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Hide details for Abigail Meraz-ValenzuelaAbigail Meraz-Valenzuela
02/05/201510:00 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:12-cr-01474-01-CKJ-LABSentencing
Hide details for Abraham Astudillo-ArcosAbraham Astudillo-Arcos
02/03/201511:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-08427-03-N/A-BGMChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Adkins et al v. Corrections Corporation of America et alAdkins et al v. Corrections Corporation of America et al
02/03/201509:00 AMHonorable Stephen M McNamee2:12-cv-01615-SMMJury Trial - Day 1
02/04/201509:00 AMHonorable Stephen M McNamee2:12-cv-01615-SMMJury Trial - Day 2
02/05/201509:00 AMHonorable Stephen M McNamee2:12-cv-01615-SMMJury Trial - Day 3
02/06/201509:00 AMHonorable Stephen M McNamee2:12-cv-01615-SMMJury Trial - Day 4
Hide details for Albert Michael CampasAlbert Michael Campas
02/03/201509:45 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:13-cr-01164-01-CKJ-LABSentencing
Hide details for Alejandro Medina, Jr.Alejandro Medina, Jr.
02/02/201508:45 AMHonorable John A Buttrick2:14-cr-01166-01-SRBDetention Hearing (Reopened)
Hide details for Alejo Gastelo-RoblesAlejo Gastelo-Robles
02/06/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-00088-02Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Alex Allan GonzalezAlex Allan Gonzalez
02/04/201510:00 AMHonorable Eric J Markovich4:14-cr-01035-03-JGZ-EJMStatus Conference
Hide details for Alexander Ezekial GonzalesAlexander Ezekial Gonzales
02/02/201502:30 PMHonorable Michelle H Burns2:14-cr-00932-01-SRBChange of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Alfredo Jose LamasAlfredo Jose Lamas
02/02/201509:20 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:14-cr-00983-01-RCC-EJMSentencing
Hide details for Alonso Rivera-EspinozaAlonso Rivera-Espinoza
02/02/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-00041-03Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Ambrogio Aguilar-RamirezAmbrogio Aguilar-Ramirez
02/05/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-08440-01--EJMDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Amy Evonne GarciaAmy Evonne Garcia
02/02/201510:00 AMHonorable David C Bury4:12-cr-02329-01-DCB-LABSentencing
Hide details for Andrea Marie MorenoAndrea Marie Moreno
02/04/201511:20 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:14-cr-00992-01-JGZ-JRSentencing
Hide details for Andres Gomez-LopezAndres Gomez-Lopez
02/02/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-00046-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Andres Jesus Sandoval-ReyesAndres Jesus Sandoval-Reyes
02/03/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-00055-03Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Andres Sepulveda GomezAndres Sepulveda Gomez
02/05/201503:00 PMHonorable David K Duncan2:14-mj-07612-01-BSBChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Angel Rolando Funes-GarciaAngel Rolando Funes-Garcia
02/04/201509:40 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:14-cr-01014-01-RCC-DTFSentencing
Hide details for Angel Rolando Funes GarciaAngel Rolando Funes Garcia
02/04/201509:40 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:14-cr-50072-01-RCC-DTFFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Anselmo Herrera-SotoAnselmo Herrera-Soto
02/02/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-00047-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Antonio Alejandro Neira-RojasAntonio Alejandro Neira-Rojas
02/02/201510:45 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:06-cr-01570-01-CKJ-JCGMotion Hearing
Hide details for Ardulfo Barrios-LopezArdulfo Barrios-Lopez
02/02/201509:45 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:14-cr-01923-02-CKJ-BPVSentencing
Hide details for Armstrong et al v. Carlson Restaurants Worldwide IncorporatedArmstrong et al v. Carlson Restaurants Worldwide Incorporated
02/02/201502:30 PMHonorable Stephen M McNamee2:14-cv-00295-SMMStatus Conference
02/06/201511:00 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman
Hide details for Arturo Diaz MoralesArturo Diaz Morales
02/06/201510:00 AMHonorable Eileen S Willett2:14-mj-09075-01-ESW
Change of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Arturo Sanchez-SanchezArturo Sanchez-Sanchez
02/06/201510:30 AMHonorable Eileen S Willett3:14-mj-09042-01-ESWPlea Hearing and Sentencing
Hide details for Ashley Yocelyn Morales-CanezAshley Yocelyn Morales-Canez
02/02/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-00029-01Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for ATTORNEY ADDMISSION - Rovert Rosvall  ATTORNEY ADDMISSION - Rovert Rosvall
02/02/201501:30 PMHonorable David C Bury4Sponsor: Charles R. Hyde
02/02/201510:00 AMHonorable John J Tuchi
Hide details for Austin Lorenzo GaysueAustin Lorenzo Gaysue
02/02/201503:30 PMHonorable Roslyn O Silver2:13-cr-00320-04-ROSSentencing
Hide details for BBK Tobacco & Foods LLP v. Juicy eJuice et alBBK Tobacco & Foods LLP v. Juicy eJuice et al
02/03/201502:00 PMHonorable Diane J Humetewa2:13-cv-00070-DJHDiscovery Hearing
Hide details for Benjamin Plascencia SolisBenjamin Plascencia Solis
02/02/201501:15 PMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:14-cr-01424-01-SRBSentencing
Hide details for Bernardo Romo-RamosBernardo Romo-Ramos
02/05/201510:30 AMHonorable Eric J Markovich4:15-mj-10085-01-N/A-LABPreliminary Hearing
Hide details for Best Western International Incorporated v. Paradise Hospitality Incorporated et alBest Western International Incorporated v. Paradise Hospitality Incorporated et al
02/04/201503:30 PMHonorable David G Campbell2:14-cv-00337-DGCMotion Hearing
Hide details for Blain Arno PannellBlain Arno Pannell
02/06/201501:30 PMHonorable Michelle H Burns3:14-cr-08158-01-SRBCriminal Settlement Conference
Hide details for Blase Anthony SmithBlase Anthony Smith
02/02/201501:30 PMHonorable Steven P Logan2:14-cr-01067-01-SPLSentencing
Hide details for Bueno v. United States of AmericaBueno v. United States of America
02/04/201502:00 PMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-cv-02267-BPVScheduling Conference
Hide details for Bulmaro Zapata-MartinezBulmaro Zapata-Martinez
02/05/201509:45 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:15-cr-00022-01-JAS-JRChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Calvert Les WoodyCalvert Les Woody
02/05/201501:30 PMHonorable Neil V Wake3:13-cr-08093-01-NVWOral Argument
Hide details for Candelaria Cruz-GomezCandelaria Cruz-Gomez
02/02/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-00028-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Candice CrawfordCandice Crawford
02/05/201509:30 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:12-cr-01672-01-CKJ-LABDisposition Hrg - S/R
Hide details for Carlos Aguirre-DurazoCarlos Aguirre-Durazo
02/03/201509:00 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:10-cr-03862-01-CKJ-JRDisposition Hrg - S/R
02/03/201509:00 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:14-cr-01379-01-CKJ-JRSentencing
Hide details for Carlos Antonio Gutierrez ValenzuelaCarlos Antonio Gutierrez Valenzuela
02/03/201503:30 PMHonorable David K Duncan2:15-mj-06008-01-DKDChange Of Plea Hearing and Sentencing
Hide details for Carlos Enrique Lopez-SalesCarlos Enrique Lopez-Sales
02/03/201510:30 AMHonorable David K Duncan2:15-mj-06010-01-DKDChange Of Plea Hearing and Sentencing
Hide details for Carlos Escobar-LopezCarlos Escobar-Lopez
02/06/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-00084-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Carlos Francisco Cruz-RoblesCarlos Francisco Cruz-Robles
02/03/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-00054-04Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Carlos Ivan Baldenegro-BarreraCarlos Ivan Baldenegro-Barrera
02/02/201510:30 AMHonorable John J Tuchi2:14-cr-01488-01-JJTSentencing
Hide details for Carlos Padilla-VerdugoCarlos Padilla-Verdugo
02/04/201510:30 AMHonorable Rosemary Márquez2:12-cr-01868-01-RM-BGMFinal Disposition
02/04/201510:30 AMHonorable Rosemary Márquez4:14-cr-01204-01-RM-BGMSentencing
Hide details for Carlos Rene PeraltaCarlos Rene Peralta
02/02/201511:00 AMHonorable James A Soto4:14-cr-01260-01-JAS-DTFSentencing
Hide details for Carlos Ricardo Mendoza-PadillaCarlos Ricardo Mendoza-Padilla
02/04/201510:40 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps2:11-cr-02116-01-JGZ-BGMFinal Disposition Hearing
02/04/201510:40 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:14-cr-01336-01-JGZ-BGMSentencing
Hide details for Carlos Valentin Casillas SandovalCarlos Valentin Casillas Sandoval
02/03/201501:30 PMHonorable David K Duncan2:14-mj-08088-01-JZBChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Carlos Yocupicio-CamachoCarlos Yocupicio-Camacho
02/05/201509:50 AMHonorable Rosemary Márquez4:14-cr-01021-01-RM-DTFSentencing
Hide details for Castaneda-Flores et al v. Maricopa, County of et alCastaneda-Flores et al v. Maricopa, County of et al
