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Hide details for Adam Truax, Jr.Adam Truax, Jr.
07/22/201410:00 AMHonorable Lawrence O Anderson3:10-cr-08174-01-JATAdmit/Deny Hearing
Hide details for Adonias Vasquez-ReynosoAdonias Vasquez-Reynoso
07/21/201404:00 PMHonorable Lawrence O Anderson3:14-mj-03230-01-LOAChange of Plea Hearing and Possible Sentencing
Hide details for Adrian Arredondo-FelixAdrian Arredondo-Felix
07/22/201404:00 PMHonorable David K Duncan2:14-cr-00271-01-NVWChange of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Adrian Ramos-LauterioAdrian Ramos-Lauterio
07/24/201409:30 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:12-cr-02291-02-JAS-BPVFinal Disposition Hearing
07/24/201409:30 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:13-cr-02236-01-JAS-BPVSentencing
Hide details for Agustin Garcia-GarciaAgustin Garcia-Garcia
07/25/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-04565-01--LABDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Alan Jeffrey FarberAlan Jeffrey Farber
07/23/201402:00 PMHonorable David G Campbell2:13-cr-00221-01-DGCStatus Conference
Hide details for Alberto Barraza-SanchezAlberto Barraza-Sanchez
07/25/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-04567-01--BPVDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Alberto Viscarra-YocupicioAlberto Viscarra-Yocupicio
07/25/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-04566-03--JRDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Alejandro Contreras-GonzalezAlejandro Contreras-Gonzalez
07/24/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-04538-01--CRPDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Alejandro Granillo-AnguianoAlejandro Granillo-Anguiano
07/23/201410:00 AMHonorable James F Metcalf2:14-mj-01687-01-JFMChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Alejandro Martinez SantanaAlejandro Martinez Santana
07/23/201401:50 PMHonorable Linda R Reade2:14-cr-00623-01-GMSSentencing
Hide details for Alex Bence Murillo-LobatoAlex Bence Murillo-Lobato
07/22/201401:30 PMHonorable Linda R Reade2:14-cr-00565-01-NVWSentencing
Hide details for Alexander Ezekial GonzalesAlexander Ezekial Gonzales
07/21/201401:30 PMHonorable David K Duncan2:14-cr-00932-01-SRBStatus Hearing re: Detention Hearing
Hide details for Alfredo Gonzalez-PabloAlfredo Gonzalez-Pablo
07/25/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-04541-04--CRPDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Aloe Vera of America, et al v. USA, et alAloe Vera of America, et al v. USA, et al
07/22/201409:00 AMHonorable James A Teilborg2:99-cv-01794-JATBench Trial
07/23/201408:30 AMHonorable James A Teilborg2:99-cv-01794-JATBench Trial
07/24/201408:30 AMHonorable James A Teilborg2:99-cv-01794-JATBench Trial
Hide details for Alonso Aguirre CanedoAlonso Aguirre Canedo
07/22/201411:40 AMHonorable Linda R Reade2:14-cr-00315-01-SRBSentencing
Hide details for Alycia Michelle CedilloAlycia Michelle Cedillo
07/23/201409:45 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:14-cr-01156-02-CKJ-CRPAppeal Of Magistrate Detention Order
Hide details for Amanda Michelle PhakhongkhamAmanda Michelle Phakhongkham
07/21/201410:30 AMHonorable Steven P Logan3:13-cr-08186-01-SPLSentencing
Hide details for Ambrose BennettAmbrose Bennett
07/21/201411:30 AMHonorable Neil V Wake3:09-cr-08014-02-NVWFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Ambrosio Nunez-LopezAmbrosio Nunez-Lopez
07/23/201401:00 PMHonorable David G Campbell2:12-cr-00982-01-DGCSentencing
Hide details for Ana Cristina Gonzalez-FigueroaAna Cristina Gonzalez-Figueroa
07/24/201410:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-01759-01--CRPDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Ana Elizabeth TapiaAna Elizabeth Tapia
07/25/201409:20 AMHonorable Rosemary Márquez4:14-cr-00660-01-JAS-CRPSentencing
Hide details for Ana Lilia Gallardo-OchoaAna Lilia Gallardo-Ochoa
07/24/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-04557-01--EJMDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Anderson v. Bigelow Management Incorporated et alAnderson v. Bigelow Management Incorporated et al
07/25/201410:30 AMHonorable Roslyn O Silver2:13-cv-00162-ROSStatus Conference
Hide details for Andres Carrillo OrtizAndres Carrillo Ortiz
07/23/201409:20 AMHonorable Linda R Reade2:14-cr-00651-01-GMSSentencing
Hide details for Angel Eduardo OlivasAngel Eduardo Olivas
07/22/201411:30 AMHonorable Linda R Reade2:14-cr-00569-01-SRBSentencing
Hide details for Angel Martin MartinezAngel Martin Martinez
07/21/201409:45 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-cr-01036-01-RM-LABChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Anthony Brion UriasAnthony Brion Urias
07/24/201409:30 AMHonorable D Thomas Ferraro4:14-mj-08659-02-N/A-BGMStatus re MWs or COP
Hide details for Anthony D Castro Anthony D Castro
07/22/201410:00 AMHonorable D Thomas Ferraro4:14-cr-00257-03-JAS-JRCOP and Sentencing
Hide details for Antonio Jose HeberAntonio Jose Heber
07/21/201401:45 PMHonorable D Thomas Ferraro4:13-cr-50132-01-RCC-DTFAdmit/Deny - SR Viol
Hide details for Antonio Rios-SotoAntonio Rios-Soto
07/25/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-04567-02--BPVDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Ariana OrtizAriana Ortiz
07/22/201410:00 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:13-cr-00097-01-CKJ-CRPStatus Conference
Hide details for Arizona Board of Regents v. Seattle Genetics IncorporatedArizona Board of Regents v. Seattle Genetics Incorporated
07/25/201410:00 AMHonorable Neil V Wake2:14-cv-00653-NVWScheduling Conference
Hide details for Arlin HatathlieArlin Hatathlie
07/21/201410:00 AMHonorable Mark E Aspey3:14-cr-08099-01-DGCDetention Hearing
Hide details for Arlin Luigi CarltonArlin Luigi Carlton
07/25/201403:00 PMHonorable Douglas L Rayes3:13-cr-08063-01-DLRSentencing
Hide details for Armando  Negrete-CortezArmando Negrete-Cortez
07/22/201410:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-10744-01--EJMDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Arthur BenallyArthur Benally
07/22/201409:40 AMHonorable Linda R Reade3:07-cr-01232-01-JATFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Arthur ThompsonArthur Thompson
07/21/201403:20 PMHonorable Linda R Reade2:09-cr-50176-01-JATFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Arturo Gonzalez-LopezArturo Gonzalez-Lopez
07/21/201409:20 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:14-cr-00765-02-JAS-EJMSentencing
Hide details for Arturo Talamantes-PompaArturo Talamantes-Pompa
07/21/201410:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-04560-01--DTFDetention/Preliminary Hearing
07/21/201410:00 AMHonorable David G Campbell
07/23/201408:59 AMHonorable Raner C Collins Jennifer Luna Espino, Esq.
07/24/201409:00 AMHonorable Raner C Collins Timothy J. Reppucci, Esq.
