMINAL DUTY - FeloniesCRIMINAL DUTY - Felonies
04/29/201610:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman
05/02/201610:30 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau
05/03/201610:30 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau
05/04/201610:30 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau
05/05/201610:30 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau
05/06/201610:30 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau
Hide details for Crispin Chavez-AvilaCrispin Chavez-Avila
04/29/201611:00 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:16-cr-00742-01-RM-BGMArraignmt
Hide details for Cristobal Montor-MendezCristobal Montor-Mendez
04/29/201611:00 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:16-cr-00748-01-JAS-LABArraignmt
Hide details for Cruz Jesus Ruiz-RodriguezCruz Jesus Ruiz-Rodriguez
04/29/201609:50 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:16-cr-00319-01-JGZ-EJMChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Cruz Landeros-OlivasCruz Landeros-Olivas
05/03/201611:00 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps2:15-cr-00557-01-JGZ-LABFinal Disposition Hearing
05/03/201611:00 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:15-cr-02244-01-JGZ-LABSentencing
Hide details for Curry  et al v. Amazon.com Incorporated et alCurry et al v. Amazon.com Incorporated et al
05/05/201601:30 PMHonorable Neil V Wake2:16-cv-00007-NVWScheduling Conference
05/04/201609:00 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco
Hide details for Dale Edward BarlageDale Edward Barlage
05/02/201610:50 AMHonorable Rosemary Márquez4:16-cr-00527-01-RM-BGMMotion Hearing
Hide details for Daniel Gallego-MangeDaniel Gallego-Mange
05/02/201610:30 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:15-cr-01771-01-CKJ-JRSentencing
Hide details for Daniel Torres-ZubiaDaniel Torres-Zubia
05/04/201611:00 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:16-mj-10412-01-N/A-EJMDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Darlene Mae JohnDarlene Mae John
05/02/201602:00 PMHonorable David G Campbell2:15-cr-01020-01-DGCSentencing
Hide details for David Alan TennantDavid Alan Tennant
05/02/201610:00 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:09-cr-02174-01-CKJ-BGMDisposition Hrg - S/R
Hide details for David Castro-GomezDavid Castro-Gomez
05/02/201609:30 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:16-mj-02996-02--EJMDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for David Israel CazaresDavid Israel Cazares
05/04/201609:30 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:16-mj-03012-01-BGMPreliminary Hearing
Hide details for David Rego MartinezDavid Rego Martinez
05/02/201602:00 PMHonorable Douglas L Rayes2:14-cr-00228-01-DLRStatus Conference
Hide details for David Rodriguez-MatehualaDavid Rodriguez-Matehuala
04/29/201609:00 AMHonorable James F Metcalf2:16-mj-01250-01-JFMChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Diana Marie ArreolaDiana Marie Arreola
05/04/201601:30 PMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:16-cr-00478-11-JGZ-LABMotion Hearing
Hide details for Diaz v. Arizona, State of et alDiaz v. Arizona, State of et al
05/02/201611:00 AMHonorable Paul G Rosenblatt2:15-cv-01222-PGRScheduling Conference
Hide details for Domingo Ruiz-HernandezDomingo Ruiz-Hernandez
05/02/201610:15 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:16-23672M-01IA/Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Don L GratrixDon L Gratrix
05/02/201602:00 PMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:16-cr-00400-01-BGMStatus Conference
Hide details for Donald Oliver HamiltonDonald Oliver Hamilton
05/06/201610:00 AMHonorable Diane J Humetewa2:14-cr-00865-11-DJHStatus Conference
Hide details for Donald Wade PabloDonald Wade Pablo
05/02/201609:30 AMHonorable John J Tuchi2:15-cr-00385-01-JJTSentencing
Hide details for Douglas Dean CardwellDouglas Dean Cardwell
05/02/201601:30 PMHonorable Deborah M Fine3:16-po-04083-01-DMFStatus Conference
Hide details for Douglas v. Federal Insurance Company et alDouglas v. Federal Insurance Company et al
05/02/201601:45 PMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:16-cv-00757-SRBScheduling Conference
Hide details for Edgar AlvarezEdgar Alvarez
05/02/201611:00 AMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:15-cr-01184-01-SRBPretrial Conference
05/03/201609:00 AMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:15-cr-01184-01-SRBJury Trial [Day 1]
05/04/201609:00 AMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:15-cr-01184-01-SRBJury Trial [Day 2]
05/05/201609:00 AMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:15-cr-01184-01-SRBJury Trial [Day 3]
05/06/201609:00 AMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:15-cr-01184-01-SRBJury Trial [Day 4]
Hide details for Edgar Vega-BarrerasEdgar Vega-Barreras
05/04/201601:30 PMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:16-cr-00478-01-JGZ-LABMotion Hearing
Hide details for Eduardo Vasquez DurazoEduardo Vasquez Durazo
04/29/201611:20 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:15-cr-01868-01-JGZ-BPVMotion Hearing
Hide details for Edward SusanyatameEdward Susanyatame
04/29/201609:30 AMHonorable Deborah M Fine3:16-cr-08061-01-DGCDetention Hearing
Hide details for Eleazar Santos-VillalbaEleazar Santos-Villalba
04/29/201610:00 AMHonorable James F Metcalf2:16-mj-01260-01-JFMIA: Amended Complaint/ Plea And Sentence
Hide details for Elizabeth Rene EasterElizabeth Rene Easter
04/29/201610:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:16-mj-01651-01--BPVDetention Hearing
Hide details for Eloy Arroyo-SanchezEloy Arroyo-Sanchez
04/29/201611:00 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:16-cr-00729-01-JAS-EJMArraignmt
Hide details for Emely Yarazeth Beltran-ValenzuelaEmely Yarazeth Beltran-Valenzuela
04/29/201611:00 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:16-cr-00753-01-JGZ-DTFArraignmt
Hide details for Emilio NavarroEmilio Navarro
05/04/201601:30 PMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:16-cr-00478-08-JGZ-LABMotion Hearing
Hide details for Emilio Villegas-MartinezEmilio Villegas-Martinez
05/03/201603:20 PMHonorable James A Soto4:15-cr-01850-01-JAS-EJMSentencing
05/03/201603:20 PMHonorable James A Soto4:16-cr-50006-01-JAS-EJMFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Emmanuel Ahumada FloresEmmanuel Ahumada Flores
04/29/201602:00 PMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:16-cr-00638-01-JGZ-LABInitial Appearance / Indictment
Hide details for Enrique Gabriel PerezEnrique Gabriel Perez