02/02/201501:00 PMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:14-cv-01960-SRBScheduling Conference
Hide details for Catarino BautistaCatarino Bautista
02/05/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-10120-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Charlie Rojo-LopezCharlie Rojo-Lopez
02/04/201511:00 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:15-cr-00038-02-JAS-JRChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Christopher Alan PhillipsChristopher Alan Phillips
02/04/201501:30 PMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:07-cr-01623-01-DCB-BPVAdmit/Deny Hearing
Hide details for Christopher Bernard DarrellChristopher Bernard Darrell
02/03/201509:00 AMHonorable James A Teilborg2:14-cr-00500-02-JATJury Trial
02/04/201508:30 AMHonorable James A Teilborg2:14-cr-00500-02-JATJury Trial
02/05/201508:30 AMHonorable James A Teilborg2:14-cr-00500-02-JATJury Trial
02/06/201508:30 AMHonorable James A Teilborg2:14-cr-00500-02-JATJury Trial
Hide details for Christopher Ray ElliotChristopher Ray Elliot
02/04/201509:30 AMHonorable Eileen S Willett3:09-cr-08036-01-DGCAdmit/Deny Hearing
Hide details for Clarissa Carino De MaldonadoClarissa Carino De Maldonado
02/02/201502:00 PMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:14-cr-01999-01-JGZ-JRChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Clarissa Jesusita MaldonadoClarissa Jesusita Maldonado
02/02/201502:00 PMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:14-cr-01999-02-JGZ-JRChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Claudia Espinosa-IslabaClaudia Espinosa-Islaba
02/05/201510:15 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-cr-02196-01-JAS-LABChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Cory Rondell RiversCory Rondell Rivers
02/02/201509:00 AMHonorable D Thomas Ferraro4:12-00103-JG-01Z-DTFMotion for New Counsel
02/02/201508:00 AMHonorable John Z Boyle
02/03/201508:00 AMHonorable John Z Boyle
02/04/201508:00 AMHonorable John Z Boyle
02/05/201508:00 AMHonorable John Z Boyle
02/06/201508:00 AMHonorable John Z Boyle
Hide details for CRIMINAL DUTY - Change of Plea/SentencingsCRIMINAL DUTY - Change of Plea/Sentencings
02/02/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald
02/03/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald
02/04/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald
02/05/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald
02/06/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald
Hide details for CRIMINAL DUTY - FeloniesCRIMINAL DUTY - Felonies
02/02/201510:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald
02/03/201510:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald
02/04/201510:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald
02/05/201510:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald
02/06/201510:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald
Hide details for Cristian Hernan Fierro-CamachoCristian Hernan Fierro-Camacho
02/05/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-10124-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Cristian Michelle Avechuco-RodriguezCristian Michelle Avechuco-Rodriguez
02/03/201509:00 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-cr-01601-01-RM-BPVChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Cruz Cruz OrtizCruz Cruz Ortiz
02/02/201503:30 PMHonorable G Murray Snow2:13-cr-01471-01-GMSSentencing
02/04/201509:00 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman
Hide details for Damion Andre WilliamsDamion Andre Williams
02/05/201509:30 AMHonorable Bridget S Bade2:14-cr-00398-01-NVWChange of Plea Hearing
Hide details for David BautistaDavid Bautista
02/04/201511:30 AMHonorable Eric J Markovich4:15-mj-08439-01-N/A-CRPChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for David FranciscoDavid Francisco
02/04/201509:00 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:05-cr-01772-01-CKJ-LABDisposition Hrg - S/R
Hide details for David Loera-SilvaDavid Loera-Silva
02/05/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-00072-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for David Santos-SoledadDavid Santos-Soledad
02/06/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-00085-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for David Vega-SerratoDavid Vega-Serrato
02/05/201510:30 AMHonorable Eileen S Willett2:14-mj-09077-01-ESWPlea Hearing and Sentencing
Hide details for Dawn Marie HotchkissDawn Marie Hotchkiss
02/02/201501:30 PMHonorable G Murray Snow2:11-cr-50089-01-GMSFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Denis Nicholas MatuteDenis Nicholas Matute
02/05/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-00073-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Denise Joana Johnston-GomezDenise Joana Johnston-Gomez
02/03/201510:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-00087-01--EJMDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Dennis John CahillDennis John Cahill
02/05/201511:00 AMHonorable Bridget S Bade2:04-cr-00062-01-ROSAdmit/Deny and Possible Release Hearing
Hide details for Dennis Ray KubasDennis Ray Kubas
02/06/201511:30 AMHonorable Eileen S Willett2:14-cr-50212-01-DJHAdmit/Deny Hearing and Possible Release
Hide details for Diego Barron-RuvalcabaDiego Barron-Ruvalcaba
02/02/201501:30 PMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:15-mj-04217-01-N/A-BPVStatus Conference re Mat Wit Depos
Hide details for Diego Enrique MaytorenaDiego Enrique Maytorena
02/03/201510:30 AMHonorable Eric J Markovich4:15-mj-00032-01--EJMDetention Hearing
Hide details for Diego Guillen-HernandezDiego Guillen-Hernandez
02/05/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-00080-01Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Dionisio Munoz-PenuelasDionisio Munoz-Penuelas
02/05/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-00077-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Disileren David HuertaDisileren David Huerta
02/04/201502:00 PMHonorable David K Duncan2:09-cr-00955-01-DGCAdmit/Deny Hearing
Hide details for Eddie Lee HatchEddie Lee Hatch
02/03/201509:00 AMHonorable David K Duncan2:02-cr-01016-01-JJTAdmit/Deny Hearing
02/03/201509:00 AMHonorable David K Duncan2:14-cr-01305-01-JJTChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Eduardo Noguez-LopezEduardo Noguez-Lopez
02/03/201509:30 AMHonorable David K Duncan2:11-cr-01744-01-DLRAdmit/Deny Hearing
02/03/201509:30 AMHonorable David K Duncan2:15-wi-00020-01-DLRInitial Appearance, Arraignment, Appointment of Counse, Detention and Change of Plea Hearings
Hide details for Eduardo SosaEduardo Sosa
02/02/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-00038-01Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Edward George ZepedaEdward George Zepeda
02/06/201509:30 AMHonorable David K Duncan3:14-cr-08183-01-NVWChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Edwin Samayoa-DelcirEdwin Samayoa-Delcir
02/02/201509:15 AMHonorable Diane J Humetewa2:14-cr-01490-01-DJHSentencing
Hide details for Efrain Valenzuela, Jr.Efrain Valenzuela, Jr.
02/02/201509:00 AMHonorable G Murray Snow2:10-cr-00903-01-GMSFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Eichenberger v. Falcon Air Express IncorporatedEichenberger v. Falcon Air Express Incorporated
02/06/201502:00 PMHonorable David G Campbell2:14-cv-00168-DGCScheduling Conference
Hide details for Eleazar Hernandez-ArreolaEleazar Hernandez-Arreola
02/02/201510:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-00075-01--EJMDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Elias Arriola-RodriguezElias Arriola-Rodriguez
02/03/201511:00 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:14-cr-01479-01-JGZ-DTFSentencing
Hide details for Ellias Clint ThompsonEllias Clint Thompson
02/02/201502:30 PMHonorable Neil V Wake3:13-cr-08200-01-NVWSentencing
Hide details for Emelina Renee RuizEmelina Renee Ruiz
02/05/201510:30 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:11-cr-03121-02-CKJ-BPVDisposition Hrg - S/R
Hide details for Emigdio Armenta LopezEmigdio Armenta Lopez
02/02/201501:15 PMHonorable Neil V Wake2:14-cr-01452-01-NVWSentencing
Hide details for Emilio Rios-VegaEmilio Rios-Vega
02/06/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-00083-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Erik Cruz-HernandezErik Cruz-Hernandez
02/03/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-00051-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Erin Concepcion Montes-BuezoErin Concepcion Montes-Buezo
02/02/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-00044-02Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Erliz Orlando Medina-PerezErliz Orlando Medina-Perez
02/02/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-00044-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Ernesto Gonzalez-IbarraErnesto Gonzalez-Ibarra
02/02/201509:15 AMHonorable Steven P Logan2:14-cr-01270-01-SPLSentencing
Hide details for Esteban Banuelos Armenta, Jr.Esteban Banuelos Armenta, Jr.