Hide details for Becky Jasenia TapiaBecky Jasenia Tapia
07/24/201409:30 AMHonorable D Thomas Ferraro4:14-mj-08659-01-N/A-BGMStatus re MWs or COP
Hide details for Benigno SanchezBenigno Sanchez
07/22/201410:00 AMHonorable Michelle H Burns2:14-mj-07313-01-BSB
Change of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Benito Guevara-AguirreBenito Guevara-Aguirre
07/24/201411:20 AMHonorable Linda R Reade2:14-cr-00650-01-NVWSentencing
Hide details for Benjamin German MorenoBenjamin German Moreno
07/21/201410:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-10736-01--CRPDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Bernabe Montano-GarciaBernabe Montano-Garcia
07/23/201409:00 AMHonorable Rosemary Márquez4:14-cr-00812-01-RM-CRPSentencing
Hide details for Bernadette Elizabeth AntonioBernadette Elizabeth Antonio
07/25/201411:00 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:13-cr-01801-01-CKJ-BPVSentencing
07/25/201411:00 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:14-cr-00152-01-CKJ-JRSentencing
Hide details for Branden PeteBranden Pete
07/22/201401:30 PMHonorable Stephen M McNamee3:03-cr-00355-04-SMMSentencing
Hide details for Brandon Wayne ObrienBrandon Wayne Obrien
07/21/201402:15 PMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:13-cr-01209-01-JGZ-LABAdmit/Deny Hearing / SR
Hide details for Brandy C BoydBrandy C Boyd
07/22/201410:00 AMHonorable Mark E Aspey3:14-po-04173-01-MEAStatus Conference
Hide details for Bridgeview at Hayden Ferry Lakeside Condominium Association Incorporated v. McCarthy Building Companies IncorpBridgeview at Hayden Ferry Lakeside Condominium Association Incorporated v. McCarthy Building Companies Incorporated et al
07/25/201409:15 AMHonorable G Murray Snow2:14-cv-01212-GMSScheduling Conference
Hide details for Brooksby Lamar YazzieBrooksby Lamar Yazzie
07/25/201409:30 AMHonorable Michelle H Burns3:09-cr-08046-01-GMSAdmit/Deny Hearing
Hide details for Bruce Lee PayaBruce Lee Paya
07/21/201410:00 AMHonorable Mark E AspeyCR14-8013-MEA-00IA
07/23/201410:00 AMHonorable Mark E Aspey3:14-cr-8013-00Detention and Preliminary Revocation Hearings
Hide details for Carlos  Mendoza-PadillaCarlos Mendoza-Padilla
07/21/201410:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-10737-01--BGMDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Carlos Ballardo-RamosCarlos Ballardo-Ramos
07/24/201401:00 PMHonorable Rosemary Marquez4:13-cr-02177-01-JAS-LABChange Of Plea Hearing
07/24/201401:00 PMHonorable Rosemary Márquez4:13-cr-02177-01-JAS-LABChange Of Plea/Sentencing
07/25/201401:00 PMHonorable Rosemary Márquez4:13-cr-02177-01-JAS-LABSentencing
Hide details for Carlos Omar Dorador-MendozaCarlos Omar Dorador-Mendoza
07/25/201409:40 AMHonorable Linda R Reade2:14-cr-00494-01-NVWSentencing
Hide details for Carlos Reyes-ApodacaCarlos Reyes-Apodaca
07/23/201410:00 AMHonorable David K Duncan2:14-cr-00925-01-GMSInitial Appearance and Arraignment
Hide details for Carlos Roberto Pavon-BenCarlos Roberto Pavon-Ben
07/23/201410:00 AMHonorable David K Duncan2:14-cr-00969-01-SRBArraignment
Hide details for Carmen Cecilia Aramburo-GarciaCarmen Cecilia Aramburo-Garcia
07/24/201410:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-01757-01--BGMDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Cecelia Lillian AlvarezCecelia Lillian Alvarez
07/25/201402:00 PMHonorable Mark E Aspey3:14-cr-08127-01-MEAChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Cesar Giovanny Alonzo-AguilarCesar Giovanny Alonzo-Aguilar
07/21/201402:30 PMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-cr-00016-01-CKJ-LABMotion Hearing
Hide details for Cesar Luna-CortezCesar Luna-Cortez
07/23/201411:10 AMHonorable Linda R Reade2:14-cr-00593-01-NVWSentencing
Hide details for Cesar Octavio Martinez-AguilarCesar Octavio Martinez-Aguilar
07/21/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-04520-11--BGMDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Charles JonesCharles Jones
07/22/201411:10 AMHonorable Linda R Reade3:99-cr-00893-01-ROSFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Charlew Fonseca-CamposCharlew Fonseca-Campos
07/21/201409:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-cr-00426-01-JAS-LABChange Of Plea Hearing
07/21/201409:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-cr-00426-01-JAS-LABMotion Hearing #21
Hide details for Cheyenne Lynn WeeksCheyenne Lynn Weeks
07/24/201409:50 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:10-cr-03669-01-RCC-BPVFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Chrissy EskeetsChrissy Eskeets
07/22/201410:00 AMHonorable David K Duncan3:14-cr-08028-01-GMSRelease Hearing
Hide details for Christina Marie NorrisChristina Marie Norris
07/22/201410:45 AMHonorable David C Bury4:09-cr-02401-01-DCB-BPVFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Christopher Joseph WilliamsChristopher Joseph Williams
07/22/201409:00 AMHonorable D Thomas Ferraro4:14-cr-00213-01-JGZ-DTFChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Christopher Mark EvensonChristopher Mark Evenson
07/21/201401:45 PMHonorable David C Bury4:11-cr-01388-02-DCB-JRSentencing
Hide details for Correia v. UNUM Life Insurance Company of AmericaCorreia v. UNUM Life Insurance Company of America
07/24/201409:00 AMHonorable Diane J Humetewa2:14-cv-00516-DJHDiscovery Hearing
Hide details for Crescencio Garcia-MoralesCrescencio Garcia-Morales
07/21/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-10723-01--EJMDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Cresencio Tomas Arcudia-RequejoCresencio Tomas Arcudia-Requejo
07/23/201411:30 AMHonorable Linda R Reade2:14-cr-00614-01-GMSSentencing
07/21/201408:00 AMHonorable David K Duncan
07/22/201408:00 AMHonorable David K Duncan
07/23/201408:00 AMHonorable David K Duncan
07/24/201408:00 AMHonorable David K Duncan
07/25/201408:00 AMHonorable David K Duncan
Hide details for CRIMINAL DUTY - Change of Plea/SentencingsCRIMINAL DUTY - Change of Plea/Sentencings
07/21/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco
07/22/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco
07/24/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco
07/25/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco
Hide details for CRIMINAL DUTY - FeloniesCRIMINAL DUTY - Felonies
07/21/201410:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco
07/22/201410:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco
07/24/201410:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco
07/25/201410:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco
Hide details for Cristian Abraham AvechucoCristian Abraham Avechuco
07/22/201409:20 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-cr-00802-01-JAS-JRChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Cristian Esteban Haro LopezCristian Esteban Haro Lopez
07/23/201411:50 AMHonorable Linda R Reade2:14-cr-00612-01-SRBSentencing
Hide details for Cruz Ignacio ZarateCruz Ignacio Zarate
07/21/201411:40 AMHonorable Linda R Reade2:14-cr-00577-01-SRBSentencing
Hide details for Crystle Shyann HendricksCrystle Shyann Hendricks
07/21/201402:00 PMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:11-cr-04286-03-RCC-LABAdmit/Deny Hearing / SR
Hide details for Damian Walter HallerDamian Walter Haller
07/24/201410:00 AMHonorable Mark E Aspey3:14-po-04200-01-MEAStatus Conference
Hide details for Daniel Hernandez-HernandezDaniel Hernandez-Hernandez
07/23/201410:45 AMHonorable David C Bury4:12-cr-00414-01-DCB-CRPResentencing
Hide details for Darius Adrain BlackwellDarius Adrain Blackwell
07/21/201403:00 PMHonorable Neil V Wake2:13-cr-01462-01-NVWStatus Conference
Hide details for Darlene Rose PughDarlene Rose Pugh
07/21/201402:00 PMHonorable David C Bury4:12-cr-00761-04-DCB-LABFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Darrell James Pancho, Sr.Darrell James Pancho, Sr.
07/23/201409:00 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:09-cr-00483-01-RCC-BPVFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Daver Cardenas-RuizDaver Cardenas-Ruiz
07/25/201409:00 AMHonorable Rosemary Márquez4:10-cr-02413-01-RM-JRFinal Disposition
07/25/201409:00 AMHonorable Rosemary Márquez4:14-cr-00135-01-RM-JRSentencing
Hide details for David Castillo-VillarrealDavid Castillo-Villarreal
07/24/201409:30 AMHonorable Rosemary Márquez4:12-cr-01417-01-RCC-CRPFinal Disposition
07/24/201409:30 AMHonorable Rosemary Márquez4:14-cr-00050-01-RCC-CRPSentencing
Hide details for David Peter Deysie, JrDavid Peter Deysie, Jr
07/23/201401:30 PMHonorable G Murray Snow3:14-cr-08112-01-GMSMotion Hearing
Hide details for David Rodriguez-CordovaDavid Rodriguez-Cordova
07/21/201410:10 AMHonorable Linda R Reade2:13-cr-01630-01-GMSSentencing
Hide details for Deangelo Logen WalemaDeangelo Logen Walema
07/21/201403:00 PMHonorable Neil V Wake3:13-cr-08217-01-NVWStatus Conference
Hide details for Deister-Schultz v. Pima, County ofDeister-Schultz v. Pima, County of
07/22/201409:30 AMHonorable David C Bury4:14-cv-02011-DCBScheduling Conference
Hide details for Demecio Avila-CorcueraDemecio Avila-Corcuera
07/25/201410:00 AMHonorable Michelle H Burns2:14-mj-03223-01-LOA
Change of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Derevron Lorin BegayDerevron Lorin Begay
07/21/201403:00 PMHonorable Neil V Wake3:13-cr-08128-01-NVWStatus Conference
Hide details for Diogenes Santos GasparDiogenes Santos Gaspar
07/23/201409:00 AMHonorable David K Duncan3:14-mj-06200-01-DKDMisdemeanor Change of Plea Hearing and Sentencing
Hide details for Donald Oliver HamiltonDonald Oliver Hamilton
07/22/201402:00 PMHonorable David K Duncan2:14-cr-00865-11-DJHDetention Hearing
Hide details for Drake et al v. Eloy, City of et alDrake et al v. Eloy, City of et al
07/25/201404:30 PMHonorable David G Campbell2:14-cv-00670-DGCScheduling Conference
Hide details for Dwayne RedhairDwayne Redhair
07/21/201410:00 AMHonorable Neil V Wake3:14-cr-08070-01-NVWSentencing
Hide details for Eduardo Alejandro Cuen-SotoEduardo Alejandro Cuen-Soto
07/22/201411:00 AMHonorable Linda R Reade2:14-cr-00570-01-NVWSentencing
Hide details for Eduardo Leyva-SarabiaEduardo Leyva-Sarabia
07/21/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-04520-09--BGMDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Edwin Javier Valle-RaudalesEdwin Javier Valle-Raudales
07/25/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-04541-02--CRPDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Efrain Domingo AndradeEfrain Domingo Andrade
07/21/201411:00 AMHonorable G Murray Snow2:13-cr-01111-03-GMSSentencing
Hide details for Elmer David Sanchez-CruzElmer David Sanchez-Cruz