04/29/201610:30 AMHonorable Eileen S Willett2:99-cr-01092-01-ROSAdmit/Deny Hearing
Hide details for Enrique Lopez-RomoEnrique Lopez-Romo
05/04/201609:20 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:15-cr-02309-01-JGZ-BPVSentencing
Hide details for Erasmo Ortiz-TorresErasmo Ortiz-Torres
04/29/201611:00 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:16-cr-00741-01-CKJ-DTFArraignmt
Hide details for Eric Brandon NorthEric Brandon North
05/06/201602:00 PMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:11-cr-01656-01-CKJ-LABDisposition Hrg
Hide details for Erick Ricardo Medina-MartinezErick Ricardo Medina-Martinez
04/29/201610:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:16-mj-03016-02-BPVDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Erik Bartholomew SalazarErik Bartholomew Salazar
05/04/201601:30 PMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:16-cr-00478-09-JGZ-LABMotion Hearing
Hide details for Ernesto Cabanas-TorresErnesto Cabanas-Torres
05/02/201602:15 PMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:16-mj-02982-01Detention/Removal Hearing
Hide details for Ernesto Felix Corral, IIIErnesto Felix Corral, III
05/02/201601:30 PMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:11-cr-02728-01-CKJ-CRPAdmit/Deny Hearing
Hide details for Esgar Alexis Avalos-EncinasEsgar Alexis Avalos-Encinas
05/03/201609:30 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:16-mj-10443-01-N/A-EJMDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Eustacio Andrade-LimonEustacio Andrade-Limon
05/06/201610:30 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:16-cr-00045-01-RM-DTFDetention Hearing (Bag & Baggage)
Hide details for Eva Hilda Robles-ContrerasEva Hilda Robles-Contreras
04/29/201611:00 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:16-cr-00740-01-RCC-JRArraignmt
Hide details for Everardo Payan-GuerraEverardo Payan-Guerra
05/02/201610:30 AMHonorable G Murray Snow2:15-cr-01603-02-GMSSentencing
Hide details for Federal Trade Commission v. Money Now Funding LLC et alFederal Trade Commission v. Money Now Funding LLC et al
05/03/201610:00 AMHonorable Roslyn O Silver2:13-cv-01583-ROSEvidentiary Hearing
Hide details for Federico Bojorquez BojorquezFederico Bojorquez Bojorquez
04/29/201610:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:16-mj-03016-01-BPVDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Felony Initial AppearancesFelony Initial Appearances
04/29/201610:30 AMHonorable James F Metcalf IA/AC/DH
05/02/201611:30 AMHonorable James F Metcalf IA/AC/DH
05/03/201611:30 AMHonorable James F Metcalf IA/AC/DH
05/04/201611:30 AMHonorable James F Metcalf IA/AC/DH
05/05/201611:30 AMHonorable James F Metcalf IA/AC/DH
05/06/201611:30 AMHonorable James F Metcalf IA/AC/DH
Hide details for Ferguson v. Halder et alFerguson v. Halder et al
05/02/201604:30 PMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:16-cv-00724-BSBOrder to Show Cause Hearing
Hide details for Fernando Menchaca-FernandezFernando Menchaca-Fernandez
04/29/201601:30 PMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:16-cr-00550-01-JAS-BGMChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Fidencio Sandoval-LopezFidencio Sandoval-Lopez
05/02/201609:30 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:16-mj-02992-02--BGMDetention/Preliminary Hearing
05/03/201608:30 AMHonorable Deborah M Fine INITIAL APPEARANCES
Hide details for Florentino Barraza-DiazFlorentino Barraza-Diaz
04/29/201611:00 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:16-cr-00724-01-RM-BPVArraignmt
Hide details for Florin IancFlorin Ianc
05/02/201603:15 PMHonorable Douglas L Rayes2:15-cr-00120-01-DLRSentencing
Hide details for Francisco De Jesus De Leon-HerreraFrancisco De Jesus De Leon-Herrera
05/03/201610:20 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:15-cr-02217-01-JGZ-DTFSentencing
Hide details for Francisco Escudero-MoralesFrancisco Escudero-Morales
05/06/201610:00 AMHonorable James F Metcalf2:16-mj-01215-01-JFMChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Francisco Javier Martinez-MartinezFrancisco Javier Martinez-Martinez
04/29/201610:10 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:16-cr-00633-03-CKJ-BGMChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Francisco Jesus AlvarezFrancisco Jesus Alvarez
05/04/201610:20 AMHonorable James A Soto4:16-cr-00053-01-JAS-DTFSentencing
Hide details for Francisco Joel Soto-ParraFrancisco Joel Soto-Parra
05/02/201609:15 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:13-cr-00051-01-CKJ-DTFDisposition Hrg - S/R
Hide details for Francisco Lopez-ContrerasFrancisco Lopez-Contreras
04/29/201610:00 AMHonorable Eileen S Willett2:16-mj-07150-01-BSB
Change of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Francisco Soto-ParraFrancisco Soto-Parra
05/02/201609:15 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:15-cr-01929-01-CKJ-DTFSentencing
Hide details for Frank Gonzalez-SanchezFrank Gonzalez-Sanchez
05/05/201610:30 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:14-cr-00896-01-CKJ-BGMDisposition Hrg - S/R
Hide details for Freddy Gaspar-ChinoFreddy Gaspar-Chino
04/29/201611:00 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:16-cr-00733-01-JAS-LABArraignmt
Hide details for Gabriella Victoria GonzalezGabriella Victoria Gonzalez
05/04/201601:30 PMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:16-cr-00478-10-JGZ-LABMotion Hearing
Hide details for Garcia v. Arizona Department of Economic Security et alGarcia v. Arizona Department of Economic Security et al
05/02/201601:15 PMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:15-cv-02637-SRBScheduling Conference
Hide details for Gaspar Nolasco-OrozcoGaspar Nolasco-Orozco
04/29/201611:00 AMHonorable Michelle H Burns2:16-mj-01312-01-JFMStatus Hearing re: Detention and Preliminary Hearings
Hide details for Gerardo Adrian UriarteGerardo Adrian Uriarte
05/03/201610:15 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:15-cr-02022-01-JAS-CRPChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Gerardo Bustamante-CamachoGerardo Bustamante-Camacho
04/29/201611:00 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:16-cr-00739-01-RM-EJMArraignmt
Hide details for Gerardo Valenzuela-BarajasGerardo Valenzuela-Barajas
05/05/201609:30 AMHonorable Eric J Markovich4:15-cr-01642-01-JGZ-EJMStatus Conference re Mental Comp
Hide details for Gildardo Mundo-ValenzuelaGildardo Mundo-Valenzuela
05/02/201610:00 AMHonorable Neil V Wake2:16-cr-00124-01-NVWSentencing
Hide details for Gilmore Arnaldo Herrera-LeonGilmore Arnaldo Herrera-Leon
04/29/201610:00 AMHonorable James F Metcalf2:16-mj-01180-01-JFMPlea And Sentence