02/02/201509:45 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:10-cr-02684-02-RCC-CRPMotion Hearing/Evidentiary Hearing (Supervised Release)
Hide details for Everardo Equihua-LeonEverardo Equihua-Leon
02/02/201511:00 AMHonorable Eric J Markovich4:15-mj-08426-01-N/A-EJMChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Ezequias Garcia-RibonEzequias Garcia-Ribon
02/04/201509:30 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:14-cr-01161-01-RCC-LABSentencing
Hide details for Farrbee Chee BegayFarrbee Chee Begay
02/06/201511:00 AMHonorable Bridget S Bade3:14-cr-08157-01-DJHContinuation Detention Hearing
Hide details for Felony Initial AppearancesFelony Initial Appearances
02/02/201511:30 AMHonorable James F Metcalf IA/AC/DH
02/03/201511:30 AMHonorable James F Metcalf IA/AC/DH
02/04/201511:30 AMHonorable James F Metcalf IA/AC/DH
02/05/201511:30 AMHonorable James F Metcalf IA/AC/DH
02/06/201511:30 AMHonorable James F Metcalf IA/AC/DH
Hide details for Fernando Daniel ChavezFernando Daniel Chavez
02/05/201509:00 AMHonorable D Thomas Ferraro4:14-cr-01222-01-RCC-DTFAdmit/Deny - PT Viol
Hide details for Fidel Martinez-AlmarazFidel Martinez-Almaraz
02/02/201502:45 PMHonorable David G Campbell2:14-cr-01447-01-DGCSentencing
Hide details for Fidel Valencia SoteloFidel Valencia Sotelo
02/04/201502:30 PMHonorable David K Duncan2:12-cr-50143-01-ROSAdmit/Deny Hearing
Hide details for Filemon Madrigal-ReyesFilemon Madrigal-Reyes
02/02/201509:10 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:14-cr-01781-01-RCC-JRSentencing
Hide details for Filiberto Menendez-GranadosFiliberto Menendez-Granados
02/03/201509:00 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:14-cr-00908-01-RCC-CRPSentencing
Hide details for Filimon Lucero-OlivasFilimon Lucero-Olivas
02/04/201509:00 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:14-cr-01054-01-RCC-CRPSentencing
Hide details for Florencio Ambriz-EspinoFlorencio Ambriz-Espino
02/02/201510:20 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-cr-01934-01-RCC-BPVChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Florencio Merida SaucedoFlorencio Merida Saucedo
02/05/201509:30 AMHonorable Eileen S Willett2:14-mj-09066-01-ESWPlea Hearing and Sentencing
Hide details for Florentino Anaya VerduzcoFlorentino Anaya Verduzco
02/04/201509:30 AMHonorable Michelle H Burns2:14-cr-00704-01-SPLAdmit/Deny Hearing
02/04/201509:30 AMHonorable Michelle H Burns2:14-mj-08087-01-JZB
Change Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Foust et al v. City of Page, et alFoust et al v. City of Page, et al
02/05/201509:15 AMHonorable Michelle H Burns3:12-cv-08115-DGCSettlement Conference
Hide details for Francisco Alarcon-RamirezFrancisco Alarcon-Ramirez
02/03/201509:30 AMHonorable Rosemary Márquez4:14-cr-01335-01-RM-DTFSentencing
Hide details for Francisco Alvarez-SalasFrancisco Alvarez-Salas
02/02/201510:00 AMHonorable Eric J Markovich4:14-cr-01804-01-RCC-EJMChange Of Plea Hearing
02/02/201510:00 AMHonorable Eric J Markovich4:14-cr-50137-01-RCC-EJMAdmit/Deny Hearing
Hide details for Francisco Contreras-EspinozaFrancisco Contreras-Espinoza
02/02/201510:00 AMHonorable G Murray Snow2:14-cr-00417-01-GMSSentencing
Hide details for Francisco De La Cruz-HernandezFrancisco De La Cruz-Hernandez
02/02/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-00047-06Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Francisco Javier GonzalezFrancisco Javier Gonzalez
02/03/201509:50 AMHonorable Rosemary Márquez4:05-cr-00588-01-RM-CRPSentencing
Hide details for Francisco Javier Ramirez-DominguezFrancisco Javier Ramirez-Dominguez
02/02/201501:15 PMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:14-cr-01567-01-CKJ-CRPMotion Hearing re: Motion to Suppress [25]
Hide details for Francisco Roberto Toysehua-RamirezFrancisco Roberto Toysehua-Ramirez
02/02/201510:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:15-cr-00043-03-JAS-BPVMisdemeanor Change of Plea and Sentencing
Hide details for Francisco Ulibarria-AztorgaFrancisco Ulibarria-Aztorga
02/02/201511:45 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:15-mj-10076-01-N/A-CRPChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Freddy Galindo-OrtizFreddy Galindo-Ortiz
02/03/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-00055-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Fredy Yovani Hernandez-MaldonadoFredy Yovani Hernandez-Maldonado
02/03/201510:00 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:14-cr-01240-01-CKJ-EJMSentencing
02/03/201510:00 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:14-cr-50097-01-CKJ-EJMDisposition Hrg - S/R
Hide details for Genaro Renteria-PerezGenaro Renteria-Perez
02/02/201509:45 AMHonorable Douglas L Rayes2:14-cr-01468-01-DLRSentencing
Hide details for Geovanna Carrillo-ValenciaGeovanna Carrillo-Valencia
02/05/201509:30 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:14-cr-00991-01-RCC-DTFSentencing
Hide details for Gerardo Gomez-RodriguezGerardo Gomez-Rodriguez
02/05/201509:20 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:14-cr-02188-09-RCC-BGMSentencing
Hide details for Gerardo Nunez-SanchezGerardo Nunez-Sanchez
02/04/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-00064-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for German Castaneda-LizarragaGerman Castaneda-Lizarraga
02/02/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-00044-05Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Gilberto Luna-RiosGilberto Luna-Rios
02/02/201510:30 AMHonorable Douglas L Rayes2:14-cr-01421-01-DLRSentencing
02/03/201504:30 PMHonorable John Z Boyle
02/04/201511:00 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald
Hide details for Gustavo Angeles-GarciaGustavo Angeles-Garcia
02/03/201509:15 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:14-cr-01369-01-CKJ-LABSentencing
02/03/201509:15 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:14-cr-50100-01-CKJ-LABDisposition Hrg - S/R
Hide details for Gustavo Carranza-VillaGustavo Carranza-Villa
02/03/201501:30 PMHonorable David K Duncan2:15-mj-07001-01-BSBChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Harrison ClyHarrison Cly
02/04/201511:30 AMHonorable Eileen S Willett3:11-cr-08123-01-JATAdmit/Deny Hearing
Hide details for Hebbe v. Northcentral University Incorporated et alHebbe v. Northcentral University Incorporated et al
02/03/201504:00 PMHonorable Diane J Humetewa3:14-cv-08202-DJHScheduling Conference
Hide details for Hector Vergara-HernandezHector Vergara-Hernandez
02/03/201501:45 PMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:15-cr-00043-05-JAS-BPVMisdemeanor Change of Plea and Sentencing
Hide details for Hiram Alexis Dominguez-MoralesHiram Alexis Dominguez-Morales
02/02/201509:00 AMHonorable Douglas L Rayes2:14-cr-00966-01-DLRSentencing
Hide details for Honorio Hernandez-GuerreroHonorio Hernandez-Guerrero
02/02/201501:30 PMHonorable James A Soto4:14-cr-01815-01-JAS-CRPChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Hugo Gutierrez-LinarezHugo Gutierrez-Linarez
02/02/201511:00 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:14-cr-02169-01-RM-CRPChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Ian Michael HumphreyIan Michael Humphrey
02/02/201510:00 AMHonorable Mark E Aspey3:15-po-04024-01-MEAStatus Conference
Hide details for Ijaz ButtIjaz Butt
02/02/201510:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-10121-01-N/A-LABDetention/Preliminary Hearing
02/02/201502:00 PMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald
02/02/201503:00 PMHonorable John Z Boyle
02/03/201502:00 PMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald
02/03/201503:00 PMHonorable John Z Boyle
02/04/201502:00 PMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald
02/04/201503:00 PMHonorable John Z Boyle
02/05/201502:00 PMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald
02/05/201503:00 PMHonorable John Z Boyle
02/06/201502:00 PMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald
02/06/201503:00 PMHonorable John Z Boyle
Hide details for InSight Health Corporation et al v. Two Corners Financial Group LLC et alInSight Health Corporation et al v. Two Corners Financial Group LLC et al
02/04/201509:00 AMHonorable Douglas L Rayes2:14-cv-02647-DLRMotion Hearing
Hide details for Isidro Trinidad-AguirreIsidro Trinidad-Aguirre
02/03/201511:30 AMHonorable Eileen S Willett2:14-mj-09044-01-ESWPlea Hearing and Sentencing
Hide details for Ismael Sanchez-OrtizIsmael Sanchez-Ortiz
02/04/201509:00 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:09-cr-02256-01-DCB-JRAdmit/Deny Hearing Re: S/R Vio
Hide details for Israel Camacho-SalasIsrael Camacho-Salas
02/02/201511:15 AMHonorable John J Tuchi2:14-cr-01469-01-JJTSentencing