07/24/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-04559-03--BPVDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Elvin Reynaldo Gamez-TorrezElvin Reynaldo Gamez-Torrez
07/24/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-04559-02--BPVDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Emilio Alberto Villa-GarciaEmilio Alberto Villa-Garcia
07/24/201401:30 PMHonorable Linda R Reade2:14-cr-00679-01-DGCSentencing
Hide details for Emilio Diosdado-GarciaEmilio Diosdado-Garcia
07/21/201411:20 AMHonorable Linda R Reade2:14-cr-00616-01-NVWSentencing
Hide details for Enrique  Zazueta-UrreaEnrique Zazueta-Urrea
07/22/201410:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-10743-01--DTFDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Eric Aguirre-DuranEric Aguirre-Duran
07/23/201402:10 PMHonorable Linda R Reade2:14-cr-00624-01-GMSSentencing
07/23/201402:10 PMHonorable Linda R Reade4:12-cr-02267-01-GMSFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Erick Omar Uzarraga-BustamanteErick Omar Uzarraga-Bustamante
07/24/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-04558-01--BGMDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Erika BurciagaErika Burciaga
07/21/201410:00 AMHonorable G Murray Snow2:14-cr-00019-01-GMSStatus Conference
Hide details for Ernesto De DiosErnesto De Dios
07/21/201403:30 PMHonorable Linda R Reade2:14-cr-00402-01-NVWSentencing
Hide details for Everardo DuarteEverardo Duarte
07/21/201402:00 PMHonorable Lawrence O Anderson3:13-cr-08158-01-GMSChange of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Evier Chaparro-ArmendarizEvier Chaparro-Armendariz
07/21/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-04520-02--BGMDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Fabian BallesterosFabian Ballesteros
07/24/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-10729-01--JRDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Faron Wayne AllenFaron Wayne Allen
07/21/201409:00 AMHonorable Diane J Humetewa2:14-cr-00856-01-DJHChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Faustino Olivares ArrellanoFaustino Olivares Arrellano
07/22/201401:00 PMHonorable James A Teilborg2:14-cr-00631-01-JATSentencing
Hide details for Felipe CordovaFelipe Cordova
07/21/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-04519-01--CRPDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Felix Morales-VizcarraFelix Morales-Vizcarra
07/25/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-04567-03--BPVDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Felony Initial AppearancesFelony Initial Appearances
07/21/201401:30 PMHonorable James F Metcalf IA/AC/DH
07/22/201401:30 PMHonorable James F Metcalf IA/AC/DH
07/23/201411:30 AMHonorable James F Metcalf IA/AC/DH
07/24/201411:30 AMHonorable James F Metcalf IA/AC/DH
07/25/201411:30 AMHonorable James F Metcalf IA/AC/DH
Hide details for Filemon Mancinas-SarabiaFilemon Mancinas-Sarabia
07/22/201401:15 PMHonorable Rosemary Márquez4:14-cr-00760-01-RCC-LABSentencing
Hide details for Francisca PadillaFrancisca Padilla
07/21/201411:00 AMHonorable David K Duncan2:13-cr-01198-01-DGCChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Francisco  Alarcon-RamirezFrancisco Alarcon-Ramirez
07/24/201410:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-10748-01--DTFDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Francisco Damian HernandezFrancisco Damian Hernandez
07/21/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-04520-10--BGMDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Francisco Guadalupe OsunaFrancisco Guadalupe Osuna
07/25/201410:20 AMHonorable Linda R Reade2:12-cr-02116-01-GMSFinal Disposition Hearing
07/25/201410:20 AMHonorable Linda R Reade2:14-cr-00696-01-GMSSentencing
Hide details for Francisco Javier AlmarazFrancisco Javier Almaraz
07/25/201401:30 PMHonorable Michelle H Burns2:14-mj-03218-01-LOA
Change of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Francisco Javier Celaya-GonzalezFrancisco Javier Celaya-Gonzalez
07/24/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-04553-01--CRPDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Francisco Maclovio Lunas-FloresFrancisco Maclovio Lunas-Flores
07/23/201401:30 PMHonorable Linda R Reade2:14-cr-00619-01-DGCSentencing
Hide details for Francisco Valenzuela-ValenzuelaFrancisco Valenzuela-Valenzuela
07/22/201403:00 PMHonorable Michelle H Burns2:14-mj-07344-01-BSBMisdemeanor Change of Plea Hearing and Sentencing
Hide details for Fredi Garay-RamosFredi Garay-Ramos
07/24/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-04559-05--BPVDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Gabriel Anthony QuainGabriel Anthony Quain
07/24/201410:00 AMHonorable Mark E Aspey3:14-po-04142-01-MEAPlea And Sentence
Hide details for Gabriel Cumplido-CamachoGabriel Cumplido-Camacho
07/21/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-10722-01--LABDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Gaspar Torres HernandezGaspar Torres Hernandez
07/23/201401:30 PMHonorable David K Duncan4:09-cr-02584-01-JATStatus Hearing re: Preliminary Revocation Hearing
Hide details for Gaston  Ramos-HernandezGaston Ramos-Hernandez
07/24/201410:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-10749-01--JRDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Gaudencio  Salinas-GomezGaudencio Salinas-Gomez
07/22/201410:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-10742-01--DTFDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Genaro Fimbres-MoranGenaro Fimbres-Moran
07/23/201409:20 AMHonorable Rosemary Márquez4:13-cr-00955-01-RCC-DTFSentencing
Hide details for George Alejandro Gonzalez-AvitiaGeorge Alejandro Gonzalez-Avitia
07/22/201409:00 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-cr-01035-04-JGZ-EJMChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for German Martinez-RosasGerman Martinez-Rosas
07/22/201404:00 PMHonorable Lawrence O Anderson2:09-cr-00437-01-JATAdmit/Deny Hearing
Hide details for Gilberto Herrera-SanchezGilberto Herrera-Sanchez
07/25/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-04543-01--BPVDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Gilberto Placencia-MedinaGilberto Placencia-Medina
07/21/201410:00 AMHonorable Steven P Logan2:14-cr-00428-01-SPLSentencing
07/21/201410:00 AMHonorable Steven P Logan2:14-cr-50077-01-SPLFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Gilberto Valenzuela-BobadillaGilberto Valenzuela-Bobadilla
07/22/201409:50 AMHonorable Linda R Reade2:10-cr-00025-01-JATFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Giovani Sauceda QuinonesGiovani Sauceda Quinones
07/23/201402:00 PMHonorable Michelle H Burns2:14-mj-06164-01-DKD
Change of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Gonzalo Espinoza-FuentesGonzalo Espinoza-Fuentes
07/22/201410:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-04570-01--BGMDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Gonzalo Quiroz-Lima Gonzalo Quiroz-Lima
07/21/201409:45 AMHonorable Douglas L Rayes2:14-cr-00497-01-DLRSentencing
Hide details for Grady BlackwellGrady Blackwell
07/21/201403:00 PMHonorable Neil V Wake2:13-cr-01462-02-NVWStatus Conference
07/22/201404:45 PMHonorable David K Duncan
07/23/201411:40 AMHonorable Rosemary Márquez
Hide details for Gregorio  Molina-CarranzaGregorio Molina-Carranza
07/24/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-10741-01--JRDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Griselda Rodriguez-ValdezGriselda Rodriguez-Valdez
07/22/201409:10 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:14-cr-00611-01-RCC-DTFSentencing
Hide details for Guadalupe Andres ArvalloGuadalupe Andres Arvallo
07/22/201410:10 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-05962-01-N/A-JR
Change of Plea to Felony Information
Hide details for Gustavo Salazar ArteagaGustavo Salazar Arteaga
07/24/201410:00 AMHonorable Linda R Reade2:14-cr-00638-01-DGCSentencing
Hide details for Haffer v. Salt River ProjectHaffer v. Salt River Project
07/23/201409:30 AMHonorable Douglas L Rayes2:14-cv-01213-DLRRule 16 Scheduling Conference
Hide details for Hammons et al v. US Medical Home Incorporated et alHammons et al v. US Medical Home Incorporated et al
07/25/201411:00 AMHonorable Roslyn O Silver2:13-cv-01016-ROSScheduling Conference
Hide details for Hector Alex RavagoHector Alex Ravago
07/22/201409:10 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-05952-01-N/A-BPV, 14-WI-120-JGZChange of Plea to Felony Information
07/25/201409:00 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco14-mj-5952-N/-00A-BPV, 14-WI-120-JGZChange of Plea to Felony Information
Hide details for Hector Miguel Montejano-LunaHector Miguel Montejano-Luna
07/21/201410:30 AMHonorable G Murray Snow2:14-cr-00544-01-GMSSentencing
Hide details for Hector Reyes-MaciasHector Reyes-Macias
07/21/201411:10 AMHonorable Linda R Reade2:14-cr-00467-01-ROSSentencing
07/21/201411:10 AMHonorable Linda R Reade2:14-cr-50085-01-ROSFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Hector Yanez-ArroyoHector Yanez-Arroyo
07/23/201409:30 AMHonorable James F Metcalf2:14-mp-62666-01-JFMSH: Plea/ Sentence
Hide details for Hiram Alexis Dominguez-MoralesHiram Alexis Dominguez-Morales
07/23/201410:00 AMHonorable David K Duncan2:14-cr-00966-01-DLRArraignment
07/21/201402:00 PMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco
07/21/201403:00 PMHonorable David K Duncan
07/22/201402:00 PMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco
07/22/201403:00 PMHonorable David K Duncan
07/23/201402:00 PMHonorable David K Duncan
07/24/201402:00 PMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco
07/24/201403:00 PMHonorable David K Duncan
07/25/201402:00 PMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco
07/25/201403:00 PMHonorable David K Duncan
Hide details for Inverter Technology Incorporated v. Toshiba Mitsubishi-Electric Industrial Systems CorporationInverter Technology Incorporated v. Toshiba Mitsubishi-Electric Industrial Systems Corporation
07/25/201409:30 AMHonorable Neil V Wake2:14-cv-00743-NVWScheduling Conference
Hide details for Isaac MizquezIsaac Mizquez
07/25/201410:10 AMHonorable Linda R Reade2:14-cr-00686-01-SRBSentencing
Hide details for Ismael Valenzuela RochaIsmael Valenzuela Rocha
07/23/201409:00 AMHonorable Diane J Humetewa2:14-cr-00860-01-DJHChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Jaime Donay Diaz-MartinezJaime Donay Diaz-Martinez
07/22/201403:30 PMHonorable D Thomas Ferraro4:14-cr-01064-01-JAS-LABStatus Hearing Re:Video Depositions of Mat. Wits.