Hide details for GoDaddy.com LLC v. RPost Communications Limited et alGoDaddy.com LLC v. RPost Communications Limited et al
05/04/201611:00 AMHonorable James A Teilborg2:14-cv-00126-JATMotion Hearing
Hide details for Green v. Lemky-Spence et alGreen v. Lemky-Spence et al
05/02/201611:00 AMHonorable Paul G Rosenblatt2:15-cv-02614-PGRScheduling Conference
Hide details for Greg Allen RidgleyGreg Allen Ridgley
05/02/201609:00 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:12-cr-02448-01-JGZ-BGMFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Gustavo Reynaga-SanchezGustavo Reynaga-Sanchez
05/03/201611:00 AMHonorable D Thomas Ferraro4:16-cr-00355-01-RM-CRPChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Hawasli v. Mayfair Holdings LLP et alHawasli v. Mayfair Holdings LLP et al
05/04/201609:30 AMHonorable John J Tuchi2:15-cv-02128-JJTTelephonic Oral Argument
Hide details for Heraclio Robles-SilvasHeraclio Robles-Silvas
05/03/201610:30 AMHonorable Rosemary Márquez4:15-cr-01777-01-RM-LABSentencing
Hide details for Heriberto Zepeda-CarrilloHeriberto Zepeda-Carrillo
05/02/201611:00 AMHonorable G Murray Snow2:15-cr-01603-03-GMSSentencing
Hide details for Hilario Maciel-SanchezHilario Maciel-Sanchez
05/06/201602:15 PMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:13-cr-00188-02-CKJ-DTFDisposition Hrg - S/R
Hide details for Honora Guadalupe CarrilloHonora Guadalupe Carrillo
04/29/201609:00 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:10-cr-00093-01-CKJ-JRAdmit/Deny Hearing Re: S/R Vio
Hide details for Humberto Rivera-MoralesHumberto Rivera-Morales
05/04/201609:30 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:16-mj-03013-01-EJMDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Ian Joseph RitzerIan Joseph Ritzer
05/02/201611:30 AMHonorable Rosemary Márquez4:14-cr-01918-01-RM-BPVStatus Conference
Hide details for Ignacio Javier Pinzon-HerreraIgnacio Javier Pinzon-Herrera
04/29/201611:00 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:16-cr-00701-01-RM-DTFArraignmt
Hide details for Ignacio Vasquez-AguirreIgnacio Vasquez-Aguirre
05/02/201610:00 AMHonorable Douglas L Rayes2:16-cr-00015-01-DLRSentencing
04/29/201602:00 PMHonorable Leslie A Bowman
04/29/201603:00 PMHonorable Michelle H Burns
05/02/201602:00 PMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau
05/02/201603:00 PMHonorable John Z Boyle
05/03/201602:00 PMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau
05/03/201603:00 PMHonorable John Z Boyle
05/04/201602:00 PMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau
05/04/201603:00 PMHonorable John Z Boyle
05/05/201602:00 PMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau
05/05/201603:00 PMHonorable John Z Boyle
05/06/201602:00 PMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau
05/06/201603:00 PMHonorable John Z Boyle
Hide details for Isaac Leonardo PadillaIsaac Leonardo Padilla
05/04/201601:30 PMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:16-cr-00478-03-JGZ-LABMotion Hearing
Hide details for Ismael Montiel-HernandezIsmael Montiel-Hernandez
04/29/201611:00 AMHonorable Eileen S Willett2:15-cr-01262-01-GMSMisdemeanor Plea Hearing and Sentencing
Hide details for Ismael RamirezIsmael Ramirez
04/29/201601:30 PMHonorable Michelle H Burns2:16-cr-00424-01-DGCDetention Hearing
Hide details for Israel Izguerra-CamachoIsrael Izguerra-Camacho
05/04/201610:00 AMHonorable James A Soto4:16-cr-00087-01-JAS-BGMSentencing
Hide details for Jaime Cisneros-GomezJaime Cisneros-Gomez
05/05/201611:15 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:16-cr-00375-01-CKJ-JRSentencing
Hide details for Jaime Enriquez, Jr.Jaime Enriquez, Jr.
04/29/201611:00 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:16-cr-00745-02-RM-BPVArraignmt
Hide details for Jaime Hugo Roman-RodriguezJaime Hugo Roman-Rodriguez
04/29/201611:00 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:16-cr-00759-01-RM-DTFArraignmt
Hide details for Jaime Legarda-DominguezJaime Legarda-Dominguez
05/02/201609:30 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson2:12-cr-01213-01-CKJ-LABDisposition Hrg - S/R
05/02/201609:30 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:15-cr-02211-01-CKJ-LABSentencing
Hide details for Jairo Damian-IturriosJairo Damian-Iturrios
04/29/201611:00 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:15-cr-02169-00-RM-DTFChange of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Jairo Humberto Ordonez-PortilloJairo Humberto Ordonez-Portillo
05/03/201609:30 AMHonorable Rosemary Márquez4:15-cr-02257-02-RM-DTFSentencing
Hide details for James Benjamin Pierce, Jr.James Benjamin Pierce, Jr.
04/29/201609:00 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:14-cr-01034-03-DCB-JRAdmit/Deny Hearing Re: S/R Vio
Hide details for James Dean Dilley, JrJames Dean Dilley, Jr
05/02/201609:30 AMHonorable Deborah M Fine3:15-mj-04206-01-DMFStatus Hearing re Admit/Deny Hearing
Hide details for James Matthew MonsisvaisJames Matthew Monsisvais
05/03/201611:15 AMHonorable D Thomas Ferraro4:16-cr-00426-02-JGZ-DTFChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Janiel De La CruzJaniel De La Cruz
05/02/201603:00 PMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:16-cr-00182-01-RCC-BGMChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Jarvis Martin JuanJarvis Martin Juan
05/04/201601:30 PMHonorable James A Teilborg2:11-cr-00554-01-JATFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Jason ThinnJason Thinn
05/03/201603:00 PMHonorable Stephen M McNamee3:15-cr-08170-01-SMMPretrial Conference - Final
Hide details for Javi Nadir Carrizosa-MarrufoJavi Nadir Carrizosa-Marrufo
05/04/201603:00 PMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:16-mj-08417-01Detention Hearing
Hide details for Javier Cervantes-SotoJavier Cervantes-Soto
04/29/201610:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:16-cr-00290-01-RM-BPVChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Javier David Bustamante-GaytanJavier David Bustamante-Gaytan
05/04/201601:30 PMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:16-cr-00478-13-JGZ-LABMotion Hearing
Hide details for Javier Ulises Beltran-AcostaJavier Ulises Beltran-Acosta
05/02/201609:30 AMHonorable Neil V Wake2:16-cr-00137-01-NVWSentencing
Hide details for Jay Lewis-MontanaJay Lewis-Montana
04/29/201611:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:16-cr-00576-01-JGZ-BPVChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Jeffery Tyler MafiJeffery Tyler Mafi
04/29/201609:15 AMHonorable Michelle H Burns2:16-mj-01298-01-JFMDetention Hearing
Hide details for Jerry Lee Howard, Jr.Jerry Lee Howard, Jr.