Hide details for Ivan  Cota-LeyvaIvan Cota-Leyva
02/05/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-00078-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Ivan Adolfo TanoriIvan Adolfo Tanori
02/04/201509:30 AMHonorable Eric J Markovich4:14-cr-00927-01-JAS-EJMPretrial Conference - Final
Hide details for J & J Sports Productions Incorporated v. Berko et alJ & J Sports Productions Incorporated v. Berko et al
02/02/201509:30 AMHonorable John A Buttrick2:13-cv-02494-SPLSettlement Conference
Hide details for Jaime Alberto Hernandez-MartinezJaime Alberto Hernandez-Martinez
02/04/201510:50 AMHonorable Rosemary Márquez4:14-cr-01353-01-RM-BGMSentencing
Hide details for Jaime Barragan-BustosJaime Barragan-Bustos
02/02/201502:30 PMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:14-cr-01195-01-SRBSentencing
Hide details for Jaime Pena-VenturaJaime Pena-Ventura
02/02/201509:00 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:14-cr-01924-01-RCC-DTFSentencing
Hide details for Jaime Zavala-SotoJaime Zavala-Soto
02/04/201511:10 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-cr-02181-01-CKJ-BPVChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for James C NosieJames C Nosie
02/04/201502:15 PMHonorable David K Duncan2:14-cr-50001-01-DGCAdmit/Deny Hearing
Hide details for Janice GilmoreJanice Gilmore
02/03/201510:00 AMHonorable Mark E Aspey3:15-cr-08006-01-MEAStatus Conference
Hide details for Jason David HallJason David Hall
02/05/201509:30 AMHonorable D Thomas Ferraro4:15-mj-08415-01Detention/Removal Hearing
Hide details for Jason TsinnajinnieJason Tsinnajinnie
02/02/201510:00 AMHonorable Mark E AspeyCR15-8010-01IA
Hide details for Jeronimo Cruz-VegaJeronimo Cruz-Vega
02/03/201511:20 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:14-cr-01618-01-JGZ-LABSentencing
02/03/201511:20 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:14-cr-50116-01-JGZ-LABFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Jesse Dominic MoralesJesse Dominic Morales
02/05/201509:00 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:13-cr-00998-06-RCC-JRSentencing
Hide details for Jessica F JeffriesJessica F Jeffries
02/04/201509:00 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-mj-00290-01-N/A-EJMInitial Appearance
Hide details for Jesus  Revelez-HuertaJesus Revelez-Huerta
02/02/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-10111-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Jesus Adrian Caudillo-AnayaJesus Adrian Caudillo-Anaya
02/03/201503:30 PMHonorable David K Duncan2:15-mj-06007-01-DKDChange Of Plea Hearing and Sentencing
Hide details for Jesus Alberto Lopez MercadoJesus Alberto Lopez Mercado
02/02/201509:00 AMHonorable Diane J Humetewa2:14-cr-01489-01-DJHSentencing
Hide details for Jesus Alejandro Meza-OchoaJesus Alejandro Meza-Ochoa
02/02/201502:45 PMHonorable Douglas L Rayes2:13-cr-00830-01-DLRSentencing
Hide details for Jesus Alfredo Nunez-GonzalezJesus Alfredo Nunez-Gonzalez
02/02/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-00047-04Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Jesus Antonio GutierrezJesus Antonio Gutierrez
02/03/201511:45 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-08428-02-N/A-BGMChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Jesus Eduardo Hernandez-Aguay9OJesus Eduardo Hernandez-Aguay9O
02/02/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-00044-03Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Jesus Heriberto Beltran-AraujoJesus Heriberto Beltran-Araujo
02/05/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-05644-01-JRDetention/Preliminary Hearing
02/05/201509:30 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:15-mj-05644-01-N/A-JRDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Jesus Inzunza-PlacenciaJesus Inzunza-Placencia
02/03/201509:45 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-cr-02175-01-JGZ-LABChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Jesus Ismael Quiroz-RealJesus Ismael Quiroz-Real
02/02/201510:45 AMHonorable John J Tuchi2:14-cr-01487-01-JJTSentencing
Hide details for Jesus Ivan FuentesJesus Ivan Fuentes
02/02/201511:30 AMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:14-cr-01109-01-SRBMotion Hearing
Hide details for Jesus Renato Sanchez-TamayoJesus Renato Sanchez-Tamayo
02/05/201503:00 PMHonorable David K Duncan2:14-mj-07603-01-BSBChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Jesus Rodolfo Dominguez-EstradaJesus Rodolfo Dominguez-Estrada
02/06/201509:30 AMHonorable Eileen S Willett2:15-mj-00007-01-MHB
Change of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Jeu Estanislao Sanchez-LopezJeu Estanislao Sanchez-Lopez
02/03/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-00054-05Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Jimmie FranciscoJimmie Francisco
02/02/201509:00 AMHonorable Raner C Collins2:98-cr-00296-02-RCC-CRPFinal Disposition Hearing
02/02/201509:00 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:05-cr-00521-01-RCC-CRPFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Joaquin Garcia-SantiagoJoaquin Garcia-Santiago
02/05/201509:15 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:14-cr-00737-01-CKJ-JRSentencing
Hide details for Joaquin Sergio Mendoza-GonzalezJoaquin Sergio Mendoza-Gonzalez
02/02/201510:50 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:15-mj-08418-01-N/A-BPVMisdemeanor Change of Plea and Sentencing
Hide details for Joe Edmund Gonzales, IvJoe Edmund Gonzales, Iv
02/02/201501:30 PMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:14-cr-01184-01-SRBSentencing
Hide details for Joel Loya-LoyaJoel Loya-Loya
02/06/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-00088-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Joel Urcadez LoyaJoel Urcadez Loya
02/04/201501:30 PMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:11-cr-01904-01-JGZ-BPVAdmit/Deny Hearing
Hide details for Jonathan Ben Christopher BriscoJonathan Ben Christopher Brisco
02/02/201511:00 AMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:12-cr-00353-01-SRBFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Jonathan Francis Benally Jonathan Francis Benally
02/03/201510:00 AMHonorable Mark E Aspey3:15-mj-04027-01-MEAPreliminary/Detention Hearing
Hide details for Jorge  Gaxiola-AvilaJorge Gaxiola-Avila
02/05/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-00079-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Jorge Alberto Zayas-CantuJorge Alberto Zayas-Cantu
02/06/201509:45 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:11-cr-01251-01-CKJ-LABAdmit/Deny Hearing
02/06/201509:45 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-cr-01772-01-CKJ-LABChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Jorge Armando Flores-MarquezJorge Armando Flores-Marquez
02/06/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-00082-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Jorge Armando Garcia-NoriegaJorge Armando Garcia-Noriega
02/02/201511:00 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:15-cr-00047-04-JGZ-BPVChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Jorge Castillo-GuerreroJorge Castillo-Guerrero
02/02/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-00042-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Jorge Luis AvitiaJorge Luis Avitia
02/04/201510:00 AMHonorable Eric J Markovich4:14-cr-01035-00-JGZ-EJMStatus Conference
Hide details for Jorge Martinez-MontanezJorge Martinez-Montanez
02/03/201510:00 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:14-cr-01927-01-JAS-JRChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Jorge Pacheco-CarrilloJorge Pacheco-Carrillo
02/03/201510:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-00092-01--JRDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Jose Alfredo Liera-CorralesJose Alfredo Liera-Corrales
02/02/201510:30 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:12-cr-01249-01-CKJ-CRPSentencing
Hide details for Jose Alfredo Miramontes-MadridJose Alfredo Miramontes-Madrid
02/02/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-00041-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Jose Angel Camacho-ValenzuelaJose Angel Camacho-Valenzuela
02/03/201509:00 AMHonorable Diane J Humetewa2:14-cr-01508-01-DJHSentencing
Hide details for Jose Antonio  Morales-RomeroJose Antonio Morales-Romero
02/02/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-00043-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Jose Carlos Amaya-CollinsJose Carlos Amaya-Collins
02/04/201511:15 AMHonorable Michelle H Burns2:06-cr-00105-01-DGCAdmit/Deny Hearing
Hide details for Jose Delgado-AlvaradoJose Delgado-Alvarado
02/02/201510:20 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:14-cr-01557-02-JGZ-CRPSentencing