07/23/201409:00 AMHonorable D Thomas Ferraro4:14-cr-01064-01-JAS-LABMaterial Witness Video Depositions
Hide details for Jaime Olalde-BelevinJaime Olalde-Belevin
07/21/201401:30 PMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-cr-50069-01-JGZ-LABAdmit/Deny Hearing / SR
Hide details for Jaime Rodriguez-PantojaJaime Rodriguez-Pantoja
07/25/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-04542-01--BPVDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for James WallaceJames Wallace
07/22/201410:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-04571-01--DTFDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Javier Humberto Acosta-RiosJavier Humberto Acosta-Rios
07/22/201409:00 AMHonorable Diane J Humetewa2:14-cr-00857-01-DJHChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Javier Parra-ArredondoJavier Parra-Arredondo
07/24/201410:20 AMHonorable Linda R Reade2:14-cr-00692-01-GMSSentencing
Hide details for Javier Rodriguez De PazJavier Rodriguez De Paz
07/25/201409:40 AMHonorable Rosemary Márquez2:13-cr-00178-01-JAS-BPVFinal Disposition Hearing
07/25/201409:40 AMHonorable Rosemary Márquez4:14-cr-00193-01-JAS-BPVSentencing
Hide details for Javier Sandoval FigueroaJavier Sandoval Figueroa
07/22/201401:30 PMHonorable David K Duncan2:14-mj-06169-01-DKD
Change of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Javier Valdez-PolancoJavier Valdez-Polanco
07/21/201410:30 AMHonorable Neil V Wake2:09-cr-00606-01-NVWFinal Disposition Hearing
07/21/201410:30 AMHonorable Neil V Wake2:14-cr-00350-01-NVWSentencing
Hide details for Jennifer Lynn BassJennifer Lynn Bass
07/24/201410:00 AMHonorable Mark E Aspey3:12-mj-04066-01-MEAStatus Conference
Hide details for Jeremy Lee GarciaJeremy Lee Garcia
07/23/201409:45 AMHonorable Rosemary Márquez4:13-cr-02250-01-RM-BGMSentencing
Hide details for Jess T YazzieJess T Yazzie
07/21/201411:00 AMHonorable Steven P Logan3:04-cr-00007-01-SPLFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Jesse Gabriel VavagesJesse Gabriel Vavages
07/22/201410:30 AMHonorable David C Bury4:11-cr-01185-02-DCB-DTFFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Jesse Lee Colten ChamberlainJesse Lee Colten Chamberlain
07/22/201403:30 PMHonorable David K Duncan2:14-cr-00374-01-SRBDetention Hearing
Hide details for Jesus Alejandro Moroyoqui ParraJesus Alejandro Moroyoqui Parra
07/22/201409:10 AMHonorable Linda R Reade2:14-cr-00675-01-ROSSentencing
Hide details for Jesus Gonzalez-CamposJesus Gonzalez-Campos
07/21/201403:30 PMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:12-cr-01499-01-SRBFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Jesus Guerrero-ValenciaJesus Guerrero-Valencia
07/21/201404:00 PMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:14-cr-00321-01-SRBStatus Conference
Hide details for Jesus Manuel Castro-MoralesJesus Manuel Castro-Morales
07/21/201401:30 PMHonorable Stephen M McNamee2:14-cr-00031-01-SMMSentencing
Hide details for Jesus Omar Maytorena-LaraJesus Omar Maytorena-Lara
07/21/201402:15 PMHonorable D Thomas Ferraro4:14-cr-50038-01-CKJ-DTFAdmit/Deny - SR Viol
Hide details for Jesus Ramon Gonzalez-RamirezJesus Ramon Gonzalez-Ramirez
07/22/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-10726-01--JRDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Jesus Roberto Felix-PinedaJesus Roberto Felix-Pineda
07/24/201410:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-01758-01--CRPDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Jesus Rodrigo Avila-DominguezJesus Rodrigo Avila-Dominguez
07/21/201410:20 AMHonorable Linda R Reade2:14-cr-00538-01-NVWSentencing
Hide details for Jimmy SalcedoJimmy Salcedo
07/24/201411:30 AMHonorable James F Metcalf2:14-cr-00967-01-DJHArraignment
Hide details for Jiro Lopez-RamirezJiro Lopez-Ramirez
07/22/201409:30 AMHonorable D Thomas Ferraro2:13-cr-00472-01-JGZ-DTF
Admit/Deny SR and COP
Hide details for Jocobo Topete et al v. Deutsche Bank National Trust Company et alJocobo Topete et al v. Deutsche Bank National Trust Company et al
07/25/201402:00 PMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:14-cv-02145-CKJPreliminary Injunction Hrg
Hide details for Joel FelixJoel Felix
07/23/201411:00 AMHonorable David K Duncan2:14-mj-06152-01-DKDChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Johanan Matias MunozJohanan Matias Munoz
07/23/201409:30 AMHonorable Linda R Reade2:08-cr-00241-01-ROSFinal Disposition Hearing
07/23/201409:30 AMHonorable Linda R Reade2:14-cr-00633-01-ROSSentencing
Hide details for John Joseph CamerlinJohn Joseph Camerlin
07/22/201409:00 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:14-cr-00262-01-RCC-BPVSentencing
Hide details for John Robert SchultzJohn Robert Schultz
07/21/201402:30 PMHonorable D Thomas Ferraro4:11-cr-01467-02-RCC-DTFAdmit/Deny - SR Viol
Hide details for Jonathan Kristopher FaganJonathan Kristopher Fagan
07/22/201409:30 AMHonorable James F Metcalf2:14-cr-00745-01-SRBChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Jordan Eucebio VillelaJordan Eucebio Villela
07/21/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-04521-01--BGMPreliminary Hearing
07/22/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-04521-01--BGMPreliminary Hearing
Hide details for Jorge Alberto Sanchez-RuizJorge Alberto Sanchez-Ruiz
07/24/201409:20 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-cr-00925-01-RM-BPVChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Jorge Alejandro Ruiz-GardunoJorge Alejandro Ruiz-Garduno
07/21/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-10724-01--CRPDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Jorge Arenas EstradaJorge Arenas Estrada
07/23/201411:00 AMHonorable Linda R Reade2:14-cr-00594-01-GMSSentencing
Hide details for Jorge Eduardo Rodriguez-RamirezJorge Eduardo Rodriguez-Ramirez
07/23/201410:00 AMHonorable David K Duncan3:14-cr-08137-01-DLRArraignment
Hide details for Jorge Garcia-QuinonesJorge Garcia-Quinones
07/21/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-04520-08--BGMDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Jorge Guzman-AraujoJorge Guzman-Araujo
07/25/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-10719-01-N/A-BPVDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Jorge Lucas-VelascoJorge Lucas-Velasco
07/24/201411:40 AMHonorable Linda R Reade2:14-cr-00673-01-GMSSentencing
Hide details for Jose Alberto Gomez CortesJose Alberto Gomez Cortes
07/24/201410:00 AMHonorable Michelle H Burns2:14-cr-00202-01-NVW
Change of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Jose Alberto SomeraJose Alberto Somera
07/22/201411:00 AMHonorable David K Duncan2:14-mj-01745-01-JFMStatus Hearing re: Detention and Preliminary Hearings
Hide details for Jose Angel Ayala-JupameaJose Angel Ayala-Jupamea
07/23/201402:00 PMHonorable Michelle H Burns2:14-mj-07303-01-BSB
Change of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Jose Angel Delgado-FelixJose Angel Delgado-Felix
07/24/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-04555-01--DTFDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Jose Antonio Murua-CarranzaJose Antonio Murua-Carranza
07/21/201402:10 PMHonorable Linda R Reade2:14-cr-00615-01-SRBSentencing
Hide details for Jose Cornelio Hernandez-BalbuenaJose Cornelio Hernandez-Balbuena
07/23/201402:20 PMHonorable Linda R Reade2:14-cr-00620-01-GMSSentencing
Hide details for Jose Cruz-ChavezJose Cruz-Chavez
07/24/201409:20 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:14-cr-00314-01-JAS-LABSentencing
Hide details for Jose De Jesus-MendozaJose De Jesus-Mendoza
07/24/201409:40 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:14-cr-00810-01-JAS-DTFSentencing
Hide details for Jose De La Luz Cruz-TorresJose De La Luz Cruz-Torres
07/24/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-04559-04--BPVDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Jose Efren Garcia-PenalosaJose Efren Garcia-Penalosa