05/05/201609:30 AMHonorable Deborah M Fine3:16-mj-04105-01-DMFDetention Hearing
Hide details for Jesse Ray ThompsonJesse Ray Thompson
05/05/201611:00 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:10-cr-03858-01-CKJ-BPVDisposition Hrg - S/R
Hide details for Jessica Bridget SotoJessica Bridget Soto
05/04/201601:30 PMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:16-cr-00478-19-JGZ-LABMotion Hearing
Hide details for Jesus Armando Duarte-OlivasJesus Armando Duarte-Olivas
05/02/201610:00 AMHonorable Douglas L Rayes2:15-cr-01091-01-DLRFinal Disposition Hearing
05/02/201610:00 AMHonorable Douglas L Rayes2:16-cr-00127-01-DLRSentencing
Hide details for Jesus Flores-LopezJesus Flores-Lopez
04/29/201611:00 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:16-cr-00731-01-JAS-BPVArraignmt
Hide details for Jesus G SolisJesus G Solis
04/29/201608:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:16-cr-00839-00-RM-BGMMaterial Witness Video Deposition
Hide details for Jesus Ricardo Padilla-LugoJesus Ricardo Padilla-Lugo
04/29/201609:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:16-CR-00630-01-CKJ-EJMDetention Hearing / Admit-Deny Hearing
Hide details for Jesus Varona-JimenezJesus Varona-Jimenez
04/29/201609:30 AMHonorable Eileen S Willett3:16-mj-09078-01-ESWMisdemeanor Plea Hearing and Sentencing
Hide details for Joel David Valdez-AlvaradoJoel David Valdez-Alvarado
04/29/201611:00 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:16-cr-00746-01-JGZ-BGMArraignmt
Hide details for Joel Garcia-GarciaJoel Garcia-Garcia
05/02/201611:15 AMHonorable John J Tuchi2:16-cr-00159-01-JJTSentencing
Hide details for Joel Zavala-OjedaJoel Zavala-Ojeda
05/02/201601:30 PMHonorable Steven P Logan2:15-cr-01371-01-SPLSentencing
Hide details for Johnson v. Crescent Management Hotels & Resorts LLCJohnson v. Crescent Management Hotels & Resorts LLC
05/06/201603:30 PMHonorable Neil V Wake2:15-cv-02339-NVWScheduling Conference
Hide details for Jordan John LopezJordan John Lopez
05/03/201610:10 AMHonorable Rosemary Márquez4:15-cr-02317-01-RM-LABSentencing
Hide details for Jorge Acosta-LicerioJorge Acosta-Licerio
05/04/201601:30 PMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:16-cr-00478-21-JGZ-LABMotion Hearing
Hide details for Jorge De La CruzJorge De La Cruz
05/02/201603:00 PMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:16-cr-00182-02-RCC-BGMChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Jorge Garcia-SoberanoJorge Garcia-Soberano
05/02/201602:45 PMHonorable G Murray Snow2:16-cr-00012-01-GMSSentencing
Hide details for Jorge Humberto Mitani-SamaniegoJorge Humberto Mitani-Samaniego
05/03/201610:40 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:15-cr-02016-01-JGZ-LABSentencing
Hide details for Jorge Luis Santos-HidalgoJorge Luis Santos-Hidalgo
05/02/201609:30 AMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:11-cr-00782-01-SRBFinal Disposition Hearing
05/02/201609:30 AMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:16-cr-00162-01-SRBSentencing
Hide details for Jorge Luis Sifuentes-AlvaradoJorge Luis Sifuentes-Alvarado
05/03/201611:20 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:15-cr-02046-01-JGZ-CRPSentencing
Hide details for Jorge Manuel Martan-HissiamJorge Manuel Martan-Hissiam
04/29/201609:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:16-mj-01632-01Preliminary Hearing or Plea to Ct 2
Hide details for Jorge Penuelas-PeljoJorge Penuelas-Peljo
04/29/201611:00 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:16-cr-00728-01-RM-BGMArraignmt
Hide details for Jorge Saldana-VillalobosJorge Saldana-Villalobos
05/04/201609:30 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:16-mj-03013-02-EJMDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Jose Alfonso Garcia-MezaJose Alfonso Garcia-Meza
05/02/201611:30 AMHonorable Neil V Wake2:16-cr-00143-01-NVWSentencing
Hide details for Jose Alfredo Cisneros-GarciaJose Alfredo Cisneros-Garcia
04/29/201610:00 AMHonorable James F Metcalf2:16-mj-01251-01-JFMPlea And Sentence
Hide details for Jose Amador-ValladoresJose Amador-Valladores
04/29/201611:00 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:16-cr-00722-01-RM-DTFArraignmt
Hide details for Jose Antonio Vega-LopezJose Antonio Vega-Lopez
05/02/201609:20 AMHonorable Frank R Zapata4:10-cr-01456-01-FRZ-CRPMotion to Withdraw as Attorney and Final Disposition Hearing
05/02/201609:20 AMHonorable Frank R Zapata4:15-cr-01596-01-FRZ-CRPMotion to Withdraw as Attorney and Sentencing
Hide details for Jose De Jesus Puente-LopezJose De Jesus Puente-Lopez
05/04/201609:30 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:16-mj-03011-01-DTFDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Jose Francisco Martinez-MolinasJose Francisco Martinez-Molinas
05/03/201609:50 AMHonorable Rosemary Márquez4:15-cr-02099-03-RM-BGMSentencing
Hide details for Jose Luis Aquino-FloresJose Luis Aquino-Flores
05/05/201609:20 AMHonorable James A Soto4:15-cr-02086-01-JAS-BGMSentencing
Hide details for Jose Luis Guadalupe Castro-LopezJose Luis Guadalupe Castro-Lopez
05/02/201609:30 AMHonorable Rosemary Márquez4:16-cr-00026-01-RM-LABSentencing
Hide details for Jose Manuel Parra-CastanonJose Manuel Parra-Castanon
04/29/201611:00 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:16-cr-00538-01-RM-LABChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Jose Miguel CarrilloJose Miguel Carrillo
05/04/201609:40 AMHonorable James A Soto4:16-cr-00340-01-JAS-BPVSentencing
Hide details for Jose Orozco-EstradaJose Orozco-Estrada
04/29/201609:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:16-mj-01659-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Jose Reyez LopezJose Reyez Lopez
04/29/201611:00 AMHonorable Michelle H Burns2:12-cr-00932-01-SRBStatus Hearing re: Detention and Preliminary Revocation Hearings
Hide details for Jose Rios-FloresJose Rios-Flores
05/05/201610:00 AMHonorable James A Soto4:15-cr-02173-01-JAS-DTFSentencing
Hide details for Jose Sanchez-CurielJose Sanchez-Curiel
04/29/201609:30 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:16-cr-00566-01-RM-JRChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Jose Santillan-MoralesJose Santillan-Morales
04/29/201611:00 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:16-cr-00737-01-CKJ-BPVArraignmt
Hide details for Jose Valenzuela-AmayaJose Valenzuela-Amaya
04/29/201610:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:16-mj-10444-01-N/A-LABDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Joseph Chase ValdezJoseph Chase Valdez
05/03/201609:30 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:16-mj-03008-01--LABPreliminary Hearing
Hide details for Jostes Concrete Incorporated v. MDC Holdings Incorporated et alJostes Concrete Incorporated v. MDC Holdings Incorporated et al
05/02/201604:00 PMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:11-cv-01011-SRBScheduling Conference
Hide details for Juan Antonio PasillasJuan Antonio Pasillas
05/04/201610:00 AMHonorable Eric J Markovich4:16-cr-00116-01-CKJ-EJMAdmit/Deny Hearing
Hide details for Juan Carlos  EsparzaJuan Carlos Esparza