Hide details for Jose Dolores Campillo-ChavezJose Dolores Campillo-Chavez
02/02/201511:00 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:14-cr-01694-01-JGZ-BPVSentencing
Hide details for Jose Duran-OrtizJose Duran-Ortiz
02/04/201511:00 AMHonorable D Thomas Ferraro4:14-cr-01951-02-JAS-DTFChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Jose Francisco Arroyo-HernandezJose Francisco Arroyo-Hernandez
02/03/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-00054-02Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Jose Guadalupe Garcia-EspinozaJose Guadalupe Garcia-Espinoza
02/02/201509:45 AMHonorable John J Tuchi2:14-cr-01521-01-JJTSentencing
Hide details for Jose Gutierrez-GarciaJose Gutierrez-Garcia
02/06/201510:00 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:15-mj-20813-00-LABStatus Conference
Hide details for Jose Juan Ruiz-GarciaJose Juan Ruiz-Garcia
02/05/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-00071-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Jose Lucio Sanchez-EstradaJose Lucio Sanchez-Estrada
02/02/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-00047-08Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Jose Luis Apodaca-LunaJose Luis Apodaca-Luna
02/03/201510:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-00093-01--BPVDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Jose Luis Rubalcava RamirezJose Luis Rubalcava Ramirez
02/02/201511:00 AMHonorable John J Tuchi2:14-cr-01509-01-JJTSentencing
Hide details for Jose Manuel Berrios-LopezJose Manuel Berrios-Lopez
02/03/201509:30 AMHonorable Eric J Markovich4:15-mj-08436-02-N/A-BGMDetention / PreliminaryHearing
Hide details for Jose Manuel Hernandez-AlcantarJose Manuel Hernandez-Alcantar
02/04/201511:00 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:14-cr-01092-01-JGZ-JRSentencing
Hide details for Jose Miguel Guerrero-DiazJose Miguel Guerrero-Diaz
02/02/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-00041-02Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Jose Roberto Cruz-CastroJose Roberto Cruz-Castro
02/02/201503:30 PMHonorable Diane J Humetewa2:14-cr-01098-01-DJHSentencing
Hide details for Jose Sergio Pena-BeasJose Sergio Pena-Beas
02/05/201509:00 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:14-cr-00693-01-JGZ-DTFSentencing
Hide details for Jose Tomas Lopez-FelixJose Tomas Lopez-Felix
02/02/201510:00 AMHonorable Neil V Wake2:14-cr-01427-01-NVWSentencing
Hide details for Jose Zuniga-ChiapasJose Zuniga-Chiapas
02/02/201509:30 AMHonorable Neil V Wake2:14-cr-01430-01-NVWSentencing
Hide details for Joseph David RuedasJoseph David Ruedas
02/02/201510:00 AMHonorable Diane J Humetewa2:14-cr-01091-01-DJHSentencing
Hide details for Joseph Glen DefoeJoseph Glen Defoe
02/04/201510:00 AMHonorable Mark E Aspey3:15-cr-08000-01-GMSDetention Hearing
Hide details for Joseph RomeroJoseph Romero
02/02/201510:00 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:08-cr-01072-02-CKJ-CRPStatus Conference
Hide details for Joshua Martin NunleyJoshua Martin Nunley
02/02/201510:00 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:14-cr-00956-01-CKJ-JRStatus Conference Re: Determination of Mental Competency
Hide details for Josue Isaac Jocque-DepazJosue Isaac Jocque-Depaz
02/03/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-00054-03Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Juan Antonio Chaidez-CruzJuan Antonio Chaidez-Cruz
02/02/201511:30 AMHonorable Neil V Wake2:14-cr-01391-01-NVWSentencing
Hide details for Juan Antonio Soto-ValdezJuan Antonio Soto-Valdez
02/03/201509:30 AMHonorable Eileen S Willett2:13-cr-00945-01-ROSChange of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Juan De Dios Burgos-MunguiaJuan De Dios Burgos-Munguia
02/04/201510:20 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:10-cr-00631-03-JGZ-DTFStatus Conference
02/04/201510:20 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:13-cr-00167-01-JGZ-DTFStatus Conference
Hide details for Juan Garcia-GutierrezJuan Garcia-Gutierrez
02/03/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-00054-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Juan Jose De Los Santos-OroscoJuan Jose De Los Santos-Orosco
02/06/201509:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman2:11-cr-01311-01-RM-LABAdmit/Deny Hearing
Hide details for Juan Jose Guzman-RodriguezJuan Jose Guzman-Rodriguez
02/02/201502:45 PMHonorable G Murray Snow2:14-cr-01476-01-GMSSentencing
Hide details for Juan Manuel Rebolledo-ChavarriaJuan Manuel Rebolledo-Chavarria
02/02/201510:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-00076-01--JRDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Juan Mejia GarciaJuan Mejia Garcia
02/03/201510:30 AMHonorable David K Duncan2:15-mj-06011-01-DKDChange Of Plea Hearing and Sentencing
Hide details for Juan Miguel Rodriguez-MedinaJuan Miguel Rodriguez-Medina
02/02/201510:10 AMHonorable Rosemary Márquez4:14-cr-01406-01-RM-BGMSentencing
02/02/201510:10 AMHonorable Rosemary Márquez4:14-cr-50104-01-RM-BGMFinal Disposition
Hide details for Juan Rodriguez-FloresJuan Rodriguez-Flores
02/04/201510:10 AMHonorable Rosemary Márquez4:14-cr-00587-01-RM-BPVSentencing
Hide details for Juan Zamorano-TavanicoJuan Zamorano-Tavanico
02/02/201510:00 AMHonorable D Thomas Ferraro4:11-cr-02558-01-RM-DTFChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Karem Nazareth Nunez-VillegasKarem Nazareth Nunez-Villegas
02/05/201511:00 AMHonorable Eric J Markovich4:15-mj-08472-02--JRFurther Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Ke'vita Sherrae SomersKe'vita Sherrae Somers
02/02/201503:00 PMHonorable David G Campbell2:14-cr-00798-01-DGCSentencing
Hide details for Keith Arthur BlackKeith Arthur Black
02/03/201511:00 AMHonorable Eileen S Willett3:10-cr-08118-01-DGCAdmit/Deny Hearing
Hide details for Keno BenallyKeno Benally
02/02/201503:30 PMHonorable Neil V Wake3:14-cr-08048-01-NVWSentencing
Hide details for Kenyon Lavell TurnerKenyon Lavell Turner
02/03/201510:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-08448-01-CRPDetention Hearing
Hide details for Kris HarkeyKris Harkey
02/03/201501:30 PMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-po-04576-01-BPVCVB Misdemeanor Change of Plea and Sentencing
Hide details for Kristoffer Lee KjelbyKristoffer Lee Kjelby
02/02/201502:00 PMHonorable Roslyn O Silver2:13-cr-00320-03-ROSSentencing
Hide details for LaBuff / MatiatosLaBuff / Matiatos
02/02/201510:30 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4-00
Hide details for Lake v. iMortgage.com Incorporated  et alLake v. iMortgage.com Incorporated et al
02/04/201503:00 PMHonorable Diane J Humetewa2:14-cv-01313-DJHScheduling Conference
Hide details for Lazaro Aparicio-DoroteoLazaro Aparicio-Doroteo
02/03/201509:30 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:15-mj-05655-01-N/A-JRStatus Conference
02/05/201501:00 PMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:15-mj-05655-01-N/A-JRMaterial Witness Video Depos
Hide details for Lazaro Cardenas-MacielLazaro Cardenas-Maciel
02/04/201510:50 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:15-cr-00048-02-RCC-BPVChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Lee Fernando TsosieLee Fernando Tsosie
02/05/201510:00 AMHonorable Mark E Aspey3:15-cr-08015-01-MEAStatus Conference
Hide details for Leima Jarumi Flores-MartinezLeima Jarumi Flores-Martinez
02/06/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-00086-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Leonardo Daniel Cruz-TapiaLeonardo Daniel Cruz-Tapia
02/04/201510:00 AMHonorable Bridget S Bade2:13-cr-01592-01-NVWAdmit/Deny Hearing
02/04/201510:00 AMHonorable Bridget S Bade2:14-mj-09063-01-ESWChange of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Leonardo Lopez-LopezLeonardo Lopez-Lopez
02/02/201509:45 AMHonorable Steven P Logan2:14-cr-01411-01-SPLSentencing
Hide details for Leonel Navarro-CruzLeonel Navarro-Cruz
02/04/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-00060-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Leyder Sandoval-GomezLeyder Sandoval-Gomez
02/02/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-00043-02Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Luis Alfonso Marquez-CastilloLuis Alfonso Marquez-Castillo
02/03/201511:40 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:14-cr-01725-01-JGZ-BPVSentencing
Hide details for Luis CordovaLuis Cordova
02/05/201501:30 PMHonorable Eric J Markovich4:15-mj-08443-01-N/A-DTFDetention Hearing
Hide details for Luis Enrique Beltran-AguilarLuis Enrique Beltran-Aguilar
02/02/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-00044-06Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Luis Lizarraga-HernandezLuis Lizarraga-Hernandez