07/21/201409:00 AMHonorable G Murray Snow2:13-cr-01111-01-GMSSentencing
Hide details for Jose Guillermo Aguirre-OliverosJose Guillermo Aguirre-Oliveros
07/23/201409:10 AMHonorable Linda R Reade2:14-cr-00357-01-SRBSentencing
Hide details for Jose Hernandez-HernandezJose Hernandez-Hernandez
07/22/201402:00 PMHonorable Linda R Reade2:14-cr-00568-01-GMSSentencing
07/22/201402:00 PMHonorable Linda R Reade2:14-cr-50075-01-GMSFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Jose Islava-BaltierrezJose Islava-Baltierrez
07/21/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-04520-06--BGMDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Jose Jaime Rodriguez-JimenezJose Jaime Rodriguez-Jimenez
07/25/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-04542-03--BPVDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Jose Luis Ochoa-GomezJose Luis Ochoa-Gomez
07/21/201409:40 AMHonorable Linda R Reade2:14-cr-00589-01-DGCSentencing
Hide details for Jose Luis Solorio-GazcaJose Luis Solorio-Gazca
07/21/201411:30 AMHonorable Linda R Reade2:14-cr-00617-01-DGCSentencing
Hide details for Jose Madrid-SolisJose Madrid-Solis
07/21/201410:15 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman14-mj-29241-L-01ABPH/COP/SENT
Hide details for Jose Manuel Calderon-BacasehuaJose Manuel Calderon-Bacasehua
07/24/201411:30 AMHonorable Linda R Reade2:14-cr-00334-01-DGCSentencing
Hide details for Jose Martin BalbastroJose Martin Balbastro
07/23/201411:00 AMHonorable David K Duncan2:14-mj-06191-01-DKDChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Jose O PachecoJose O Pacheco
07/21/201403:00 PMHonorable Douglas L Rayes2:13-cr-01516-01-DLRSentencing
Hide details for Jose Pedro Puga-QuirozJose Pedro Puga-Quiroz
07/21/201410:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-10735-01--JRDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Jose Ramon Montijo-EstrellaJose Ramon Montijo-Estrella
07/23/201402:00 PMHonorable Linda R Reade2:14-cr-00627-01-JATSentencing
Hide details for Jose Ruiz-CoronadoJose Ruiz-Coronado
07/21/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-10725-01--JRDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Jose Salvador Diaz-BenitezJose Salvador Diaz-Benitez
07/23/201410:00 AMHonorable David C Bury4:12-cr-01082-01-DCB-BGMSentencing
Hide details for Jose Sanchez-AvilaJose Sanchez-Avila
07/24/201402:20 PMHonorable Linda R Reade2:14-cr-00317-01-SRBSentencing
Hide details for Jose Sarazua-RomeroJose Sarazua-Romero
07/21/201410:00 AMHonorable Linda R Reade2:14-cr-00582-01-DGCSentencing
Hide details for Jose Ulises Urias-MonedaJose Ulises Urias-Moneda
07/21/201409:30 AMHonorable Neil V Wake2:13-cr-00283-02-NVWSentencing
Hide details for Jose Valeriano Fuentes-OrellanaJose Valeriano Fuentes-Orellana
07/21/201409:30 AMHonorable Linda R Reade2:14-cr-00476-01-DGCSentencing
Hide details for Joseph Jared Tovar-TrejoJoseph Jared Tovar-Trejo
07/25/201409:30 AMHonorable Linda R Reade2:14-cr-00531-01-GMSSentencing
Hide details for Josue Arreola-CoronadoJosue Arreola-Coronado
07/22/201410:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-04571-03--DTFDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Josue Manuel Roque-AmadorJosue Manuel Roque-Amador
07/24/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-04541-05--CRPDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Juan  Camas-PerezJuan Camas-Perez
07/24/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-10734-01--EJMDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Juan Abraham Gutierrez-ZazuetaJuan Abraham Gutierrez-Zazueta
07/24/201409:00 AMHonorable D Thomas Ferraro4:14-mj-29064-01-N/A-DTFStatus Conference
Hide details for Juan Alvarez PadillaJuan Alvarez Padilla
07/21/201410:30 AMHonorable Douglas L Rayes2:14-cr-00199-01-DLRSentencing
Hide details for Juan Carlos Hernandez-MartinezJuan Carlos Hernandez-Martinez
07/25/201410:00 AMHonorable Michelle H Burns2:14-mj-03221-01-LOA
Change of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Juan Francisco Zabalza-MurrietaJuan Francisco Zabalza-Murrieta
07/22/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-04532-01--EJMDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Juan Heriberto Murillo-MaciasJuan Heriberto Murillo-Macias
07/24/201409:00 AMHonorable Rosemary Marquez4:11-cr-01342-01-RM-DTFFinal Disposition
07/24/201409:00 AMHonorable Rosemary Márquez4:11-cr-01342-01-RM-DTFFinal Disposition
07/24/201409:00 AMHonorable Rosemary Marquez4:14-cr-00256-01-RM-DTFSentencing
07/24/201409:00 AMHonorable Rosemary Márquez4:14-cr-00256-01-RM-DTFSentencing
Hide details for Juan Jimenez-CaroJuan Jimenez-Caro
07/22/201409:30 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson3:12-cr-08061-01-CKJ-DTFDisposition Hrg - S/R
07/22/201409:30 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:14-cr-00542-01-CKJ-DTFSentencing
Hide details for Juan Lopez-LopezJuan Lopez-Lopez
07/23/201410:00 AMHonorable Michelle H Burns2:14-mj-00262-01-MHBMisdemeanor Change of Plea Hearing and Sentencing
Hide details for Juan Miguel Armando LopezJuan Miguel Armando Lopez
07/24/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-04559-01--BPVDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Juan Ontiveros-AvilaJuan Ontiveros-Avila
07/22/201411:00 AMHonorable James F Metcalf2:14-mj-01641-01-JFMPlea And Sentence
Hide details for Juan Ornelas-GalavisJuan Ornelas-Galavis
07/24/201403:30 PMHonorable Linda R Reade2:14-cr-00632-01-SRBSentencing
Hide details for Julio  Morales-RamirezJulio Morales-Ramirez
07/25/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-10745-01--BPVDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Julio Chavez-LopezJulio Chavez-Lopez
07/23/201410:00 AMHonorable Linda R Reade2:14-cr-00592-01-ROSSentencing
Hide details for Justin Robert BarberJustin Robert Barber
07/22/201410:15 AMHonorable David C Bury4:10-cr-01785-01-DCB-DTFFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Kaleb Leonard ManuelKaleb Leonard Manuel
07/24/201410:00 AMHonorable Mark E Aspey3:12-mj-04316-01-MEAStatus Conference
Hide details for Katt et al v. Riepe et alKatt et al v. Riepe et al
07/22/201404:30 PMHonorable David G Campbell3:14-cv-08042-DGCScheduling Conference
Hide details for Ken Jermaine FowlerKen Jermaine Fowler
07/22/201402:00 PMHonorable G Murray Snow3:12-cr-08156-01-GMS-MHBMotion Hearing
Hide details for Kendall LaneKendall Lane
07/22/201410:00 AMHonorable Mark E Aspey3:11-cr-08129-00-DGCInitial Appearance
Hide details for Kyle Eugene KennettKyle Eugene Kennett
07/22/201409:00 AMHonorable Frank R Zapata4:09-cr-00093-02-FRZ-LABFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Lanette ShowalterLanette Showalter
07/25/201410:45 AMHonorable Rosemary Márquez4:13-cr-01575-01-RM-JRSentencing
Hide details for Lazzerini et al v. Allegiant Air LLC et alLazzerini et al v. Allegiant Air LLC et al
07/25/201402:00 PMHonorable Michelle H Burns2:12-cv-01738-MHBMotion Hearing
Hide details for Leobardo Leandro Europa-CallejaLeobardo Leandro Europa-Calleja
07/21/201409:45 AMHonorable Douglas L Rayes2:13-cr-00797-01-DLRFinal Disposition Hearing
07/21/201409:45 AMHonorable Douglas L Rayes2:14-cr-00560-01-DLRSentencing
Hide details for Leonardo Valenzuela-OntiverosLeonardo Valenzuela-Ontiveros
07/21/201404:00 PMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:14-cr-00576-01-SRBStatus Conference
Hide details for Leopoldo Zavala-BarrazaLeopoldo Zavala-Barraza
07/21/201401:30 PMHonorable Linda R Reade2:14-cr-00477-01-SRBSentencing
Hide details for Lesther Armando-GironLesther Armando-Giron
07/24/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-04559-06--BPVDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Llewellyn Merle Antone, Sr.Llewellyn Merle Antone, Sr.