05/04/201610:45 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:16-mj-03006-01--BPVDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Juan Carlos Acosta-MolinaJuan Carlos Acosta-Molina
05/03/201609:00 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:15-cr-01998-01-CKJ-BPVSentencing
05/03/201609:00 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:15-cr-50208-01-CKJ-BPVDisposition Hrg -S/R
Hide details for Juan Carlos Gutierrez-ValenzuelaJuan Carlos Gutierrez-Valenzuela
05/06/201610:00 AMHonorable James A Soto4:15-cr-02222-01-JAS-LABSentencing
Hide details for Juan Enriquez-HernandezJuan Enriquez-Hernandez
05/03/201603:30 PMHonorable David G Campbell2:15-cr-01491-01-DGCSentencing
Hide details for Juan Manuel Correa-LeyvaJuan Manuel Correa-Leyva
04/29/201611:00 AMHonorable Michelle H Burns4:12-cr-00641-01-JJTStatus Hearing re: Preliminary Revocation Hearing
04/29/201611:00 AMHonorable Michelle H Burns4:15-cr-01350-01-JJTStatus Hearing re: Preliminary Revocation Hearing
Hide details for Juan Manuel Ruelas-RochaJuan Manuel Ruelas-Rocha
05/05/201609:15 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:16-mj-08567-01-N/A-JRStatus Conference
Hide details for Juan MartinezJuan Martinez
04/29/201611:00 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:16-cr-00721-01-JAS-DTFArraignmt
Hide details for Juan Merino-LuisJuan Merino-Luis
04/29/201610:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:16-cr-00549-01-JGZ-BGMStatus Conference
Hide details for Juan Pedro Guzman-ZavalaJuan Pedro Guzman-Zavala
05/06/201609:15 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:16-cr-50079-01-RCC-JRAdmit/Deny Hearing Re: S/R Vio
Hide details for Juan Suarez-RochaJuan Suarez-Rocha
04/29/201611:00 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:16-cr-00727-01-RCC-BPVArraignmt
Hide details for Juana Montes-PerezJuana Montes-Perez
05/05/201609:00 AMHonorable James A Soto4:15-cr-02299-01-JAS-EJMSentencing
05/05/201609:00 AMHonorable James A Soto4:16-cr-50008-01-JAS-EJMFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Julio A Juarez VazquezJulio A Juarez Vazquez
05/02/201602:45 PMHonorable Douglas L Rayes2:16-cr-00016-01-DLRSentencing
Hide details for Julio Bayron Estrada-ArriolaJulio Bayron Estrada-Arriola
04/29/201611:00 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:16-cr-00736-01-JAS-BGMArraignmt
Hide details for Julio Cesar Lozano-RuizJulio Cesar Lozano-Ruiz
05/04/201610:00 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:16-23723M-01Status/Poss Change of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Julio Cesar Tapia-ParamoJulio Cesar Tapia-Paramo
05/03/201602:00 PMHonorable James A Soto4:16-cr-00019-01-JAS-LABSentencing
Hide details for Julio Magallon-CastanedaJulio Magallon-Castaneda
04/29/201611:00 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:16-cr-00734-01-CKJ-LABArraignmt
Hide details for Justin ManheimerJustin Manheimer
04/29/201610:30 AMHonorable Michelle H Burns3:12-cr-08089-01-JZBFlagstaff VTC re: Initial Appearance on Probation Violation
04/29/201610:30 AMHonorable Deborah M FineCR12-8089-JZB-00Initial Appearance
Hide details for Juvenile Male (S. Martinez/D. Mokos)Juvenile Male (S. Martinez/D. Mokos)
05/02/201608:45 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:14-cr-01519-01-JGZ-BPV *SEALED*Final Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Karen Lizbeth PadillaKaren Lizbeth Padilla
05/04/201601:30 PMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:16-cr-00478-04-JGZ-LABMotion Hearing
Hide details for Kendall Ray LaneKendall Ray Lane
05/03/201603:00 PMHonorable David G Campbell3:11-cr-08129-01-DGCFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Kenderick BegayKenderick Begay
05/02/201602:15 PMHonorable David G Campbell3:06-cr-00626-01-DGCSentencing
Hide details for Kenneth A VincentKenneth A Vincent
05/02/201601:30 PMHonorable Deborah M Fine3:16-mj-04073-02-DMFPreliminary Hearing
Hide details for Kenneth Mike ParkerKenneth Mike Parker
05/02/201601:30 PMHonorable John J Tuchi3:15-cr-08101-01-JJTSentencing
05/04/201609:00 AMHonorable Deborah M Fine00-00INITIAL APPEARANCES
Hide details for Knuth v. Paul Revere Life Insurance Company et alKnuth v. Paul Revere Life Insurance Company et al
05/05/201609:30 AMHonorable D Thomas Ferraro4:14-cv-02387-RCC-DTFTelephonic Oral Argument re Discovery Motions
Hide details for Kye Han ChangKye Han Chang
05/02/201602:00 PMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:15-cr-01457-02-SRBSentencing
Hide details for Kye Sun ChangKye Sun Chang
05/02/201602:30 PMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:15-cr-01457-01-SRBSentencing
Hide details for Kyle Wesley StreetKyle Wesley Street
05/02/201611:20 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:15-cr-00434-01-JGZ-EJMSentencing
Hide details for Laura Renee FisherLaura Renee Fisher
05/02/201602:00 PMHonorable G Murray Snow2:15-cr-01019-01-GMSSentencing
Hide details for Lazaro Gomez-BautistaLazaro Gomez-Bautista
05/02/201609:30 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:16-mj-02993-01--LABDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Lenette SegundoLenette Segundo
04/29/201610:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:16-mj-01623-01--BGMDetention Hearing
Hide details for Lenford Cliff SiyujaLenford Cliff Siyuja
04/29/201609:30 AMHonorable Deborah M Fine3:16-mj-04091-01-DMFStatus Conference
Hide details for Leonard Cecil TerryLeonard Cecil Terry
05/04/201610:30 AMHonorable James A Teilborg2:03-cr-00959-01-JATFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Leslie Marlene PadillaLeslie Marlene Padilla
05/04/201601:30 PMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:16-cr-00478-05-JGZ-LABMotion Hearing
Hide details for Lihosit v. Flam et alLihosit v. Flam et al
05/04/201602:00 PMHonorable Neil V Wake2:15-cv-01224-NVWOral Argument
Hide details for Lisa Dawn OwenLisa Dawn Owen
05/06/201609:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:16-mj-03015-01-DTFDetention Hearing
Hide details for Lisa Marie SunderlinLisa Marie Sunderlin
05/02/201603:30 PMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:16-cr-00154-01-SRBSentencing
Hide details for Loni F BrownLoni F Brown
04/29/201601:30 PMHonorable Deborah M Fine3:15-po-04139-01-DMFInitial Appearance/Revocation
Hide details for Lorenzo Rangel-ManillaLorenzo Rangel-Manilla
05/03/201610:30 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:15-cr-00664-01-CKJ-JRSentencing
Hide details for Lorenzo Ruben JuanLorenzo Ruben Juan
05/03/201608:30 AMHonorable G Murray Snow2:15-cr-00570-01-GMSFinal Pretrial Conference and Jury Trial - Day 1
05/04/201608:30 AMHonorable G Murray Snow2:15-cr-00570-01-GMSJury Trial - Day 2
05/05/201608:30 AMHonorable G Murray Snow2:15-cr-00570-01-GMSJury Trial - Day 3
Hide details for Lorie WhiteLorie White
04/29/201609:30 AMHonorable Michelle H Burns2:16-cr-00328-01-DJHDetention Hearing
Hide details for Loring v. SRPMICLoring v. SRPMIC
05/02/201604:30 PMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:16-cv-00638-BSBOrder to Show Cause Hearing
Hide details for Love v. Western Union Financial Services Incorporated et alLove v. Western Union Financial Services Incorporated et al