02/03/201502:30 PMHonorable David K Duncan2:14-cr-01301-03-GMSChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Luis ValdezLuis Valdez
02/02/201510:00 AMHonorable James A Soto4:04-cr-00904-01-JAS-EJMSentencing
Hide details for Manuel Alexi Alvarado-ZunigaManuel Alexi Alvarado-Zuniga
02/02/201511:45 AMHonorable Neil V Wake2:14-cr-01355-01-NVWSentencing
Hide details for Manuel Dominguez-CotaManuel Dominguez-Cota
02/04/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-00065-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Manuel Jesus Palomino-LeonManuel Jesus Palomino-Leon
02/03/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-00055-02Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Manuel Martinez-UrreaManuel Martinez-Urrea
02/02/201510:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:15-cr-00043-06-JAS-BPVMisdemeanor Change of Plea and Sentencing
Hide details for Manuel Tadeo Aguiniga-GarciaManuel Tadeo Aguiniga-Garcia
02/03/201509:30 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:14-cr-01263-01-CKJ-CRPSentencing
Hide details for Marcial Gaytan-VelascoMarcial Gaytan-Velasco
02/02/201501:45 PMHonorable David G Campbell2:14-cr-01429-01-DGCSentencing
Hide details for Marco Antonio Rangel-CarrerasMarco Antonio Rangel-Carreras
02/02/201510:00 AMHonorable John J Tuchi2:14-cr-01478-01-JJTSentencing
Hide details for Marcos Ciriaco-PelaezMarcos Ciriaco-Pelaez
02/04/201501:30 PMHonorable James F Metcalf2:15-mj-01014-01-JFMPlea And Sentence
Hide details for Marcos Fernando Maldonado-SerranoMarcos Fernando Maldonado-Serrano
02/02/201510:45 AMHonorable Douglas L Rayes2:14-cr-01335-01-DLRSentencing
Hide details for Marcos Manzarez-JuarezMarcos Manzarez-Juarez
02/02/201511:20 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:14-cr-01920-01-JGZ-JRSentencing
Hide details for Marcus Bluecloud QuertaMarcus Bluecloud Querta
02/05/201510:00 AMHonorable Mark E Aspey3:14-mj-04404-01-MEAChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Mardell Sanchez GarciaMardell Sanchez Garcia
02/05/201502:30 PMHonorable Michelle H Burns2:14-cr-01482-01-DGCChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Mario Alejandro Gonzalez-RojasMario Alejandro Gonzalez-Rojas
02/02/201511:00 AMHonorable Neil V Wake2:14-cr-01472-01-NVWSentencing
Hide details for Mario Jovel CastilloMario Jovel Castillo
02/02/201509:15 AMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:14-cr-01309-01-SRBSentencing
Hide details for Mario Munoz-GarciaMario Munoz-Garcia
02/02/201510:30 AMHonorable Neil V Wake3:14-cr-08118-01-NVWSentencing
Hide details for Mario RenteriaMario Renteria
02/05/201511:00 AMHonorable Eric J Markovich4:15-mj-08472-01--JRFurther Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Mark Anthony SoteloMark Anthony Sotelo
02/03/201509:10 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:12-cr-01437-01-RCC-LABFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Marlon PowellMarlon Powell
02/02/201510:30 AMHonorable Steven P Logan2:14-cr-00272-02-SPLSentencing
Hide details for Marlon Ulises Mendivil-CotaMarlon Ulises Mendivil-Cota
02/04/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-00065-02Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Marlos Sosa-CardielMarlos Sosa-Cardiel
02/05/201509:10 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:14-cr-01489-01-RCC-BGMSentencing
02/05/201509:10 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:14-cr-50107-01-RCC-BGMFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Marselo Romo-RamosMarselo Romo-Ramos
02/04/201502:00 PMHonorable Eric J Markovich15-mj-20766-E-00JMStatus Conference
Hide details for Martin Romo-RamosMartin Romo-Ramos
02/04/201502:00 PMHonorable Eric J Markovich15-mj-20770-E-00JMStatus Conference
Hide details for Martin Torres-GarciaMartin Torres-Garcia
02/03/201510:30 AMHonorable Rosemary Márquez4:13-cr-01857-01-RM-BPVStatus Conference
Hide details for Melissa Marie Z PachecoMelissa Marie Z Pacheco
02/02/201510:45 AMHonorable David C Bury4:12-cr-50228-01-DCB-JRFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Melton v. Show Low, City of et alMelton v. Show Low, City of et al
02/06/201509:15 AMHonorable G Murray Snow3:14-cv-08248-GMSScheduling Conference
Hide details for Michael Anthony CocioMichael Anthony Cocio
02/04/201509:10 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:12-cr-50012-01-RCC-CRPFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Michel Edmundo Fong LeyvaMichel Edmundo Fong Leyva
02/04/201502:30 PMHonorable Steven P Logan2:14-cr-01656-01-SPLChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Miguel Angel Beltran-GuerreroMiguel Angel Beltran-Guerrero
02/02/201509:30 AMHonorable John J Tuchi2:14-cr-01380-01-JJTSentencing
Hide details for Mike Etsitty, Jr.Mike Etsitty, Jr.
02/03/201510:00 AMHonorable Mark E Aspey3:12-mj-04236-01-MEAStatus Conference
Hide details for Misdemeanor Initial Appearances Misdemeanor Initial Appearances
02/02/201511:00 AMHonorable James F Metcalf AC/Plea/Sent
02/03/201511:00 AMHonorable James F Metcalf AC/Plea/Sent
02/04/201511:00 AMHonorable James F Metcalf AC/Plea/Sent
02/05/201511:00 AMHonorable James F Metcalf AC/Plea/Sent
02/06/201511:45 AMHonorable James F Metcalf AC/Plea/Sent
Hide details for Mobley v. Mayo Clinic Rochester et alMobley v. Mayo Clinic Rochester et al
02/04/201510:00 AMHonorable John J Tuchi2:14-cv-02052-JJTOral Argument
Hide details for Moises Torres-ZamoraMoises Torres-Zamora
02/03/201509:00 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:14-cr-01296-01-JGZ-JRChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Monica Deniss GuaydacanMonica Deniss Guaydacan
02/03/201510:10 AMHonorable Rosemary Márquez4:13-cr-00571-01-RM-JRSentencing
Hide details for Morales v. Hartford Life and Accident Insurance Company et alMorales v. Hartford Life and Accident Insurance Company et al
02/04/201504:00 PMHonorable Diane J Humetewa2:14-cv-02474-DJHScheduling Conference
Hide details for Musselman v. Meelhuysen et alMusselman v. Meelhuysen et al
02/04/201504:00 PMHonorable David G Campbell2:14-cv-02790-DGCMotion Hearing
Hide details for Nathan NickellNathan Nickell
02/02/201510:15 AMHonorable D Thomas Ferraro4:15-mj-00062-01--JREvidentiary Hearing/Further Detention
Hide details for National Hockey League v. Moyes et alNational Hockey League v. Moyes et al
02/06/201509:30 AMHonorable G Murray Snow2:10-cv-01036-GMSStatus Conference
02/06/201510:00 AMHonorable Neil V Wake
02/06/201501:30 PMHonorable Eileen S Willett
Hide details for Ned Quade, Jr.Ned Quade, Jr.
02/02/201509:45 AMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:13-cr-01299-01-SRBSentencing
Hide details for Nestor Eduardo Chairez-LopezNestor Eduardo Chairez-Lopez
02/06/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-00091-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Nicholas Edward HigginsNicholas Edward Higgins
02/06/201509:30 AMHonorable Bridget S Bade2:14-cr-01089-01-DJHPretrial Release Revocation Hearing
Hide details for Noel Ivan Acosta-LugoNoel Ivan Acosta-Lugo
02/02/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-00047-03Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Norbert GarciaNorbert Garcia
02/02/201511:15 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:14-cr-01326-01-JAS-CRPChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Norris v. Kroger Company et alNorris v. Kroger Company et al
02/04/201509:00 AMHonorable David K Duncan2:14-cv-00251-SPLSettlement Conference
Hide details for Ochoa-Valenzuela et al v. Ford Motor CompanyOchoa-Valenzuela et al v. Ford Motor Company
02/02/201509:30 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:10-cv-00156-RCCJury Trial Day 13
02/03/201509:30 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:10-cv-00156-RCCJury Trial Day 14
02/04/201509:30 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:10-cv-00156-RCCJury Trial Day 15
Hide details for Olegario Martinez-AnastacioOlegario Martinez-Anastacio
02/02/201501:30 PMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:15-mj-05630-01-N/A-BPVVideo Depos of Mat Wits
Hide details for Olga Carranza-TorresOlga Carranza-Torres
02/02/201509:45 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:14-cr-01923-01-CKJ-BPVSentencing
Hide details for Omar SiglerOmar Sigler
02/02/201509:15 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:13-cr-01499-03-JGZ-JRStatus Pretrial Conference
Hide details for Oniel WatsonOniel Watson
02/02/201511:30 AMHonorable Steven P Logan2:14-cr-00272-06-SPLSentencing
Hide details for Oscar Castro-RojasOscar Castro-Rojas
02/02/201502:30 PMHonorable David G Campbell2:14-cr-01438-01-DGCSentencing
Hide details for Ozzy Carl Watchman, Sr.Ozzy Carl Watchman, Sr.