07/22/201403:00 PMHonorable Lawrence O Anderson2:13-cr-00165-01-SRBAdmit/Deny Hearing
Hide details for Lucio Armando Franco-JimenezLucio Armando Franco-Jimenez
07/21/201411:00 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-cr-00742-01-JAS-LABStatus Conference
Hide details for Luis Antonio Lopez-VelazquezLuis Antonio Lopez-Velazquez
07/21/201402:00 PMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:12-cr-02101-05-SRBSentencing
Hide details for Luis Lujan-CarpioLuis Lujan-Carpio
07/21/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-04520-01--BGMDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Manford David ParleyManford David Parley
07/23/201411:00 AMHonorable David C Bury4:99-cr-01653-01-DCB-LABFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Manuel Dejesus Barrera SantosManuel Dejesus Barrera Santos
07/23/201411:40 AMHonorable Linda R Reade2:14-cr-00340-01-DGCSentencing
Hide details for Manuel Padilla-QuinterosManuel Padilla-Quinteros
07/22/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-04531-01--LABDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Manuel Rodriguez-MartinezManuel Rodriguez-Martinez
07/23/201409:15 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:14-cr-00661-01-CKJ-DTFSentencing
Hide details for Manuel Rodriguez-PelagioManuel Rodriguez-Pelagio
07/22/201409:45 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:14-cr-00569-03-CKJ-LABSentencing
07/22/201409:45 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:14-cr-50049-01-CKJ-LABDisposition Hrg - S/R
Hide details for Manuel Sandoval-NunezManuel Sandoval-Nunez
07/25/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-04566-02--JRDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Marcelino Rodriguez-VasquezMarcelino Rodriguez-Vasquez
07/22/201409:40 AMHonorable Rosemary Márquez4:13-cr-01998-01-RM-DTFSentencing
Hide details for Marco Alonso Gonzalez-CastilloMarco Alonso Gonzalez-Castillo
07/22/201401:50 PMHonorable Linda R Reade2:14-cr-00313-01-GMSSentencing
Hide details for Maria De Lourdes Mendoza-PachecoMaria De Lourdes Mendoza-Pacheco
07/21/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-04518-01--LABDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Maria Isabel GasparMaria Isabel Gaspar
07/23/201411:00 AMHonorable James F Metcalf14-62714MP-00Status re Plea/Sentence
Hide details for Maria TorresMaria Torres
07/24/201409:45 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:14-cr-00677-01-CKJ-DTFSentencing
Hide details for Mariano Remundo-MendezMariano Remundo-Mendez
07/21/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-04520-07--BGMDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Mario  Mora-MondragoMario Mora-Mondrago
07/24/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-10738-01--LABDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Mario Adalberto  Munoz-MadridMario Adalberto Munoz-Madrid
07/24/201410:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-01761-01--BGMDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Mario EquihuaMario Equihua
07/22/201402:00 PMHonorable Raner C Collins4:12-cr-01609-01-RCC-LABStatus Conference
Hide details for Mario Fuentes-HernandezMario Fuentes-Hernandez
07/22/201409:00 AMHonorable D Thomas Ferraro4:14-cr-01167-01-JAS-DTFChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Mario LizarragaMario Lizarraga
07/22/201410:30 AMHonorable Mark E Aspey3:14-mj-04226-01-MEAInitial Appearance
Hide details for Mario Teran-AcunaMario Teran-Acuna
07/24/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-04537-01-CRPDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Marissa Grace TimecheMarissa Grace Timeche
07/22/201410:00 AMHonorable Mark E Aspey3:14-po-04162-01-MEAChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Martin Hernandez-SustaitaMartin Hernandez-Sustaita
07/22/201409:00 AMHonorable David K Duncan2:14-cr-00666-00-GMS
Motion Hearing re: Motion to Withdraw as Attorney
Hide details for Martin NieblasMartin Nieblas
07/22/201409:20 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:08-cr-01071-02-RCC-BGMFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Martin Omar Ramirez-BustamanteMartin Omar Ramirez-Bustamante
07/22/201410:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-04569-01--EJMDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Marycela RivasMarycela Rivas
07/23/201402:30 PMHonorable Michelle H Burns2:13-cr-00388-02-ROSChange of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Marynita MolinaMarynita Molina
07/25/201410:00 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:14-cr-00152-02-CKJ-JRSentencing
Hide details for Matthew Brown GruenderMatthew Brown Gruender
07/23/201410:30 AMHonorable David K Duncan2:13-cr-01363-02-GMSArraignment on Superseding Indictment
Hide details for Mauro Alonso Rodriguez-MillanMauro Alonso Rodriguez-Millan
07/21/201403:10 PMHonorable Linda R Reade2:14-cr-00597-01-NVWSentencing
Hide details for Maximino Ramirez-PerezMaximino Ramirez-Perez
07/24/201410:00 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:14-cr-00006-01-CKJ-BGMSentencing
Hide details for Megan Sherree Hellmann Megan Sherree Hellmann
07/23/201410:00 AMHonorable Mark E Aspey3:14-po-04217-01-MEAPlea And Sentence
Hide details for Michael Angelo ScottMichael Angelo Scott
07/23/201410:10 AMHonorable Linda R Reade2:14-cr-00522-01-ROSSentencing
Hide details for Miguel Angel AltamiranoMiguel Angel Altamirano
07/24/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-04539-01--DTFPreliminary Hearing
Hide details for Miguel Angel Estrada-EstradaMiguel Angel Estrada-Estrada
07/21/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-04520-03--BGMDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Miguel Angel Hernandez-MendozaMiguel Angel Hernandez-Mendoza
07/24/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-08683-01--LABDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Miguel Angel Lopez-SerranoMiguel Angel Lopez-Serrano
07/24/201409:30 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson2:13-cr-00704-01-CKJ-CRPDisposition Hrg - S/R
07/24/201409:30 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:14-cr-00599-01-RM-CRPSentencing
07/24/201410:00 AMHonorable Rosemary Marquez2:13-cr-00704-01-RM-CRPFinal Disposition Hearing
07/24/201410:00 AMHonorable Rosemary Márquez2:13-cr-00704-01-RM-CRPFinal Disposition Hearing
07/24/201410:00 AMHonorable Rosemary Marquez4:14-cr-00599-01-RM-CRPSentencing
07/24/201410:00 AMHonorable Rosemary Márquez4:14-cr-00599-01-RM-CRPSentencing
Hide details for Miguel Angel Sanchez-DelgadoMiguel Angel Sanchez-Delgado
07/25/201410:00 AMHonorable Linda R Reade2:14-cr-00691-01-GMSSentencing
Hide details for Miguel Angel VergaraMiguel Angel Vergara
07/25/201410:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-04550-01Detention/Removal Hearing
Hide details for Miguel Castrejon-TorresMiguel Castrejon-Torres
07/22/201410:10 AMHonorable Linda R Reade2:14-cr-00562-01-NVWSentencing
Hide details for Miguel CostilloMiguel Costillo
07/25/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-04541-01--CRPDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Miguel Ignacio Castro-AlvaradoMiguel Ignacio Castro-Alvarado
07/24/201410:10 AMHonorable Linda R Reade2:14-cr-00435-01-DGCSentencing
Hide details for Miguel Ordaz-FerrerMiguel Ordaz-Ferrer
07/21/201401:50 PMHonorable Linda R Reade2:14-cr-00581-01-SRBSentencing
Hide details for Misdemeanor Initial AppearancesMisdemeanor Initial Appearances
07/21/201401:45 PMHonorable James F Metcalf AC/Plea/Sent
07/22/201401:45 PMHonorable James F Metcalf AC/Plea/Sent
07/23/201411:00 AMHonorable James F Metcalf AC/Plea/Sent
07/24/201411:00 AMHonorable James F Metcalf AC/Plea/Sent
07/25/201411:00 AMHonorable James F Metcalf AC/Plea/Sent
Hide details for Misdemeanor Initial Appearances  Misdemeanor Initial Appearances
07/21/201411:00 AMHonorable James F Metcalf AC/Plea/Sent
Hide details for Moises Adrian Rodriguez-RamirezMoises Adrian Rodriguez-Ramirez
07/25/201411:00 AMHonorable Michelle H Burns2:13-cr-00885-07-GMSChange of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Moises Hernandez FelixMoises Hernandez Felix
07/22/201401:40 PMHonorable Linda R Reade2:14-cr-00567-01-NVWSentencing
Hide details for Moises Ulises Gracia-PalmaMoises Ulises Gracia-Palma
07/23/201409:40 AMHonorable Linda R Reade2:14-cr-00586-01-NVWSentencing
07/25/201410:00 AMHonorable D Thomas Ferraro
07/25/201401:30 PMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco
07/25/201401:30 PMHonorable Susan R Bolton
Hide details for Nickolas v. Structured Asset Mortgage Investments II Trust 2006-AR8, Mortgage Pass-Through Certificates, SerieNickolas v. Structured Asset Mortgage Investments II Trust 2006-AR8, Mortgage Pass-Through Certificates, Series 2006-AR8 et al