05/02/201611:30 AMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:16-cv-00051-SRBScheduling Conference
Hide details for Luis Adrian Pimentel-OlivasLuis Adrian Pimentel-Olivas
05/02/201611:00 AMHonorable Douglas L Rayes2:15-cr-00541-01-DLRFinal Disposition Hearing
05/02/201611:00 AMHonorable Douglas L Rayes2:15-cr-01604-03-DLRSentencing
Hide details for Luis Armando Collins-AvilaLuis Armando Collins-Avila
05/06/201602:00 PMHonorable James A Soto4:13-cr-01376-01-JAS-DTFSentencing
Hide details for Luis Eduardo Avina-RamirezLuis Eduardo Avina-Ramirez
04/29/201611:00 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:16-cr-00761-01-CKJ-LABArraignmt
Hide details for Luis Felipe Castro-NevarezLuis Felipe Castro-Nevarez
05/04/201609:30 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:16-mj-03014-01-BGMDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Luis Fidel GarciaLuis Fidel Garcia
05/04/201601:30 PMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:16-cr-00478-15-JGZ-LABMotion Hearing
Hide details for Luis Gerardo Duenas-ReyesLuis Gerardo Duenas-Reyes
05/03/201611:00 AMHonorable Rosemary Márquez4:15-cr-02257-01-RM-DTFSentencing
Hide details for Luis Hernandez-CastilloLuis Hernandez-Castillo
04/29/201611:00 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:16-cr-00719-01-JAS-BGMArraignmt
Hide details for Luis Miguel Garcia-BuenoLuis Miguel Garcia-Bueno
04/29/201609:00 AMHonorable James F Metcalf2:16-mj-01258-01-JFMChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Manuel Gamez-ZavalaManuel Gamez-Zavala
05/02/201601:30 PMHonorable Steven P Logan2:15-cr-01371-02-SPLSentencing
Hide details for Manuel Perez-LopezManuel Perez-Lopez
05/04/201609:15 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:15-cr-01744-01-CKJ-BGMSentencing
Hide details for Manuel Santiago SantiagoManuel Santiago Santiago
05/02/201609:45 AMHonorable Steven P Logan2:15-cr-01522-01-SPLSentencing
Hide details for Manuela MedinaManuela Medina
05/04/201609:30 AMHonorable Deborah M Fine3:16-po-04081-01-DMFStatus Hearing
Hide details for Marc David SpectorMarc David Spector
05/02/201601:30 PMHonorable Diane J Humetewa2:15-cr-01500-01-DJHChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Marcia Manuela Duarte-MedinaMarcia Manuela Duarte-Medina
05/02/201611:10 AMHonorable Rosemary Márquez4:16-cr-00591-01-RM-JRMotion Hearing
Hide details for Marco Antonio CanoMarco Antonio Cano
05/05/201610:45 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:13-cr-50051-01-CKJ-BPVDisposition Hrg - S/R
Hide details for Marcos Ezequiel Portillo-MaresMarcos Ezequiel Portillo-Mares
04/29/201610:00 AMHonorable Eileen S Willett2:16-mj-08074-01-JZB
Change of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Maria Del Carmen Bojorquez-MichelMaria Del Carmen Bojorquez-Michel
05/06/201609:00 AMHonorable James A Soto4:15-cr-02228-02-JAS-BGMSentencing
Hide details for Maria Villasenor De LlamasMaria Villasenor De Llamas
05/06/201610:00 AMHonorable Diane J Humetewa2:14-cr-00865-16-DJHStatus Conference
Hide details for Marie et al v. Ameriprise Insurance Company et alMarie et al v. Ameriprise Insurance Company et al
05/02/201604:15 PMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:16-cv-00706-SRBScheduling Conference
Hide details for Marilea Janeen HoltMarilea Janeen Holt
05/02/201609:30 AMHonorable G Murray Snow2:11-cr-02469-01-GMSFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Mario Vacasegua-BracamontesMario Vacasegua-Bracamontes
05/05/201611:00 AMHonorable James A Soto4:14-cr-00752-01-JAS-EJMFinal Disposition Hearing
05/05/201611:00 AMHonorable James A Soto4:15-cr-01778-01-JAS-EJMSentencing
Hide details for Mario Zuniga-CalisMario Zuniga-Calis
05/03/201609:50 AMHonorable Rosemary Márquez4:15-cr-02099-02-RM-BGMSentencing
Hide details for Martin Alonso ValenciaMartin Alonso Valencia
05/04/201609:00 AMHonorable Frank R Zapata4:10-cr-01413-04-FRZ-LABSentencing
Hide details for Martin Arlingo-FranciscoMartin Arlingo-Francisco
04/29/201610:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:16-mj-10445-01-N/A-JRDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Martin Geronimo-CigarroaMartin Geronimo-Cigarroa
05/02/201601:15 PMHonorable David G Campbell2:16-cr-00039-01-DGCSentencing
05/02/201601:15 PMHonorable David G Campbell2:16-cr-50054-01-DGCFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Marvin Richie Lewis, Jr.Marvin Richie Lewis, Jr.
04/29/201610:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:16-CR-00637-01-RM-BPVDetention Hearing (Bag & Baggage)
Hide details for Massage Envy Franchising LLC v. Doc Marketing LLC et alMassage Envy Franchising LLC v. Doc Marketing LLC et al
04/29/201602:30 PMHonorable Douglas L Rayes2:15-cv-02129-DLRTelephonic Status Conference
Hide details for Maurilio Viterbo-GarciaMaurilio Viterbo-Garcia
04/29/201611:00 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:16-cr-00720-01-JAS-JRArraignmt
Hide details for Mbegbu v. Phoenix, City of et alMbegbu v. Phoenix, City of et al
05/03/201604:30 PMHonorable David G Campbell2:16-cv-00424-DGCScheduling Conference
Hide details for McDonald v. TransUnion LLCMcDonald v. TransUnion LLC
05/02/201604:30 PMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:16-cv-00700-DMFOrder to Show Cause Hearing
Hide details for McNeill v. NPAS IncorporatedMcNeill v. NPAS Incorporated
05/02/201611:45 AMHonorable Susan R Bolton3:16-cv-08018-SRBScheduling Conference
Hide details for Mears v. Great Alaskan Bush Company et alMears v. Great Alaskan Bush Company et al
04/29/201602:00 PMHonorable Neil V Wake2:15-cv-00612-NVWScheduling Conference
Hide details for Megan Jean KuhneMegan Jean Kuhne
05/06/201611:00 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:15-cr-00589-02-CKJ-BGMStatus Conference
Hide details for Melanie ScofieldMelanie Scofield
05/03/201611:30 AMHonorable D Thomas Ferraro4:16-cr-50020-01-RCC-DTFAdmit/Deny - SR Viol
Hide details for Melchor Enrique Urquides-TapiaMelchor Enrique Urquides-Tapia
05/04/201601:30 PMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:16-cr-00478-12-JGZ-LABMotion Hearing
Hide details for Michael Frank WillisMichael Frank Willis
05/06/201608:30 AMHonorable James A Soto4:14-cr-00297-01-JAS-BPVFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Miguel Angel Alcala-OchoaMiguel Angel Alcala-Ochoa
05/04/201611:00 AMHonorable Rosemary Márquez4:15-cr-01215-01-RM-BGMSentencing
Hide details for Miguel Angel Palomino-CerecerMiguel Angel Palomino-Cerecer
05/02/201602:40 PMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:16-mj-23349-01-N/A-BGMStatus Conference / Change of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Miguel Angel Ramos-ZaragozaMiguel Angel Ramos-Zaragoza
04/29/201611:15 AMHonorable Michelle H Burns2:16-mj-01290-01-JFMDetention Hearing
Hide details for Miguel Angel Rivera-GuerreroMiguel Angel Rivera-Guerrero
04/29/201611:00 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:16-cr-00725-01-JAS-LABArraignmt
Hide details for Miguel Angel Sanchez-CardenasMiguel Angel Sanchez-Cardenas