02/04/201510:30 AMHonorable Michelle H Burns3:08-cr-01202-01-DGCAdmit/Deny Hearing
02/04/201510:30 AMHonorable Michelle H Burns3:10-cr-08218-01-DGCAdmit/Deny Hearing
02/04/201510:30 AMHonorable Michelle H Burns3:13-cr-08130-01-DGCAdmit/Deny Hearing
Hide details for Pablo Escobar LopezPablo Escobar Lopez
02/02/201511:00 AMHonorable Douglas L Rayes2:14-cr-01386-01-DLRSentencing
Hide details for Palemon Valdez-FelipePalemon Valdez-Felipe
02/03/201510:00 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:15-mj-08421-02-N/A-LABChange Of Plea Hearing/Sentencing
Hide details for Paul Burton KroutPaul Burton Krout
02/02/201509:20 AMHonorable James A Soto4:14-cr-01215-01-JAS-EJMSentencing
Hide details for Pedro Luis Torres-HernandezPedro Luis Torres-Hernandez
02/06/201501:00 PMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-08446-01-N/A-BGMMaterial Witness Video Deposition
Hide details for Peterson v. American Express et alPeterson v. American Express et al
02/06/201509:00 AMHonorable G Murray Snow2:14-cv-02056-GMSScheduling Conference
Hide details for Phillip JiuntiPhillip Jiunti
02/04/201502:45 PMHonorable David K Duncan2:13-cr-50197-01-NVWAdmit/Deny Hearing
Hide details for Priscilla Marie Espinoza-OlivasPriscilla Marie Espinoza-Olivas
02/02/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-00033-01Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Procopio Acosta-CervantesProcopio Acosta-Cervantes
02/03/201502:00 PMHonorable Michelle H Burns2:14-mj-09078-01-ESW
Change Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Rafael Anibal Vasquez-SandovalRafael Anibal Vasquez-Sandoval
02/05/201509:30 AMHonorable Rosemary Márquez4:14-cr-01442-01-RM-EJMSentencing
Hide details for Rafael Francisco Gamez-CruzRafael Francisco Gamez-Cruz
02/03/201510:40 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:14-cr-01922-01-JGZ-EJMSentencing
Hide details for Rafael Garcia-AlvarezRafael Garcia-Alvarez
02/02/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-00043-04Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Rafael Valenzuela-ZamanoRafael Valenzuela-Zamano
02/04/201511:00 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:14-cr-01904-01-JGZ-BPVMisdemeanor Change of Plea and Sentencing
Hide details for Ramiro Avila-NavarroRamiro Avila-Navarro
02/05/201510:00 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman2:13-cr-01746-01-RM-LABAdmit/Deny Hearing
02/05/201510:00 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:15-cr-00023-01-RM-LABChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Ramiro Pineda-RiosRamiro Pineda-Rios
02/02/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-00047-02Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Ramon Emidio-GermanRamon Emidio-German
02/02/201510:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-00074-01--DTFDetention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Rapp et al v. United States of AmericaRapp et al v. United States of America
02/05/201510:00 AMHonorable David K Duncan2:14-cv-00148-SRBSettlement Conference
Hide details for Raul  Noe Martinez-LaborinRaul Noe Martinez-Laborin
02/02/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-10110-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Raul Gonzalez-SanchezRaul Gonzalez-Sanchez
02/02/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-00047-05Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Raul Perez-ReyesRaul Perez-Reyes
02/04/201510:00 AMHonorable Eileen S Willett2:14-cr-01662-04-JATChange of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Refugio Barriga-CejaRefugio Barriga-Ceja
02/02/201511:30 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:14-cr-02165-01-JGZ-CRPChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Reichert et al v. Transamerica Life Insurance CompanyReichert et al v. Transamerica Life Insurance Company
02/04/201504:30 PMHonorable Douglas L Rayes2:14-cv-02491-DLRScheduling Conference
Hide details for Reyes Maldonado-CarrilloReyes Maldonado-Carrillo
02/06/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-00090-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Ricardo Cornelio-IbarraRicardo Cornelio-Ibarra
02/05/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-10122-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Ricardo Maciel-ChaconRicardo Maciel-Chacon
02/02/201503:00 PMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:15-mj-10078-01-N/A-LABChange Of Plea Hearing/Sentencing
Hide details for Ricardo Robles (allow 45 minutes)Ricardo Robles (allow 45 minutes)
02/05/201510:00 AMHonorable Bridget S Bade2:14-cr-01109-03-SRBChange of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Ricardo Saldana-SerranoRicardo Saldana-Serrano
02/05/201503:00 PMHonorable Michelle H Burns2:14-cr-01629-03-NVWChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Rich et al v. BAC Home Loans Servicing LP et alRich et al v. BAC Home Loans Servicing LP et al
02/03/201504:30 PMHonorable Douglas L Rayes2:11-cv-00511-DLRMotion Hearing
Hide details for Richard Ameelyenah, Jr.Richard Ameelyenah, Jr.
02/02/201509:30 AMHonorable Diane J Humetewa2:14-cr-00383-01-DJHSentencing
Hide details for Richard Paul Puffer, Jr.Richard Paul Puffer, Jr.
02/02/201509:00 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:14-cr-01357-01-RCC-CRPSentencing
Hide details for Robert Hastings, Jr.Robert Hastings, Jr.
02/05/201511:15 AMHonorable Eileen S Willett3:11-cr-08018-02-DGCAdmit/Deny Hearing
Hide details for Roberto Aramburo-SanchezRoberto Aramburo-Sanchez
02/02/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-00047-07Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Roberto Casarrubias-CruzRoberto Casarrubias-Cruz
02/02/201509:15 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:14-cr-00851-01-CKJ-EJMSentencing
Hide details for Roberto Covarrubias-SerratoRoberto Covarrubias-Serrato
02/05/201502:00 PMHonorable Michelle H Burns2:14-cr-01629-04-NVWChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Roberto Martinez-MartinezRoberto Martinez-Martinez
02/05/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-10123-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Rode v. Credio et alRode v. Credio et al
02/02/201510:30 AMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:14-cv-02354-SRBMotion Hearing
Hide details for Roderick Duwayne GarrettRoderick Duwayne Garrett
02/04/201510:00 AMHonorable Michelle H Burns2:10-cr-01363-01-SRBAdmit/Deny Hearing
Hide details for Rodolfo Campos-GonzalezRodolfo Campos-Gonzalez
02/02/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-00043-03Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Rodrigo Celaya-CastroRodrigo Celaya-Castro
02/04/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-00069-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Rodrigo GomezRodrigo Gomez
02/05/201509:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:08-cr-00722-02-CKJ-LABAdmit/Deny Hearing
Hide details for Roger Bitsinnie  (allow 45 minutes)Roger Bitsinnie (allow 45 minutes)
02/04/201502:00 PMHonorable Bridget S Bade3:14-cr-08165-01-JJTChange of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Roger Ryan AcuniaRoger Ryan Acunia
02/02/201510:30 AMHonorable Roslyn O Silver2:13-cr-00712-01-ROSStatus Conference
02/05/201510:30 AMHonorable Roslyn O Silver2:13-cr-00712-01-ROSCompetency Hearing
Hide details for Ronald Paul ClawRonald Paul Claw
02/02/201510:30 AMHonorable Bridget S Bade3:14-cr-08176-03-DGCChange of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Ronnie Moreno, Jr.Ronnie Moreno, Jr.