07/25/201410:00 AMHonorable Roslyn O Silver2:12-cv-01922-ROSScheduling Conference
07/23/2014Honorable Frank R Zapata
07/24/2014Honorable Frank R Zapata
07/25/2014Honorable Frank R Zapata
Hide details for Omar Alanis-MartinezOmar Alanis-Martinez
07/24/201402:00 PMHonorable Linda R Reade2:14-cr-00671-01-NVWSentencing
Hide details for Oscar Humberto Leon-FigueroaOscar Humberto Leon-Figueroa
07/24/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-04554-01--LABDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Oscar Marquez-CruzOscar Marquez-Cruz
07/23/201409:00 AMHonorable David K Duncan2:14-mj-06198-01-DKDMisdemeanor Change of Plea Hearing and Sentencing
Hide details for Oscar Saul Alvarez-ChavezOscar Saul Alvarez-Chavez
07/24/201409:00 AMHonorable Michelle H Burns2:14-mj-00266-01-MHBPlea and Sentence
Hide details for Pabel Siqueiros-AmarillasPabel Siqueiros-Amarillas
07/21/201404:00 PMHonorable Lawrence O Anderson2:14-mj-03217-01-LOAChange of Plea Hearing and Possible Sentencing
Hide details for Pablo Jimenez-MolinaPablo Jimenez-Molina
07/21/201411:15 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-29348-01-N/A-LABPlea And Sentence
Hide details for Parker Yazzie Manygoats, JrParker Yazzie Manygoats, Jr
07/23/201410:00 AMHonorable Mark E Aspey3:14-po-04209-01-MEAStatus Conference
Hide details for Patricio Verdugo-HuiquiPatricio Verdugo-Huiqui
07/23/201410:00 AMHonorable James F Metcalf2:14-mj-01688-01-JFMChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Patrick John RopePatrick John Rope
07/22/201402:00 PMHonorable Lawrence O Anderson2:09-cr-01400-01-SRBAdmit/Deny Hearing
Hide details for Pedro Corona-MorenoPedro Corona-Moreno
07/22/201409:15 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:13-cr-02164-01-CKJ-DTFSentencing
Hide details for Pedro Juarez-GarciaPedro Juarez-Garcia
07/22/201411:00 AMHonorable David K Duncan2:03-cr-00130-01-SMMStatus Hearing re: Detention and Preliminary Revocation Hearings
Hide details for Pedro Perez-CarmeloPedro Perez-Carmelo
07/24/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-04558-02--BGMDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Pedro Rodolfo Silva-LopezPedro Rodolfo Silva-Lopez
07/24/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-10740-01--EJMDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Pedro VallesPedro Valles
07/21/201401:30 PMHonorable David C Bury4:12-cr-00262-05-DCB-LABSentencing
Hide details for Peterson BegayPeterson Begay
07/22/201410:00 AMHonorable Mark E Aspey3:14-mj-04166-01-MEAStatus Conference
Hide details for Peyton Jermaine RandlePeyton Jermaine Randle
07/25/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-04568-01--LABPreliminary Hearing
Hide details for Placido Ruiz-CruzPlacido Ruiz-Cruz
07/24/201403:00 PMHonorable Linda R Reade2:14-cr-00625-01-SRBSentencing
Hide details for Prestidge v. United States of AmericaPrestidge v. United States of America
07/22/201404:30 PMHonorable Douglas L Rayes2:14-cv-00412-DLRRule 16 Scheduling Conference
Hide details for Radley Allen FernandezRadley Allen Fernandez
07/21/201404:00 PMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:14-cr-00167-01-SRBStatus Conference
Hide details for Raema Kaye SumatzkukuRaema Kaye Sumatzkuku
07/22/201410:00 AMHonorable Mark E Aspey3:12-cr-08182-02-DGCStatus Conference
Hide details for Rafael Ferreira-HernandezRafael Ferreira-Hernandez
07/22/201410:00 AMHonorable Linda R Reade2:14-cr-00564-01-GMSSentencing
Hide details for Rafael Gomez-CovarrubiasRafael Gomez-Covarrubias
07/22/201409:40 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:14-cr-00336-01-RCC-BGMSentencing
Hide details for Rafael Javier-RodriguezRafael Javier-Rodriguez
07/24/201411:10 AMHonorable Linda R Reade3:14-cr-08105-01-GMSSentencing
Hide details for Rafael Lopez-PachecoRafael Lopez-Pacheco
07/24/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-04540-01--BPVDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Rafael Martinez CastroRafael Martinez Castro
07/24/201403:10 PMHonorable Linda R Reade2:14-cr-00626-01-SRBSentencing
Hide details for Ramon Antonio Cardona-CortezRamon Antonio Cardona-Cortez
07/23/201409:15 AMHonorable David C Bury4:11-cr-00208-01-DCB-LABFinal Disposition Hearing
07/23/201409:15 AMHonorable David C Bury4:12-cr-01812-01-DCB-LABSentencing
Hide details for Ramon Becerra-BaltazarRamon Becerra-Baltazar
07/21/201409:50 AMHonorable Linda R Reade2:14-cr-00628-01-NVWSentencing
Hide details for Ramon Padres MenesesRamon Padres Meneses
07/21/201402:30 PMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:13-cr-01291-01-SRBSentencing
Hide details for Randall Lynn EgnerRandall Lynn Egner
07/24/201410:20 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:WI-14-00102-00-JGZ-LABInitial Appearance and Change of Plea to Information
Hide details for Rapp et al v. United States of AmericaRapp et al v. United States of America
07/21/201410:00 AMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:14-cv-00148-SRBMotion Hearing
Hide details for Raul Lopez-SalasRaul Lopez-Salas
07/21/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-04520-05--BGMDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Raul Ojeda-MartinezRaul Ojeda-Martinez
07/22/201409:15 AMHonorable David C Bury4:11-cr-03641-01-DCB-JRSentencing
Hide details for Rayola WeritoRayola Werito
07/23/201410:30 AMHonorable David K Duncan3:14-cr-08132-01-DJHInitial Appearance and Arraignment
Hide details for Ricardo Araujo-BaezRicardo Araujo-Baez
07/24/201401:40 PMHonorable Linda R Reade2:09-cr-00698-01-GMSFinal Disposition Hearing
07/24/201401:40 PMHonorable Linda R Reade2:14-cr-00183-01-GMSSentencing
Hide details for Ricardo Figueroa-BaldenegroRicardo Figueroa-Baldenegro
07/22/201410:10 AMHonorable Rosemary Márquez4:14-cr-00527-01-RCC-BPVSentencing
Hide details for Ricardo Francisco Cabrera-AlcosserRicardo Francisco Cabrera-Alcosser
07/24/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-08686-02--DTFDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Ricardo Gonzalez-OchoaRicardo Gonzalez-Ochoa
07/22/201410:00 AMHonorable James F Metcalf2:14-mj-01639-01-JFMChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Ricardo Romero-ReyesRicardo Romero-Reyes
07/24/201409:10 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:14-cr-00558-01-JAS-BGMSentencing
Hide details for Rigoberto  Mejia-NonatoRigoberto Mejia-Nonato
07/25/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-10746-01--LABDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Ritchie v. Van Ru Credit CorporationRitchie v. Van Ru Credit Corporation
07/21/201402:30 PMHonorable Stephen M McNamee2:12-cv-01714-SMMFinal Approval Hearing
Hide details for Rito Suarez-SifuentesRito Suarez-Sifuentes
07/25/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-04564-01--CRPDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Robert Dale WhiteRobert Dale White
07/22/201410:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-04548-01--DTFDetention Hearing
Hide details for Roberto Alfredo LaraRoberto Alfredo Lara
07/23/201409:00 AMHonorable David C Bury4:10-cr-02783-01-DCB-BPVFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Rogelio Chavez-PachecoRogelio Chavez-Pacheco
07/24/201409:50 AMHonorable Linda R Reade2:14-cr-00630-01-JATSentencing
Hide details for Rogelio Felix-UrquizaRogelio Felix-Urquiza
07/25/201409:00 AMHonorable Linda R Reade2:14-cr-00622-01-JATSentencing
Hide details for Rogelio Gonzalez MendivilRogelio Gonzalez Mendivil
07/22/201410:00 AMHonorable Michelle H Burns2:14-mj-07340-01-BSB
Change of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Roger Phillip JacksonRoger Phillip Jackson
07/22/201401:30 PMHonorable Lawrence O Anderson2:08-cr-00311-01-GMSAdmit/Deny Hearing
07/22/201401:30 PMHonorable Lawrence O Anderson2:13-cr-00343-01-DGCAdmit/Deny Hearing
Hide details for Rolando Zavala AcostaRolando Zavala Acosta
07/23/201409:50 AMHonorable Linda R Reade2:14-cr-00587-01-DGCSentencing
Hide details for Roman Cervantez-HernandezRoman Cervantez-Hernandez
07/22/201409:20 AMHonorable Linda R Reade2:14-cr-00644-01-DGCSentencing
Hide details for Romo v. United States of AmericaRomo v. United States of America
07/21/201409:00 AMHonorable James A Soto4:12-cv-00041-JASBench Trial [Day 1]
07/22/201410:30 AMHonorable James A Soto4:12-cv-00041-JASBench Trial [Day 2]
07/23/201408:30 AMHonorable James A Soto4:12-cv-00041-JASBench Trial [Day 3]
Hide details for Rony Danery Castellanos-MartinezRony Danery Castellanos-Martinez
07/24/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-10728-01--BPVDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Rosa Angela Morales-TellesRosa Angela Morales-Telles