04/29/201609:00 AMHonorable James F Metcalf2:16-mj-01259-01-JFMChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Miguel Esteban Iriqui-GamezMiguel Esteban Iriqui-Gamez
05/04/201609:00 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:14-cr-00207-01-JGZ-JRFinal Disposition Hearing
05/04/201609:00 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:16-cr-00338-01-JGZ-JRSentencing
Hide details for Miguel Mendoza-SaenzMiguel Mendoza-Saenz
05/03/201610:30 AMHonorable Diane J Humetewa2:14-cr-00865-02-DJHChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Miguel Oscar CaamanoMiguel Oscar Caamano
05/03/201603:00 PMHonorable James A Soto4:15-cr-02088-01-JAS-DTFSentencing
Hide details for Miguel Perez-MezaMiguel Perez-Meza
05/02/201610:00 AMHonorable G Murray Snow2:15-cr-01603-01-GMSSentencing
Hide details for Milton Torrez-MenciaMilton Torrez-Mencia
04/29/201611:00 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:16-cr-00749-01-RM-BPVArraignmt
Hide details for Misael Flores-PopocaMisael Flores-Popoca
05/02/201611:00 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps2:14-cr-00804-01-JGZ-LABFinal Disposition Hearing
05/02/201611:00 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:15-cr-01851-01-JGZ-LABSentencing
Hide details for Misdemeanor Initial Appearances Misdemeanor Initial Appearances
04/29/201610:00 AMHonorable James F Metcalf AC/Plea/Sent
05/02/201611:00 AMHonorable James F Metcalf AC/Plea/Sent
05/03/201611:00 AMHonorable James F Metcalf AC/Plea/Sent
05/04/201611:00 AMHonorable James F Metcalf AC/Plea/Sent
05/05/201611:00 AMHonorable James F Metcalf AC/Plea/Sent
05/06/201611:00 AMHonorable James F Metcalf AC/Plea/Sent
Hide details for Moises Huerta-NunezMoises Huerta-Nunez
05/02/201611:30 AMHonorable David G Campbell2:15-cr-01153-01-DGCSentencing
Hide details for Nathan Ray JohnsonNathan Ray Johnson
05/02/201601:30 PMHonorable David G Campbell2:16-cr-00020-01-DGCSentencing
05/02/201601:30 PMHonorable David G Campbell3:04-cr-00779-01-DGCFinal Disposition Hearing
04/29/2016Honorable D Thomas Ferraro
Hide details for Octaviano Angulo-ParraOctaviano Angulo-Parra
05/02/201609:30 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:16-mj-02996-01--EJMDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Olga GascaOlga Gasca
05/03/201602:20 PMHonorable James A Soto4:16-cr-00230-01-JAS-EJMSentencing
Hide details for Omar Alejandro Villalobos-CastroOmar Alejandro Villalobos-Castro
04/29/201611:00 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:16-cr-00754-01-RCC-EJMArraignmt
Hide details for Omar Reyes-RomeroOmar Reyes-Romero
05/02/201609:45 AMHonorable D Thomas Ferraro4:16-cr-00108-02-JGZ-DTFChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Ophelia BryantOphelia Bryant
05/02/201601:30 PMHonorable Deborah M Fine3:16-mj-04066-01-DMFStatus Hearing re Change of Plea
Hide details for Oralia Guadalupe MaynezOralia Guadalupe Maynez
04/29/201610:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:16-mj-03023-02Detention Hearing
Hide details for Orencio RuelasOrencio Ruelas
05/06/201610:00 AMHonorable Diane J Humetewa2:14-cr-00865-05-DJHStatus Conference
Hide details for Oscar Jesus Ruiz-HernandezOscar Jesus Ruiz-Hernandez
05/03/201610:00 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:16-cr-00511-01-CKJ-LABStatus Conference
Hide details for Oscar Martinez-JacoboOscar Martinez-Jacobo
05/02/201609:00 AMHonorable Steven P Logan2:16-cr-00209-01-SPLSentencing
Hide details for Osman Antonio Caseres-MunozOsman Antonio Caseres-Munoz
05/02/201610:30 AMHonorable Neil V Wake2:16-cr-00089-01-NVWSentencing
Hide details for Panfilo Mendoza-LemusPanfilo Mendoza-Lemus
04/29/201610:00 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:12-cr-00525-01-JAS-JRInitial Appearance Re: S/R Vio & Admit/Deny Hearing
04/29/201610:00 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:16-cr-00380-01-JAS-JRChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Pearson et al v. Social Security AdministrationPearson et al v. Social Security Administration
05/02/201604:30 PMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:16-cv-00526-DKDOrder to Show Cause Hearing
Hide details for Pedro Villalobos-HernandezPedro Villalobos-Hernandez
05/06/201611:00 AMHonorable James A Soto4:15-cr-01143-01-JAS-BGMSentencing
05/06/201611:00 AMHonorable James A Soto4:15-cr-50152-01-JAS-BGMFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Pennybaker v. Children's Circle Incorporated et alPennybaker v. Children's Circle Incorporated et al
05/06/201602:30 PMHonorable Roslyn O Silver2:15-cv-01527-ROSScheduling Conference
Hide details for Ponciano Martin-DuranPonciano Martin-Duran
04/29/201609:15 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:16-cr-00789-01-RM-BGMRelease/Bond Hearing
Hide details for Pragedio Espinoza-ValdezPragedio Espinoza-Valdez
05/06/201609:30 AMHonorable John J Tuchi2:15-cr-01465-01-JJTFinal Pretrial Conference
Hide details for Rafael Figueroa-CamposRafael Figueroa-Campos
04/29/201609:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:16-mj-01660-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Rafael Zenteno-TorresRafael Zenteno-Torres
04/29/201611:00 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:16-cr-00730-01-RCC-JRArraignmt
Hide details for Ralph David AntoneRalph David Antone
05/05/201602:00 PMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:15-CR-00482-01-JGZ-DTFDetention Hearing
Hide details for Ramiro Alvarado-GarciaRamiro Alvarado-Garcia
04/29/201611:00 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:16-cr-00738-01-CKJ-EJMArraignmt
Hide details for Ramiro Clemente Lucero-AlvarezRamiro Clemente Lucero-Alvarez
04/29/201610:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:16-mj-10446-01-N/A-BGMDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Ramon LlamasRamon Llamas
05/06/201610:00 AMHonorable Diane J Humetewa2:14-cr-00865-01-DJHStatus Conference
Hide details for Randall  BischakRandall Bischak
05/03/201602:30 PMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:16-mj-01658-01--DTFDangerousness Hearing/Further Detention Hearing
Hide details for Raul Solorzano-MartinezRaul Solorzano-Martinez
05/06/201610:30 AMHonorable James F Metcalf2:16-mj-01315-01-JFMSH: PH
Hide details for Raymundo Batrez-PerezRaymundo Batrez-Perez
05/02/201602:30 PMHonorable Neil V Wake2:15-cr-00631-03-NVWSentencing
Hide details for Rene Guerrero-ZalasRene Guerrero-Zalas
05/04/201609:30 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:16-mj-03010-01-BPVDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Reyes Magana-IbarraReyes Magana-Ibarra
05/02/201601:15 PMHonorable David G Campbell2:16-cr-00058-01-DGCSentencing
Hide details for Ricardo Martinez-JuarezRicardo Martinez-Juarez
05/02/201609:00 AMHonorable Steven P Logan2:16-cr-00014-01-SPLSentencing
Hide details for Ricardo Nunez-ZamudioRicardo Nunez-Zamudio
05/06/201602:30 PMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:15-cr-01790-01-CKJ-EJMSentencing
Hide details for Richardson v. Barrien et alRichardson v. Barrien et al
05/06/201610:30 AMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:14-cv-01882-SRBFinal Pretrial Conference
Hide details for Rigoberto Padilla, Jr.Rigoberto Padilla, Jr.