02/03/201510:00 AMHonorable David K Duncan2:07-cr-01394-01-SRBAdmit/Deny Hearing
02/03/201510:00 AMHonorable David K Duncan2:10-cr-00408-01-SRBAdmit/Deny Hearing
Hide details for Rosalio Hernandez-Velez (Allow 45 Minutes)Rosalio Hernandez-Velez (Allow 45 Minutes)
02/06/201510:00 AMHonorable Bridget S Bade2:14-cr-01440-01-SRBChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Ruben Edwardo PinedoRuben Edwardo Pinedo
02/03/201509:00 AMHonorable Frank R Zapata4:07-cr-01124-01-FRZ-BPVFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Ruben Parra-AragonRuben Parra-Aragon
02/02/201510:30 AMHonorable Rosemary Márquez4:14-cr-01691-01-RM-CRPSentencing
Hide details for Saith Rios-ValdespinoSaith Rios-Valdespino
02/03/201510:20 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:12-cr-01006-02-JGZ-DTFFinal Disposition Hearing
02/03/201510:20 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:14-cr-00978-01-JGZ-DTFSentencing
Hide details for Salt River Project Agricultural Improvement and Power District v. JST Transformateurs SASalt River Project Agricultural Improvement and Power District v. JST Transformateurs SA
02/05/201502:00 PMHonorable Roslyn O Silver2:14-cv-02323-ROSScheduling Conference
Hide details for Salvador Alor-DominguezSalvador Alor-Dominguez
02/02/201510:45 AMHonorable Charles R Pyle4:14-cr-02170-01-RM-CRPStatus Conference
Hide details for Salvador Orozco-CarrascoSalvador Orozco-Carrasco
02/03/201510:30 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:14-cr-01542-01-RCC-JRChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Salvador Sandoval-LopezSalvador Sandoval-Lopez
02/02/201511:00 AMHonorable David C Bury4:13-cr-01208-01-DCB-BPVSentencing
Hide details for Salvador WhatonameSalvador Whatoname
02/02/201510:00 AMHonorable Mark E Aspey3:15-cr-08016-01-MEAChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Samantha Marie LangloisSamantha Marie Langlois
02/02/201509:30 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:13-cr-02028-01-JGZ-LABRelease Hearing - Bed Space
Hide details for Samuel Antonio Hernandez-CastroSamuel Antonio Hernandez-Castro
02/04/201509:10 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:14-cr-00276-01-RCC-BGMSentencing
02/04/201509:10 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:14-cr-50035-01-RCC-BGMFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Santos Juan DuranSantos Juan Duran
02/03/201510:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:13-CR-01704-01-BGMDetention Hearing
Hide details for Sergio Ayala-CampasSergio Ayala-Campas
02/05/201510:30 AMHonorable Jacqueline M Rateau4:14-cr-01237-01-JAS-JRChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Sergio Becerra-SanchezSergio Becerra-Sanchez
02/05/201510:00 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:13-cr-02208-01-JGZ-LABSentencing
Hide details for Sergio Castillo-GonzalezSergio Castillo-Gonzalez
02/03/201510:30 AMHonorable Bernardo P Velasco4:15-mj-10077-01-N/A-BPVMisdemeanor Change of Plea and Sentencing
Hide details for Sergio Lara-CisnerosSergio Lara-Cisneros
02/02/201509:30 AMHonorable D Thomas Ferraro4:14-cr-01740-02-CKJ-DTFChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Sergio Romero-DuenasSergio Romero-Duenas
02/02/201509:45 AMHonorable Douglas L Rayes2:14-cr-01334-01-DLRSentencing
Hide details for Servando Meraz-AguilarServando Meraz-Aguilar
02/04/201510:30 AMHonorable Eileen S Willett2:14-mj-09036-01-ESWPlea Hearing and Sentencing
Hide details for Slep-Tone Entertainment Corporation et al v. Granito et alSlep-Tone Entertainment Corporation et al v. Granito et al
02/02/201511:30 AMHonorable David C Bury4:12-cv-00298-DCBPretrial Conference
Hide details for Smith v. SmithSmith v. Smith
02/05/201504:00 PMHonorable Douglas L Rayes2:13-cv-02611-DLRScheduling Conference
Hide details for Solander v. South Ponderosa Stables IncorporatedSolander v. South Ponderosa Stables Incorporated
02/04/201504:30 PMHonorable David G Campbell2:14-cv-02081-DGCScheduling Conference
02/02/201501:30 PMHonorable Leslie A Bowman
02/03/201501:30 PMHonorable Leslie A Bowman
02/04/201501:30 PMHonorable Leslie A Bowman
02/05/201501:30 PMHonorable Leslie A Bowman
02/06/201501:30 PMHonorable Eric J Markovich
Hide details for Steven Thomas MillerSteven Thomas Miller
02/02/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-00040-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Tadesse et al v. Tungland Corporation (all day)Tadesse et al v. Tungland Corporation (all day)
02/03/201509:30 AMHonorable Bridget S Bade2:13-cv-02440-NVWSettlement Conference
Hide details for Taylor Kenneth JacksonTaylor Kenneth Jackson
02/05/201509:45 AMHonorable Leslie A Bowman4:14-cr-00079-01-JAS-LABAdmit/Deny Hearing
Hide details for Telesforo Hernandez-RamosTelesforo Hernandez-Ramos
02/06/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-00070-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Teofilo Trinidad-TexidorTeofilo Trinidad-Texidor
02/02/201510:30 AMHonorable David C Bury4:09-cr-02738-01-DCB-JRFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Terance Taylor PriggeTerance Taylor Prigge
02/02/201510:30 AMHonorable G Murray Snow2:13-cr-01363-01-GMSChange Of Plea Hearing
02/03/201508:30 AMHonorable G Murray Snow2:13-cr-01363-01-GMSFinal Pretrial Conference/Jury Trial
02/04/201508:30 AMHonorable G Murray Snow2:13-cr-01363-01-GMSJury Trial - Day 2
02/05/201508:30 AMHonorable G Murray Snow2:13-cr-01363-01-GMSJury Trial - Day 3
Hide details for Terrance YazzieTerrance Yazzie
02/02/201510:00 AMHonorable Mark E Aspey3:15-po-04026-01-MEADetention Hearing
Hide details for Terryson BenTerryson Ben
02/05/201510:00 AMHonorable Mark E Aspey3:14-po-04273-01-MEAInitial Appearance/Revocation
Hide details for Tiffany UhlTiffany Uhl
02/05/201509:40 AMHonorable Jennifer G Zipps4:13-cr-01628-03-JGZ-LABSentencing
Hide details for Timoteo Cortes-GregorioTimoteo Cortes-Gregorio
02/06/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-00089-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Timothy Marlin Martin, Jr.Timothy Marlin Martin, Jr.
02/02/201502:00 PMHonorable Stephen M McNamee3:06-cr-00985-01-SMMFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Toby Marco SmithToby Marco Smith
02/04/201511:00 AMHonorable Michelle H Burns3:09-cr-08041-01-GMSAdmit/Deny Hearing
Hide details for Torrie v. Goodman Law Offices PC et alTorrie v. Goodman Law Offices PC et al
02/06/201509:15 AMHonorable Michelle H Burns2:13-cv-02659-DGCSettlement Conference
Hide details for United States Aviation Underwriters Incorporated v. Honeywell International Incorporated et alUnited States Aviation Underwriters Incorporated v. Honeywell International Incorporated et al
02/03/201509:30 AMHonorable Michelle H Burns3:11-cv-08159-PGRSettlement Conference
Hide details for Uriel David Torres-EnriquezUriel David Torres-Enriquez
02/04/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-00063-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Uriel Gerardo Ayon-TineoUriel Gerardo Ayon-Tineo
02/02/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-00044-04Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Valente LopezValente Lopez
02/02/201501:30 PMHonorable Stephen M McNamee2:14-cr-01350-01-SMMSentencing
02/02/201501:30 PMHonorable Stephen M McNamee2:14-cr-50190-01-SMMFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Valle del Sol, et al, v. Whiting, et al.Valle del Sol, et al, v. Whiting, et al.
02/02/201503:00 PMHonorable Susan R Bolton2:10-cv-01061-SRBTelephonic Discovery Dispute Hearing
Hide details for Vallejo v. Gietl et alVallejo v. Gietl et al
02/05/201511:30 AMHonorable Bridget S Bade2:13-cv-01687-BSBTelephonic Status Conference
Hide details for Vanessa Lynn RodriguezVanessa Lynn Rodriguez
02/03/201502:00 PMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:09-cr-02720-01-RCC-CRPInitial Appearance - 2nd attempt
Hide details for Vanessa Marie VavagesVanessa Marie Vavages
02/02/201510:15 AMHonorable David C Bury4:11-cr-01185-03-DCB-DTFFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Victor Armando LunaVictor Armando Luna
02/02/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-00045-01Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Victor Eduardo Lopez-RuizVictor Eduardo Lopez-Ruiz
02/02/201501:15 PMHonorable David G Campbell2:14-cr-01435-01-DGCSentencing
Hide details for Victor J BuencaminoVictor J Buencamino
02/02/201511:00 AMHonorable Roslyn O Silver2:10-cr-00773-01-ROSStatus Conference
Hide details for Victor Zuniga-LafuenteVictor Zuniga-Lafuente
02/04/201509:20 AMHonorable Raner C Collins4:13-cr-01590-01-RCC-DTFFinal Disposition Hearing
Hide details for Victoria Maria De La Luz Martinez-PradoVictoria Maria De La Luz Martinez-Prado
02/03/201509:30 AMHonorable Bruce G Macdonald4:15-mj-00052-01Detention/Preliminary Hearing
Hide details for Victorino Lopez-FloresVictorino Lopez-Flores
02/02/201502:45 PMHonorable G Murray Snow2:14-cr-01434-01-GMSSentencing
Hide details for Vidal Peria-PerezVidal Peria-Perez
02/03/201510:00 AMHonorable Eileen S Willett2:14-mj-09065-01-ESWPlea Hearing and Sentencing
Hide details for Warren Keith HuffmanWarren Keith Huffman
02/04/201503:30 PMHonorable David K Duncan3:13-cr-08178-01-GMSChange Of Plea Hearing
Hide details for Winston WatsonWinston Watson
02/02/201501:30 PMHonorable Neil V Wake3:14-cr-08113-01-NVWSentencing
Hide details for Xavier Bobby GraciaXavier Bobby Gracia
02/05/201509:45 AMHonorable Cindy K Jorgenson4:13-cr-01706-03-CKJ-JRDisposition Hrg - S/R

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