07/24/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-04556-01--BPVDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Rosalia Anna HumoRosalia Anna Humo
07/23/201409:30 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:14-cr-00811-01-CKJ-LABSentencing
Hide details for Roy v. Trans Union LLCRoy v. Trans Union LLC
07/25/201401:30 PMHonorable Diane J Humetewa2:13-cv-01013-DJHTelephone Conference
Hide details for Ruben Edwardo PinedoRuben Edwardo Pinedo
07/21/201410:30 AMHonorable Frank R Zapata4:07-cr-01124-01-FRZ-BPVIn-Court Hearing
Hide details for Salvador Godinez-GonzalezSalvador Godinez-Gonzalez
07/22/201410:15 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:12-cr-01327-01-CKJ-BGMDisposition Hrg - S/R
07/22/201410:15 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:14-cr-00371-01-CKJ-BGMSentencing
Hide details for Samuel Garcia-GarciaSamuel Garcia-Garcia
07/22/201411:00 AMHonorable David K Duncan2:11-cr-02095-01-DGC
2:11-cr-02095-DGC, Status Hearing re: Detention/Preliminary Revocation Hearings
2:14-mj-06214-DKD, Initial Appearance
Hide details for Samuel GutierrezSamuel Gutierrez
07/22/201410:20 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-cr-00886-02-RM-BPVMotion to Withdraw as Attorney
Hide details for Santiago  Cortez-HernandezSantiago Cortez-Hernandez
07/25/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-10747-01--JRDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Santiago Baltazar-CarrilloSantiago Baltazar-Carrillo
07/21/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-04517-01--JRDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Saul Montano-QuijadaSaul Montano-Quijada
07/25/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-04542-02--BPVDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Saul Perez-FrancoSaul Perez-Franco
07/25/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-04566-01--JRDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for SEALED (Brook/Seger/Huerta)SEALED (Brook/Seger/Huerta)
07/22/201401:30 PMHonorable Raner C Collins4:-01Status Conference
07/21/201402:30 PMHonorable David C Bury4:SEALED-01
Hide details for Sergio Fernando Ruiz-ManjarrezSergio Fernando Ruiz-Manjarrez
07/22/201409:30 AMHonorable Linda R Reade2:12-cr-00090-01-DGCFinal Disposition Hearing
07/22/201409:30 AMHonorable Linda R Reade2:14-cr-00558-01-DGCSentencing
Hide details for Sergio Loaiza QuinteroSergio Loaiza Quintero
07/24/201409:30 AMHonorable Linda R Reade2:14-cr-00600-01-NVWSentencing
Hide details for Sergio Perez-LinanSergio Perez-Linan
07/25/201401:15 PMHonorable Rosemary Márquez2:11-cr-00475-01-RM-BGMFinal Disposition
07/25/201401:15 PMHonorable Rosemary Márquez4:13-cr-00935-01-RM-BGMSentencing
Hide details for Servando Isidro-GalavezServando Isidro-Galavez
07/21/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-04520-04--BGMDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Shawn Wayne TennisonShawn Wayne Tennison
07/24/201410:30 AMHonorable Michelle H Burns2:13-cr-08189-01-GMSChange of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Silvano Gutierrez-HernandezSilvano Gutierrez-Hernandez
07/25/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-04541-03--CRPDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Silvestre Ortiz-HernandezSilvestre Ortiz-Hernandez
07/24/201409:40 AMHonorable Linda R Reade2:14-cr-00674-01-NVWSentencing
Hide details for Silvia SantacruzSilvia Santacruz
07/23/201409:10 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:14-cr-00397-01-RCC-BPVSentencing
Hide details for Simon  Reyes-VasconselosSimon Reyes-Vasconselos
07/24/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-10739-01--BGMDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Simon Pedro Morales-RomeroSimon Pedro Morales-Romero
07/22/201411:20 AMHonorable Linda R Reade2:14-cr-00693-01-GMSSentencing
07/21/201401:30 PMHonorable Eric J Markovich
07/22/201401:30 PMHonorable D Thomas Ferraro
07/24/201401:30 PMHonorable D Thomas Ferraro
07/25/201401:30 PMHonorable D Thomas Ferraro
Hide details for Starr Amber SchenallyStarr Amber Schenally
07/23/201410:00 AMHonorable Mark E Aspey3:13-mj-04094-01-MEAStatus Hearing
Hide details for Steed YouvellaSteed Youvella
07/23/201410:00 AMHonorable Mark E Aspey3:08-cr-1205--01SMMInitial Appearance Supervised Release Violation
Hide details for Summer Marie KnowlesSummer Marie Knowles
07/21/201402:30 PMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-cr-00756-01-CKJ-CRPSettlement Conference
Hide details for Susan WattSusan Watt
07/21/201409:00 AMHonorable Michelle H BurnsWI-14-587-PHX-01-GMSInitial Appearance, Arraignment and Change of Plea Hearings
Hide details for Terance Taylor PriggeTerance Taylor Prigge
07/23/201410:00 AMHonorable David K Duncan2:13-cr-01363-01-GMSArraignment on Superseding Indictment
Hide details for Thomas Michael WurmThomas Michael Wurm
07/21/201402:00 PMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:09-cr-02388-00-DCB-BPVInitial Appearance
Hide details for Tiffany WilsonTiffany Wilson
07/21/201411:00 AMHonorable Michelle H Burns2:14-cr-00750-01-JATChange of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Timoteo Cortes GregorioTimoteo Cortes Gregorio
07/24/201402:00 PMHonorable Michelle H Burns2:14-mj-00267-01-MHBPlea and Sentence
Hide details for Toby Paul KeithToby Paul Keith
07/21/201410:00 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-cr-00144-07-CKJ-LABAdmit/Deny Hearing / PT
Hide details for Trinidad Mendivil-RasconTrinidad Mendivil-Rascon
07/24/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-04547-01--DTFPreliminary Hearing
Hide details for Turney v. Farmers New World Insurance CompanyTurney v. Farmers New World Insurance Company
07/25/201410:00 AMHonorable Steven P Logan2:13-cv-01283-SPLStatus Conference
Hide details for Tymond J PrestonTymond J Preston
07/21/201402:00 PMHonorable G Murray Snow3:10-cr-08026-01-GMSStatus Conference
Hide details for Valdez et al v. Merle's Automotive Supply Incorporated et alValdez et al v. Merle's Automotive Supply Incorporated et al
07/23/201409:30 AMHonorable David C Bury4:14-cv-01935-DCBScheduling Conference
Hide details for Venancio Hau-FloresVenancio Hau-Flores
07/22/201402:10 PMHonorable Linda R Reade2:14-cr-00324-01-GMSSentencing
Hide details for Venessa Lorraine RaspaVenessa Lorraine Raspa
07/21/201409:20 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-cr-00033-01-JGZ-BPVChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Vernel Rashaun MorganVernel Rashaun Morgan
07/24/201409:15 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:14-cr-00346-01-CKJ-LABSentencing
Hide details for Victor Esteban Serrano-San JuanVictor Esteban Serrano-San Juan
07/22/201403:30 PMHonorable Michelle H Burns2:14-cr-00746-02-DGCChange of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Victor Hugo Sanchez RamirezVictor Hugo Sanchez Ramirez
07/24/201402:30 PMHonorable Michelle H Burns2:14-cr-00810-01-DLRChange of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Victor Manuel Robles-PonceVictor Manuel Robles-Ponce
07/21/201403:00 PMHonorable Linda R Reade2:14-cr-00591-01-JATSentencing
Hide details for Victor Serafin-GonzalezVictor Serafin-Gonzalez
07/22/201409:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-mj-04532-02--EJMDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for VIncent Roy Tsosie, Sr.VIncent Roy Tsosie, Sr.
07/22/201410:00 AMHonorable Mark E Aspey3:02-cr-00461-01-SRBInitial Appearance
Hide details for Violeta Yanez-BarajasVioleta Yanez-Barajas
07/23/201409:30 AMHonorable James F Metcalf2:14-mj-01737-01-JFMPlea And Sentence
Hide details for Walter Omar Medina-VarelaWalter Omar Medina-Varela
07/25/201410:00 AMHonorable Michelle H Burns2:14-mj-00276-01-MHB
Change of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Wendy E. CorralWendy E. Corral
07/23/201409:45 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:14-cr-01156-07-CKJ-CRPAppeal Of Magistrate Detention Order
Hide details for William Alberto Funes-TexinWilliam Alberto Funes-Texin
07/21/201410:30 AMHonorable Michelle H Burns2:14-mj-00288-01-MHB
Change of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Wooten v. Flagstaff, City of et alWooten v. Flagstaff, City of et al
07/21/201401:30 PMHonorable Douglas L Rayes3:13-cv-08261-DLRTelephonic Discovery Dispute
Hide details for Yadira Calderon-MartinezYadira Calderon-Martinez
07/24/201401:20 PMHonorable Rosemary Márquez4:14-cr-00575-01-RCC-BPVSentencing
Hide details for Yildisbeth Quijada-ValenciaYildisbeth Quijada-Valencia
07/23/201410:30 AMHonorable David C Bury4:12-cr-01475-01-DCB-DTFFinal Disposition Hearing

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