05/04/201601:30 PMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:16-cr-00478-02-JGZ-LABMotion Hearing
Hide details for Rigoberto RochaRigoberto Rocha
04/29/201609:30 AMHonorable Eric J Markovich4:16-mj-08559-01-N/A-EJMStatus Conference
Hide details for Roberto Hernandez-SantizRoberto Hernandez-Santiz
05/03/201610:00 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:16-23692M-01IA/Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Roberto Martinez-ArroyoRoberto Martinez-Arroyo
05/04/201611:20 AMHonorable Rosemary Márquez4:15-cr-00273-01-RM-JRSentencing
Hide details for Roberto Moreno-AguilarRoberto Moreno-Aguilar
05/02/201610:15 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:15-cr-02176-01-CKJ-EJMSentencing
Hide details for Roberto Velarde-IbarraRoberto Velarde-Ibarra
05/02/201609:30 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:16-mj-02994-01--BGMDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Rodolfo Adrian Sixto-MendivilRodolfo Adrian Sixto-Mendivil
04/29/201609:45 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:14-cr-00030-03-RCC-JRAdmit/Deny Hearing Re: S/R Vio
04/29/201609:45 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:15-cr-02184-01-RCC-JRChange of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Rosario Arroyo-GonzalezRosario Arroyo-Gonzalez
05/04/201610:10 AMHonorable Rosemary Márquez2:13-cr-00495-01-RM-EJMFinal Disposition
Hide details for Rosario Gonzalez-ArroyoRosario Gonzalez-Arroyo
05/04/201610:10 AMHonorable Rosemary Márquez4:15-cr-02221-01-RM-EJMSentencing
Hide details for Ruben Perez-MartinezRuben Perez-Martinez
05/02/201609:30 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:16-mj-02983-01--JRDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Santiago Arce-RodriguezSantiago Arce-Rodriguez
05/02/201609:00 AMHonorable Frank R Zapata2:13-cr-00653-01-FRZ-CRPFinal Disposition Hearing
05/02/201609:00 AMHonorable Frank R Zapata4:15-cr-01488-01-FRZ-CRPSentencing
Hide details for SEALED (D. Savel/J, Smith)SEALED (D. Savel/J, Smith)
05/03/201609:20 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:-01Sentencing
Hide details for Sebastian Sebastian-FelipeSebastian Sebastian-Felipe
05/02/201610:00 AMHonorable James F Metcalf2:16-mp-60375-01-JFMSH: IA/Plea/Sentence
Hide details for Selena MaturoSelena Maturo
04/29/201611:00 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:16-cr-00750-01-JAS-DTFArraignmt
Hide details for Sergio Jesus  Sanchez-GuerreroSergio Jesus Sanchez-Guerrero
05/02/201609:30 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:16-mj-02992-01--BGMDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Shawn Patrick FarnhamShawn Patrick Farnham
05/02/201609:30 AMHonorable Deborah M Fine3:16-po-04101-01-DMFDetention Hearing
Hide details for Shefler v. Sprint Retirement Pension Plan et alShefler v. Sprint Retirement Pension Plan et al
05/02/201603:00 PMHonorable John J Tuchi2:16-cv-00081-JJTScheduling Conference
Hide details for Sheila Rose Juan Sheila Rose Juan
05/04/201609:00 AMHonorable James A Soto4:15-cr-01922-01-JAS-LABSentencing
Hide details for Sigifredo Lopez-GarciaSigifredo Lopez-Garcia
04/29/201611:00 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:16-cr-00726-01-RM-BPVArraignmt
Hide details for Silvino Quinones-SolanoSilvino Quinones-Solano
05/04/201609:30 AMHonorable Rosemary Márquez4:15-cr-02291-01-RM-DTFSentencing
Hide details for Snyder et al v. Home Depot USA Incorporated et alSnyder et al v. Home Depot USA Incorporated et al
05/06/201602:30 PMHonorable Neil V Wake2:16-cv-00868-NVWScheduling Conference
Hide details for Snyder Lee White, Sr.Snyder Lee White, Sr.
05/02/201601:45 PMHonorable David G Campbell2:10-cr-01695-01-DGCFinal Disposition Hearing
04/29/201601:30 PMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau
05/02/201601:30 PMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco
05/03/201601:30 PMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco
05/04/201601:30 PMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco
05/05/201601:30 PMHonorable Eric J Markovich
Hide details for Stavoe v. American Express Travel Related Services Company IncorporatedStavoe v. American Express Travel Related Services Company Incorporated
05/03/201604:30 PMHonorable David G Campbell2:15-cv-02566-DGCScheduling Conference
Hide details for Sterling v. Select Hotels Group Incorporated et alSterling v. Select Hotels Group Incorporated et al
05/02/201601:30 PMHonorable Stephen M McNamee2:15-cv-02271-SMMScheduling Conference
Hide details for Steven AudetteSteven Audette
05/02/201610:00 AMHonorable Steven P Logan2:14-cr-00858-01-SPLPSR Interview
Hide details for Steven Matute-VelasquezSteven Matute-Velasquez
05/06/201609:20 AMHonorable James A Soto4:16-cr-00159-01-JAS-BPVSentencing
Hide details for Stevens et al v. Joint CorporationStevens et al v. Joint Corporation
05/06/201601:30 PMHonorable Neil V Wake2:15-cv-02289-NVWScheduling Conference
Hide details for Suzette Maria Morales-RoblesSuzette Maria Morales-Robles
04/29/201611:00 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:16-cr-00743-01-JGZ-EJMArraignmt
Hide details for Syed Haider NajibSyed Haider Najib
05/02/201609:30 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:16-mj-02995-01--DTFPreliminary Hearing
Hide details for Tamey Jo CraneTamey Jo Crane
04/29/201610:30 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:15-cr-02154-01-CKJ-JRChange Of Plea and Sentencing Hearing
Hide details for Tayvon ArgustaTayvon Argusta
05/02/201609:30 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:16-mj-02997-01--JRPreliminary Hearing
Hide details for Tremain David BegayTremain David Begay
05/05/201601:00 PMHonorable Deborah M Fine3:16-cr-08048-01-SPLStatus Hearing
Hide details for Tyson Harr HardyTyson Harr Hardy
05/05/201609:30 AMHonorable Deborah M Fine3:16-cr-08071-01-NVWDetention Hearing
Hide details for Valerie EberlingValerie Eberling
05/02/201609:30 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:16-mj-02984-01--BPVPreliminary Hearing
Hide details for Venustiano Valdez-AlfaroVenustiano Valdez-Alfaro
04/29/201611:30 AMHonorable Eileen S Willett2:13-cr-00731-01-SRBAdmit/Deny Hearing
Hide details for Vernon Matthew MendozaVernon Matthew Mendoza
05/03/201610:00 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:07-cr-00519-01-CKJ-BPVAdmit/Deny Hearing
Hide details for Victor Alonso Picazo-SalazarVictor Alonso Picazo-Salazar
05/02/201602:00 PMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:15-cr-02198-01-CKJ-EJMSentencing
Hide details for Victor Manuel Gomez-CervantesVictor Manuel Gomez-Cervantes
05/04/201611:40 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:15-cr-01763-01-JGZ-BGMSentencing
05/04/201611:40 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:15-cr-50185-01-JGZ-BGMFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Victor Manuel Machuca-EstradaVictor Manuel Machuca-Estrada
04/29/201611:00 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:16-cr-00758-01-JAS-LABArraignmt
Hide details for Victor Salazar-VegaVictor Salazar-Vega
05/02/201609:30 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:16-mj-10441-01-N/A-EJMDetenion/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Victoria Crystal AlegriaVictoria Crystal Alegria
05/04/201609:00 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:15-cr-02285-01-CKJ-JRSentencing
Hide details for Viviana Berenice GonzalezViviana Berenice Gonzalez
04/29/201611:00 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:16-cr-00757-01-CKJ-BGMArraignmt
Hide details for Warren Aaron ThomasWarren Aaron Thomas
05/03/201610:00 AMHonorable Diane J Humetewa3:15-cr-08100-01-DJHChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Wilbur Mahsill, Jr.Wilbur Mahsill, Jr.
05/02/201601:00 PMHonorable David G Campbell2:15-cr-00960-01-DGCSentencing
Hide details for Xavier Rabago BolivarXavier Rabago Bolivar
05/04/201609:40 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:15-cr-01625-01-JGZ-BGMSentencing
Hide details for Zulma Yadira Chalin-MateoZulma Yadira Chalin-Mateo
05/02/201611:30 AMHonorable John J Tuchi2:16-cr-00178-01-JJTSentencing

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